Marluxia Fanfic 6

"Marluxia......" Xandra stood before her friend with scared eyes. Since she had trained with korgan and Virgil to harrness her own power she had once more lost her heart. She hadn't excepted to ran into Marluxia and the others on Cloud's home world. She had managed to shake off the others but not him and now she was cornered. Even Portaling away wouldn't stop him from following her. "What are you doing here?"
"What am I doing here?" He asked in surpaise. "I came here to get you!" He moved towards her which caused her to back away. "Everyone's worried about you! Please.....Andree....."
"That......that's not my name.....not anymore," Xandra answered. "I lost that name when I lost my heart."
" lost your heart?" Marluxia asked in shock.
"I......I had no choice," Xandra said. "In order to control this new power I had to let it go."
"But why?" Marluxia asked. He just didn't understand why she would so willingly give up her heart. From what Axel had told him Xandra had lost her heart once before but with Sai's help had gotten back. And now she had willingly let it go? There had to be more to it but what? "Andree....Xandra.....please tell me why!" Before she could stop him his arms wrapped around her.
Xandra froze though after a moment her own arms wrapped around him. "I....I have to help someone Marluxia. Please.....please understand. He was good to me and now I have to return the favor."
"Return....the....favor?" Marluxia asked. He listened as Xandra pulled away and began to explain. "So you want to help Virgil be rid of Korgon? But how do you plan to do it?"
"I don't know yet at least......not excatly," Xandra said. "I know of one way means ending my own life." She sighed and wrapped her arms around herself.
"So it's true then?" Marluxia asked. "You really haven't joined his side?"
"Of course not!" Xandra said in shock. "I may have lost my heart but it doesn't mean I lost myself." She took his hand into her own and smiled. "Marluxia....the few days we spent together mean the world to me. But I have to do this."
Marluxia looked down at their joined hands and then placed his hand on her cheek. "Does this mean that you promise to come back to me?"
"Consider it more then a promise," Xandra said softly. She was about to kiss him when someone knocked her to the ground from behind. She looked up to see Sai sitting on her and she said, "Hello to you too."
"Don't give me that!" Sai said as she hit Xandra over the head. "I can't believe you gave up your heart! After the hell we went through to get it back." Sai was pissed to say the least and when Sai was pissed no one screwed with her. "I should drag you home and beat you until your black and blue!"
"Aw, come on Sai! Get up! You weigh a ton!" Xandra groaned. "I planned on going back."
"Your going back now," Sai said still not getting up.
"I'm afaird I can't allow that," Korgon said as he appread on one of the roofs. A black orb shot from his hand and before anyone knew what happened Sai hit the ground.
"SAI!" Xandra raced over to her as did Marluxia. "SAI! Come on.....WAKE UP!" She let out a growl as she handed Sai over to Marluxia. She turned to face Korgon and growled, "YOU HAD NO RIGHT!"
"I have every right to protect my future Queen," Korgon said without a hint of emotion. "If the girl and he are going to get in the way then I must act."
Xandra's eyes went wide as she yelled, "MARLUXIA! GET OUT OF HERE!"
Marluxia saw it a spilt second before Xandra pushed him over Sai and took the hit herself. He stared as she fell to her knees and stared back at Korgon. Then from the corner of his eye he saw Sai start to sink in the ground. "Xandra........."
"Wait for me Marluxia.....just a little bit longer." She never took her eyes off Korgon even when she heard the last faint words of Marluxia. Then she began to breath heavy and leaned on her hands and knees.
Korgon jumped down and bent to one knee; his hand slide under her chin and he lifted her head until they were eye to eye. "I see.....the darkness still has yet to take hold." He sighed and smiled slightly. "No matter. You won't hold up much longer as you are now using your powers will kill you. After all...your hardly consciuos now after taking such a hit. And transporting the girl and your boyfriend weakened you further." Then without a further word he picked her up and they disappeared into a portal.
Marluxia leaned agaisnt the house outside with his head bowed. Axel was inside with Sai; who still hadn't waken and it worried him. Genesis and Sephiroth were gone and Marluxia doubted they'd be seen for awhile. Raising his head he slide his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. Opening it he looked down at the engagment ring. He had bought it four years ago when they first learned Xandra was still alive. Ever since then he carried it with him in hopes of bringing her back. No one knew he had it. "Nice ring."
Marluxia's head snapped up and he looked over to see Axel standing in the doorway. Quickly he shoved it back into his pocket and said, "'s nothing."
"Nothing huh?" Axel asked as he leaned agaisnt the wall as well. "What happened Marluxia? Was it Xandra that attacked Sai?"
"NO!" Marluxia snapped. He lowered his head again and calmed himself. "It was that b*****d Korgon, Xandra protected us by taking the second hit."
"And then you were portaled here," Axel finished. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head.. "'s good to know she's still on our side." Then growing seriuos he asked, "You haven't happened to find out why he wants her have you?" After Marluxia explained Axel nodded and said, "I see." He looked up at the sky and with a sigh said, "Has Sai ever told you why her father let Xandra stay with them?"
"The reason....why?" Marluxia asked. He thought for a moment and said, "She told me that Xandra had helped her and her family when she went to serve them. Xandra was as she is now but they managed to locate and retrieve her heart. They've been like sisters since then."
"That's not the real reason..or at least....not the only one," Axel said not raising his head. "Sai told me that her father Diz was watching a young Nobody. Inside the child was a vast amount of darkness that had never before been discovered. The darkness within the young girl was sleeping within her. It had taken the form of a huge black Dragon the first time Diz came in direct contact with the girl. Diz had nearly lost his life when he tried to seprate the beast from the girl. In was in the instant when it was about to kill him that something strange happened. The girl awakened and stopped it from killing Diz. He watched in amazement as the Dragon listened and disappeared back into her body upon her command. Then the child fainted and since then the beast has not been seen."
"And that girl is Xandra," Marluxia said. "So that's the reason he wants her."
"I fear it may be worse then that," Axel said. "Xandra is but one of two Princesses. These girls were born to be goddesses that ruled the darkness. One is protected by the Dragon...also know as the Destoryer of worlds. A beast that if let loose will consume it's host and go on an endless rampage."
"And the second one?" Marluxia answered. He thought the stories of the two Princesses was nothing more then myth.
"The second is our very own Sai," Axel answered. "Though neither girl remeber their true names. But when they do it is believed that all worlds will be thrown into never ending darkness. Sai knows of this and has thrown herself into training her mind and body. She refuses to lose control if and when the times comes. See If Xandra remebers her true name then Sai will be drawn towards her. Xandra will then unseal her lost power and memories. Sai is known as the protector of the beast. While Xandra is the keeper, it is Xandra who will lose her life. It is Sai's job to protect the keeper until the Dragon wakes and kills Xandra to get free and then it will consume Sai."
"Wha...what?" Marluxia asked in disbelief. "Both girls will......die?" Then his face darkened as he asked, "Why wasn't Xandra warned? She said she was close to gaining full access of her power!"
Axel simply looked at Marluxia and said, "Do you honestly think Sai could tell her that? You haven't known Xandra as long as Sai or myself. If Xandra found out that by her living she would be a threat to Sai's life....she would have killed herself." He looked back up at the darkening sky and shook his head. "We just have to pry that she can master this power without remebering her true name."
Sai was on the inside but next to the door as she listened to her two friends talk. She was still wounded but she couldn't just stand around and do nothing. From her pocket she withdrew a small amulet and sighed. She never would have thought that she'd ever have to use it. If it worked as it should it would place Xandra in an eternal sleep until they could find away to remove the Dragon without it killing Xandra. "I promise Xandra....I will find a way. Neither of us will die to this curse." Then she slipped the necklace back into her pocket and headed back to her room to prepare herself.

((srry it took so long to make!))