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Just things.
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Sex? Male
height? 4'9"
eyes? Brown
glasses or contacts? None
ear size? Me dont know
nose size? Dont know
lip size? o.o m-me dont know!
wide or narrow toung? me flex it and ish can look like both :3
braces or other devises? Nu
shoe size? 4 5 6 idk x.x the number wearoff and me forget
is your hair its natural color? Mhm
if so what color? really dark brown alot of the time ish look black
if not what color? brown/black
What length is it? Past me shoulders
do you shave your legs? Me havnt had to yet x3
Do you shave any other part of your body? N-Nu hair x.x
What parts of your body have you ever shaved? o.o nowhere yet
one or two eyebrows? Me have 2
do you draw you eyebrows on? Nu
what is your ethenicity? /Mexican/American/Asain/German
what size is your butt? Me dunno
Boobs? o.o J-ELLO!
are they fake? o.o umm
what size is the other articles of your body? Still growning >3>
is your hair curely, wavey, or stright? straight,
are you muscular? eww nu x.x


are you nice to all people? Mhm :3
are you nice to most people? yesh
are you nice to some people? yesh >.<
are you just plain mean? nu TT__TT
how often do you cuss? alittle
when was the last time you cussed? today when me was laughing to hard. me said "Aw owie my ******** side, laughing hurts"
do you play sports? no....
if so which ones? Tetris! FTW
are you self-concious? shh
if so about what? shh
are you a jock? Nu! >.<
what is your IQ? maybe low me dunno
are you a prep? sometimes me ish called one
What brand is the shirt you are wearing? me got it from walmart ish a Eco Green organic apparel 80% cotten 20% organic cotten and ish was made in Bangladesh
are you a hic? Nu
do you own wranglers and are in ag/4h? I used to have a pair, really comfy but nu more
are you goth? me dont wanna lable meself
do you wear black lipstick? me did once to be honest me scared myself
are you punk? *giggles* Punks are pretty damn hot ;3
do you paint your nails black? Me have before but me like a darkish blue better
are you a nerd/geek? At somethings im pretty smart at ^^
do you wear highwaters? o.o what..
do you belive in sterotypes? everything is a sterotype cant get awayfrom them
do you belive in magic? mhm :3
do you belive in God? Nope
what is your religion? me anarchy (a state of society without government or law)
are you a firm beliver in your religon or do you let it slide? eh
are you a repulbican or democrat? Neither
do you belive in sex before marrage? yesh
if not, would you do it even though you think it is wrong? Y-yeah

Would you ever...

have causal sex? um ok
makeout with your freinds boyfreind/girlfreind? Nu,
makeout with you freinds ex? Nu,
date your freinds ex? Nu,
sky dive? o.o NUUUU
try a back flip on a dirtbike? TT__TT
how about a double? me dont really wanna die,
snowboard? O.o...
try grinding a rail on a snowboard? TT__TT
scuba dive? That me will try :3
scuba dive with a tank full of sharks? -_-
base jump? Nu
go to school/work naked? nu x//.//x
how about in just underwear? questions are stupid
would you ever mismatch compleatly on pourpose? i never match
how about if it is your freinds b-day and he/she wanted you to? mhm sure :3
go on a starvation diet? Done
throw up after a meal? Done
jump off a 50 foot bridge? videogames only x3
jump off a 100 foot waterfall? VIDEOGAMES ONLY o.O
go to a formal dinner in jeans and a t-shirt? Nu! have to be nice :3

Word assoation

hat - rabbit
cow - damn
lab - rat
screen - tv
yelp - rape
note Book - deathnote
knot - rope
bell - tinkerbell
google - porn
goggle - fish porn x3
ice - cream
herb - ie fully loaded (idk)
Ky - kinky
march - month
marching - band
wall - face
Jackie Chan - asain x3
Pamela Anderson - um
New York - whore
Veggie - yummy!
Camp - maplewood
festival -cottoncandy
Airport - scary
policy - um

Love and all

are you singel? Nu
looking? Nu
do you have a crush on someone? Mhm, Me love him
are you in love with somone? yesh
do you think love is a load of crap? Me dont know, im learning :3
have you ever been in love with somone? For the first time
are you stright? Nu
have you ever kissed the oppiste sex? My mommy x.x me kissy her nighnigh
how about the same sex? kinda
have you ever made out? nu
had sex? Nu
planning on having sex? m-maybe
going to become a nun? Never
saving it for marrage? nu,well me guess me dont plan to

User Comments: [2]
Community Member

Sun Jun 21, 2009 @ 02:41pm

O.O wowzz thats a lot of stuff...did ju think of that?...sowwiezz i left crying sleepy

Community Member

Thu Jun 25, 2009 @ 02:28am

ooh, ish said to tell u..so i did, hmm, where'd u get this from?

User Comments: [2]
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