Yay, it's time for Safa again! This part will be unique to the others...
It also introduces a new, stupidly strange character...

{Safiri and Kutzu will temporarily take the main character's position, switching occasionally.}
[The portal appears in the center of the village, startling most of the villagers, who run for cover expecting Darkness. Instead, it is not Darkness, but two friendly faces: Kutzu and Safiri. Soon after they appear, the portal vanishes... They scan the area, confused.]
Kutzu: Like, where are we now?
Safiri: ...Oathville, my home village... Kutzu, this is Safa.
Kutzu: Oh my gosh...
Safiri: But... [Looks around for anyone else that was with them.] where's everyone else?
Kutzu: Uh-oh... Princess...?
Safiri: Ray? Slianna?
Both: Celebi...?
Safiri: (So... Everyone's just gone...? No, there's more to this... But what?)
[Almost immediately after the confusion, they are greeted by Jatenn.]
Jatenn: 'Ey, who're you two?
Safiri: Jatenn, it's me! Safiri? Oh yeah, I changed a little bit.
Jatenn: [Blinks.] Wh-wha...?
Kutzu: I'm Kutzu. We're both Eclipses.
Jatenn: Wait, hold up a sec... [Turns around... Turns back.] Ok! Safiri, what the heck happened to you!?
Safiri: It's a really complicated story. Did you see anyone else pass by here?
Jatenn: Eh? Not really. You two just up and scared the livign daylight outta the town.
Kutzu: He-he, oopsie...
[Now with his father, who is a dark gray koala wearing a white lab coat and glasses, Collon arrives.]
--D R. M A I W E L L--
Dr. Maiwell: I could recognize those three tails anywhere. Safiri! ...Good heavens! What happened?
Safiri: Let's just say Darkness got away with some pretty reckless actions, and they're on the move here!
Collon: Why would they want to turn you into a boy?
Safiri: Only Naught knows... (Sheesh, I'm missing my original form... I want it back.)
Jatenn: I heard here that this Kutzu girl is an Eclipse also!
Kutzu: [Tilts his head a bit, frowning.]
Dr. Maiwell: Is that the truth!?
Kutzu: Well, yes but... I'm... Oh, nevermind! We have important matters on our paws right now! We have to find Lea and Pryme!
Safiri: Yeah, and everyone else we were with. This includes Chris!!
Dr. Maiwell: Oh dear, this appears tense. Luckily for all of us, a lone Safan had recently appeared seeking any signs of Darkness activity.
Safiri: Really? Who is it, Dr.?
Dr. Maiwell: He is quite the ram of a Safan. I believe he answers to the name Blazelord.
Safiri: Blazelord? (Interesting name.) What does he look like?
Collon: He's hard to miss. He's this white ram with charred black horns. He's also got these red, flame-like designs all over him. This guy is tough, trust me.
Kutzu: [Nods.] Okie-dokie! We'll keep an eye out for anyone like that!
Safiri: As you said, shouldn't be too hard to miss... (Blazelord... His name sounds so familiar... It sounds like a Starsign Avenger. Maybe he is! In that case this could be easier than I think.)
Collon: He also told us that he'd be looking for any of the activity in the Ancient Growth Forest. Careful though, that place is wiggin' out!
Safiri: (The time must be slowing down... Agh! This is horrible, we have to act fast! No one here knows about what happened... I wish I knew the details, but I think I was out the entire time. Pryme and Lea completely destroyed that poor Phaze Guardian though... That's all I remember.) Ok, we'll head over there! Who knows? Maybe we'll also run into the others.
Dr. Maiwell: Are you certain that you will return home safely?
Safiri: Of course. Don't worry, guys. We'll save Safa from Darkness again! (I'm determined, I won't back down from this task... even if Chris has gone missing, I still have Kutzu.)
[After concern from the townsfolk passes, Safiri and Kutzu leave Oathville. Both being Eclipses, they share the same Connection that Celebi does with each other, therefore, they are vigilant of each other... Having excellent defense, the only thing left for them to do is to summon their power.]

~~Oathlands~~{Safiri's Troubles, Ethereal Cross, Sync 2.}
[The two are now traveling quickly across the wide plains surrounding Oathville, the Oathlands. Kutzu is following Safiri, watching for any suspicious signs of Darkness, and also, thinking of a certain someone...]
Kutzu: [In flight.] (Hmm... Back there at the Blessed Garden was a scary scene, and surprising. Lea's sister was the guardian spirit of the Radial Sphere... That's so creepy!!) Safiri?
Safiri: Yeah, Kutzu?
Kutzu: Do you think that Luna person may have followed us here?
Safiri: The guardian spirit of the Radial Sphere? It's possible... She looked really crushed though. I thought she was going to break down in tears...
Kutzu: Yeah, it totally look like it. Poor thing... (I hope she's okay... I hope Chris is okay too. I've never seen that power he had used back there. It was so scary!! ...It looked to me like Lea's magic wore off also... Oh, Chris! You're like, so strange... But how you tolerate what's thrown at you is totally fascinating... He-he~! Now it may be up to us to save you~!)
[Suddenly, Safiri stops. Kutzu does the same... The both of them simultaneously sniff the air...]
Safiri: I know that scent...
Kutzu: N-Nightmares!! Be careful...
[A couple seconds after they had caught the scent, three common Nightmares surround them. Their eyes are green, yellows, and a never before seen color of Nightmares, gray.]
Safiri: Okay! We've got a wind, an earth, and a... a, um...
Kutzu: Which one is gray!? I didn't ever see this one during Ethereal Cross!!
Safiri: I-I don't know! Let's just fight the ones we recognize for now. I've got the earth!
Kutzu: Right!
[The Nightmares lunge forward with their axes in hand. Immediately, Safiri leaps out of the way. Kutzu rockets upward, already dealing damage to the green-eye. His large butterfly-like wings generate a powerful force of wind. with each flap, and he is able to flap them at a rapid speed.]
Safiri: Hup!! [Drawing the yellow-eye's attention, he summons a bit of his Ecliptic energy. The Nightmare draws close with its menacing appearance...] Gotta get this just right... [Feels the ground, rubbing it with one of his forepaws.] Soft enough... Okay powers, don't let me down... Hiya!! [Jumps into the air, maintaining an acrobatic flight for a reasonable amount of time before he crashes into the ground. The force is powerful enough to break through the ground, hurtling rocks in every direction. This includes the Nightmare, which vanishes after three rocks score direct hits...] Yes!
Kutzu: [Outpacing his Nightmare with ease.] Oh, this is totally a joke! Ha-ha-ha! 'Hope you like this! [Sets foot onto the ground, allowing the Nightmare to catch up a bit. After the foe is about 3 feet from striking distance, Kutzu leaps into the air with a back flip. Directly over the Nightmare with his back facing the ground, he opens his wings, then flaps them with extremely powerful force, literally forcing him into the air like a cannonball. The force of the wind is strong enough to reduce the foe to dust... After multiple front flips to make it flashy, Kutzu lands near Safiri.]
[The boys {and I use that term loosely} turn to their remaining enemy. The gray-eyed Nightmare...]
Kutzu: Oh shoot, what now?
Safiri: I don't know. I wish I knew what the heck this thing was weak against...
[At that moment, instead of attacking, the Nightmare begins hovering in midair. It curls up, eventually transmogrifying into a sphere of blackness. Kutzu and Safiri watch nervously. The sphere begins to reshape, touching down to the ground again. The two are stunned to see what the mysterious new Nightmare has done. It has transformed itself into a combined configuration of Kutzu and Safiri.]
[He is a Safan like Safiri with three fox tails and the same colored eyes and hair, but he has Kutzu's ears and fur color. His hair is not long, but like Kutzu's, a strand covers a bit less than half of his face. Strange enough, he also possesses the butterfly wings that Kutzu does, however they are larger, able to support him into the air.]
--K I F I R Z U--
Safiri & Kutzu: Whoa!! It's us!!
Kifirzu: Ha! I did it... Who would've known it would actually work?
Kutzu: Who... what are you!?
Kifirzu: Heh, I'm you... This is so much better then being a dumb old Nightmare... No thoughts, no heart, no soul... This creation ability is changed me.
Safiri: Does that mean, maybe...?
Kutzu: Will you help us out then?!
Kifirzu: ...Why would I even help you? You think I'm about to abandon my house; the force of Darkness? You are so totally wrong! I'm out~! See ya later!
[Kutzu and Safiri stare at each other, completely baffled.]
Safiri: What was that about?
Kutzu: I'm not sure... totally creepy...
Safiri: Well, they're gone. We should get moving! The forest is just ahead!
Kutzu: Ok!
[The two dash on ahead to the Ancient Growth Forest, which has completely lost its color... It has already died, and it is only a matter of time until an entire part of the planet dies with it.]
~~Ancient Growth Forest~~{Safiri's Troubles, Ethereal Cross, Sync 2.}

Hoo-ray, a combination of two characters! That'll be fun later...