Part Five

Envy searched every place within town that he could find and still there was no sight of her. Hell, when she didn't want to be found she was as good at hiding as he was. It made him smile in more way then one but it also made his job harder. Right now he was in the form of a large black and white dog. No sense causing trouble besides like this he could follow her scent.....if he could find it. He looked around and then happen to look up. "BINGO!"
High up into the sky he saw her form flying over head. He ran into one of the alleys and kicked off the wall. He managed to land on one of the roofs and transformed once more. Only this time it was into Illanya's Chimera form, the form she was currently in now. He flapped his newly formed wings and took off after her. "ILLY!" Envy yelled. When she didn't answer or turn he yelled, "JEALOUS!"
Finally she turned her head and then spun around. She wanted for him to catch up them she asked, "What do you want?"
"Come back Jealous," Envy said as he reached for her.
Jealous shook her head and said, "I can't....I don't belong there. And like Greed pointed out I don't belong with you guys either."
"Prehaps but you can't run away from it Jealous," Envy said. He took her clawed hand into his own. "As much as I may hate the pipesqueak and his brother they do care about you. much as I can't believe I'm admiting this....I do too."
"Envy...." Jealous paused for a moment and then something unexecepted happened....she attacked Envy!
Envy didn't have any time to block her sudden attack. Her claws ripped into his chest. Without meaning too he let out a huge scream of pain that made people look up. He used his beak to bite into her neck which made her release him. She tore at his wings which forced him to transform. He landed on a nearby roof holding his bleeding chest. From his back were several large cuts that were also bleeding. "What are you doing?"
"Don't follow me Envy," Illanya hissed. "Tell them to leave me alone....and the name's Jealous from now on." Then she turned and flew off.
Due to his injuries he was forced to head back to the hotel room. He sat there while Riza bandaged his wounds. This wasn't something that he was use to. Normally his wounds healed automatically but not since his rebrith. The other Homunculus had gone back to the hide-out. All that is but Wrath and Sloth. Mustang was pacing the floor with his hands behind his back. Al had gone to bed though it was doubtful that he was asleep. Edward was looking out the window with his head in his hand.
"Well? What are you going to do about?" Ed asked after a moment.
"There's nothing that can be done except for marking her as a traitor," Mustang answered. "If we can keep her from hiding then she'll have no choice but to come back."
"And what happens if someone gets carried away and tries to kill her because you marked her as a traitor?" Sloth asked. She looked over at Mustnag. "Do what you have to but leave finding her to us."
"And why should I?" Mustang growled. "It's because of you she's in this postion."
"Listen to them Mustang," Edward said. "Al and I will look for her two. But Sloth has a point. They can get to places that we can't with Envy's ability to tranform into any Human or animal. And Sloth can turn herself into water meaning she can get to islands that we can't."
Eventually Roy gave in with a nod of his head and left with Riza. Sloth and Wrath left but Ed had asked Envy to remain behind. Both sat across from one another lost in their own thoughts until Envy said, "Who would have thought that we'd excatly be working together."
" does seem pretty unreal," Ed answered. "But it's for the same cause at least this time."