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I wonder what could be in my journal?

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Part 5: - Corruption
Another mission, the powers have called me away
Another time to carry the colours again
My motivation, an oath I've sworn to defend
To win the honour of coming back home again...

Disturbed - Indestructible

Area Unknown

The Sun was blazing as the birds were twittering on top of the lush tree branches.
Lee, Garnets blood was still on his hands, was standing in front a grave with a wooden cross. He looked paled from not eating and sleeping; his eyes have had no sleep since Garnet had died.
He was about to leave the grave when a figure, wearing dark grey clothes and grey hood came out of nowhere; Lee couldn't believe it.
'You're still alive? You can't be....' Asked Lee.
The figure shook his head, interupting Lee's sentence. 'No, i am just a ghost made solid. I'm here to tell you that you will be the next Chosen One of Chaos in a about 10 days', the Figure spoke.
The words echoed around him, the birds suddenly stopped twittering and the sun was covered in grey clouds.
'No, i am not being....' all of a sudden, Lee stopped speaking.
'Whats are you going to fight for?' asked the man. 'You've lost Laurel, you've lost your closest friends and now you've lost Garnet. So, whats worth fighting for in your life?'
Realising that this ghost was right, Lee just stood there. The ghost just laughed mockingly.
Finally, Lee gave in, 'Fine.....I'll be the new Chosen One of Chaos!'
'Well done... Master' the man's voice echoed and he disappeared in a flash of lighting. Everything was back to normal; the Sun was shining again and the birds were humming. But Lee felt different; he could feel the corruption inside him growing stronger; Lee couldn't fight off the corruption inside him, he looked at Garnets grave one last time and said sadly...
'I....Love...You...' The last of his love, hope and light went into those three words before he screamed madly; the black marks under his eyes had grown darker, and his face was more paler than before.
After a minute of mindless, painful and agonizing screaming, a dark voice full of evil filled his head.
'Des...troy...the....Cry...stals....' the eerie voice said in his mind.
'The Darkness is my Will and the Corruption is my Master', Lee said, his voice was full of darkness; words were repeated in his mind over and over.
'Annilhlation will be unavoidable....' Lee and the eerie voice said at the same time.
Lee stood up and walked away from the grave with none of the bright light in his eyes.
Suddenly, black clouds blocked the Sun completely; black lighting, deafening thunder and dark rain poured from the evil clouds as if dark spirits were at work...

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