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Still Teishi Stories, poems, the usual lot, if anyone cares to look anymore.

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Still working on this chapter. I think I did better on having Gypsy think like Doggily. ^^; Here's what I have so far:

Tou‘ mnas et genetas,
Tigernias, tecas,
Tou‘ uiroi uertamoi
In sose cantle cingeton
In- gutoues -beronti.
Cante cladibu in lame
Exsrextos canumi
--Slanias Song, Eluveitie

The room was dark. I made to move and couldn't. Even drawing breath ached. Maybe I am weak... I sighed, closing my eyes as I slid on some of the sand and rolled downward.

A door opened. Two sets of hands grabbed my arms, dragged me out of the sand, over linoleum. Dropping again, sinking, gasping as I was left in a cold shower against the wall. I stayed there for a while, sometimes sleeping, sometimes drinking.

Finally, I stood, walked out the door. Squinted in the light. He was leaning on the lockers, watching me. I moved, muscles screaming as I dressed. He shook his head, disappearing as I went toward home.

The sun was rising over the roofs of the slums. I put a hand over my stomach, panting and stumbling. I quickened my pace. Through the door, down the stairs. My legs buckled. I slid to the floor, lying and resting. I drew myself up, on down to my room.

I smelled her before I saw she was there. She kept her eyes on the floor, fists clenching her pants. I sat on the bed, lying back and closing my eyes. Silence reigned. I wanted to shake her--she radiated such a pitiful weakness.

"You should have stayed here."

"I know. I'm sorry about...for what..."

"Why? You didn't rape me."

"I know, but when I..."

"You didn't help the matter, but they would have taken me down anyway. I'd won too many times." More silence. Then, "Who were those girls?"

"That man's Dogs."

"Who's he?"

"The old one's his father."

"I know that, but who is the old man?"

"You say you know so much, guess." She glared at the door for a time.

"What're you gonna do now?"

"Dress the wounds that need it." I slid the jacket off. Sighed as I pulled the tank top off my head. "Dress my wounds and rest." She slammed her fist into the wall. I looked at her hand. "You're bleeding."

"You're not gonna do anything?" She continued punching the wall, tears building in her eyes as she glared at me. "What's the matter with you? They did this to you!" She looked at the bruises. "And you're just gonna take it! You stupid b--"

She stared up at me as I pinned her down, baring my teeth. She whimpered, tears sliding down from her eyes.

"Stop." I spoke hard and slow. "You're hurting yourself. That's no good to me. You're crying for nothing. I'm going to do something. Now be calm and keep quiet." I sat up, taking out the bandages from the box beneath my bed and putting them to use.

Kali sat up, sniffling.

"I'm scared."

"You're safe here."

"How do you know?"

"I'm here. I'll protect you."

"Why bother taking care of me?" I threw the roll down, sighing and gripping my head.

"Because I have to! It's my job. I have to." She stared at me. I looked away. "I...just have to. It's like breathing, all right?" I threw up my arms. "I don't think about doing it. It just happens."

I settled down on the bed. I didn't want to deal with all this--this confusing s**t.



"Can I sleep here? I haven't si--" She gasped as I pulled her down on the bed.

"Just go to sleep, kid."

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