Well, I'm just sitting here being bored, dootdedoot, so I might as well make a new journal entry.

So I failed everything in school this semester. Yeah yeah, whatever.


Uhhh, what do I have to say...? Not much I guess.

The other day I went out for the whole day with Tai, Azzy, and Aaron. Me and Tai wandered the mall early in the morning and all there were was old people. The mall wasn't even really open yet. We ate a breakfast of apple fritters in the completely empty food court. We concluded old people are going to take over the world.

Btw, don't let Tai convince you to take any short cuts. He has no bloody idea what he's talking about.

Also, flower with a big nose that shoots darts, and rat with a tomato.

Don't get it? It's awwwright.

We went back to Azzy's and watched Gurren Lagann but I fell asleep because I was exhausted, and I slept for maybe an hour until Tai had to go then I went home and roleplayed with my lovely partners.

They are missing in action right now, which is why I'm writing a journal out of boredom. ;_; I was asked to go out but I don't feel like it. I was also asked to go over to the Ma-chan's on Friday and I think I will this time because I haven't seen him in over a month easily. He said his dad bought me crab... XD

I finished KHII for the second time last night. I am now... really sad. ): I have no more KH to play until 358/2 Days now! And I have to wait the whoooole summer for that. Blaarghh. But then I'll get to play as Marly and Axel! It'll be fun.

So now I'm gonna start up on Legendia.

I've gotten back into the habit of walking around outside at 3 in the morning again. Trying to find something on the dark streets under the moonlight that I feel in my heart I'm missing. Happens every summer...

I'm so glad it's summer, but sheeeesh it's warm. Better warm then cold though, y'know. I ought to go swimming, only I don't like swimming all too much.

I think I'll call up Colin soon and ask him if he wants to hang. It's been a while.

I need a new anime to watch now that I've finished Clannad After Story. Key is wonderful, as always. Can't wait for Little Busters. I think I'll download Spice and Wolf next, since season 2 is coming out soon. After that I think I'll try Toradora or K-ON!

Err... that's all for this journal I guess.

Number XI out!