mez is going to tell u whats going on...its a sad story lol

Well i met this guy named Andy at an acting camp and we were doing the wizard of Oz and so he is really hot lol and so obviously the first thing i notice is his looks cuz like duh that's wut u see first when u look at someone. so anywayz after i noticed that he was really cute i notice that he is really nice and funny and popular and awsome and... never mind, this cud go on 4 a while lol so anywayz he wuz a crow, tornado, and a ghost. i was an ozian LAME! so anyhoozz guess who andy's dating? DOROTHY. i kknnooww! its horrible! and i like him so much so me and my freind Ari (who likes him 2) made up a name 4 him so we could talk about him infront of people, his name is DOT so he was standing rite next to us and we wrote i love dot on the wall and hes all "whos dot" and were like "no one" it was funny. and Andy's freind Creeth has a girlfreind and they r like the perfect couple (btw andy and dorothy are not) and me and Ari were standing rite behind them and they kissed and then creeth was like "that was awkward" when he looked at us and then the girl looked over at us like she had NO IDEA we were there! lolololol it was FUNNY!! ha...okay not that funny WELL BYE!