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My life in black and white
I know i am not the most normal of people and many may not take the time to understand me...but this is going to let you take a walk into my dark and distorted mind...
Female Character 1 (To be completed)
Name: Aurorian Bricziel
Age: 600+
Gender: Female
Elf Type: Light Elf
Rank: Queen

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Waist: 36"
Midsection: 27"
Bust: 38"
Build: Petit, Delecate
Hair colour: Silver
Hair length: Waist
Hair type: Wavy with curls at the bottom
Eye colour: Emerald Green
Eye shape: Almond
Skin colour: Pale cream
Markings/Scars: Star shaped mark on the back of her neck (birthmark), scar on her left shoulder due to training to use a bow at a young age.
Distinguishing Marks: Her birthmark.

Favorite Colour(s): Sea blue, fire red, pastel green, sapphire blue and black, Rose quartz pink.
Least Favorite Colour(s): Sky blue, grass green, sapphire pink, garnet.
Favorite Food(s): Seafood, deer, all sweet fruits, vegetables.
Least Favorite Food(s): Fowl, chicken, turkey, sour foods.
Favorite Drink(s): Sweet wine, water.
Least Favorite Drink(s): Dry wines, beer, liqure, liquore.
Prefered clothing: Dresses, seperate tops and skirts.
Prefered Colour(s) of clothing: Silver, sappire blue, rose quartz pink.
Outfits worn: Formal gown, shirt that goes down to the base of her bust with matching skirt, any dress.
Pets (if any): Mountain blue bird named Summer, wolf named Autumn, horse named Spring.

-Positive: Caring, affectionate, calm, collected, intellegent, sweet.
-Negative: Sadistic, arrogant, hot headed, crued at times.
Likes: Having been forced in to meeting so many people during her years as queen, Aurorian took a liking to only certain others, regardless of race. She grew tired of the comfort of company and soon find a keener liking of the silence of nature. After learning of these new loves, she also took up a liking to being left alone unless the matter is of improtance.
Dislikes: Only having a liking towards certain people grew for her to have a low tollerance of those who tend to be pushy to others, even if the other person is a servant as she treats her own with respect. Her own arrogance also leads her to having issues with others who hold a personality much like her own as she believes that her soulmate should be her balance in life, not her male twin. Due to this, she strays away from many suitors as they take on the appeals that are her own instead of being themselves.
Lover: Not at the moment.
Single, Engaged, Married, Divorced, Widowed, Betrothed: Single.
Parents: Sangriel Bricziel, Mother, deceased. Arias Bricziel, Father, deceased.
Brothers: None.
Sisters: Maristan Bricziel, younger.
Children: None at the moment.
Insight to Past: Aurorian was the first born to her parents, the King and Queen of the Light Elves. Having been born in to that life, and first, she was entrusted with the lives and safety of her people. It wasn't the life she wanted for herself as she wanted a simpler life, not one filled with the hustle and bustle of politics. At the age of 20, her younger sister Maristan was born. Aurorian greatly loathed her sister for being the second born as she lived the life the elder sister so desperately wanted. That, however, didn't stop the aged princess from finding her muse in life. Taking a liking to the forests around her, Aurorian made her escape to those sweet scents and sights, leaving all the world she didn't want behind. Growing to enjoy the rapture of silence, Aurorian refused to be bothered unless it was of great importance which lead to her deciding the importance of the situation. Anything pertaining to others outside of her family was deemed unimportant and disregarded as if a snide remark had been made. This upset her parents in to believing that something was wrong with their daughter and heiress. Aurorian aged slowly and grew to love the night sky and all her wonders. Dark colours became a forte for her as well as certain soft colours. Sky blue was a loath for the soft bodied woman as it reminded her of a life she was bound to. Nearing her 200th birthday, the worst came to be. The dark elves had turned on their allies, Aurorian's people, and waged war. Aurorian and her younger sister were rushed to safety, but not before the heiress watched her parent's brutal slaughter to protect the two girls they so loved. Garnet held distain for Aurorian from then on as a cruel reminder of what she now was forever bound to and of the ending of happier times for her. Taking the throne from then on, Aurorian made Maristan her advisor and often switched places with the girl in order to escape meeting new guests. She found it better to learn how the guests truely were before revieling herself.
Biography: Now, well over 600 years old, Aurorian still feels the same way as she did when she first became queen. She hates the feeling that she gets when forced to rule and wishes for a freedom all her own. Her loathing towards her sister still holds strong, but she is greatful that her sister wished for the throne and not the life she obtained, giving them both a taste of the lives they wanted.

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