I think the prior story might be going a little fast, so this part is gonna be a bit long for an Elicia sub-part.
Also, from now on, I'll include Ethereal Cross and Sync 2 in most area introductions...
~~Green Hill~~

[Everyone has gathered at Green Hill by fate. Daniel has escaped into the world. Just as well, Dr. Eggman and Mewtwo have awakened and are instigating even more abrupt activity for the world of Mobius...]
Skyelord: So, that's what Hideaki's message meant... Among this world was the most disturbing sensation... Weeeird.
Uhalo: Hey, you look familiar! Do you know someone named Celebi?
Elebi: Celebi?
Lucario: Celebi is the name that Chris suddenly started answering into instead of his own...
Elebi: Oh, really? Odd... In that case, I do. He's my brother. I'm Elicia.
Amy: Huh!? You're his sister!?
Elebi: Mm-hmm! That's right!
Knuckles: I never would've thought... [Scans the area.] I don't mean to break the moment up, but shouldn't we be somewhere a little less, I don't know, open?
Shadow: He has a point. Though we're strong in numbers...
Skyelord: Big time.
Shadow: We don't want to be exposed. We should go somewhere more concealed.
Equinox: Shadow, putting our location aside, do you not think our numbers are too... obnoxious?
Shadow: You may have a point...
Knuckles: What do you mean?
Equinox: Darkness will not bother with us. They know we are important to their cause, however they will not go for such an amassing. They will continue to bring distortion to the helpless.
Knuckles: Oh, I get it...
Elebi: That's a good point. What's the closest "safe spot"?
Amy: That would be Central City, and it's just ahead. C'mon, let's hurry!
Lucario: Indeed. Mewtwo is out there...
[The massive group heads for Central City...]
~~Central City~~{Sonic Series, Ethereal Cross, Sync 2.}
[The group reaches Tails' lab without any further disruption from Darkness. This was Equinox's exact prediction.]
Uhalo: Tails is in here. He's still out cold from that battel at Angel Island though... Poor Tails.
Knuckles: Horrible time for him to pass out like that, being an Eclipse and all...
Elebi: (So that's what the presence was...)
Carbuncle: (Indeed. This is very interesting. Tails' condition sounds to be just like Mew's...)
Elebi: (Does that mean anything to you, Carbuncle?)
Carbuncle: (It means whatever occurred, it was devastating.)
Elebi: There are other Eclipses that can help us.
Equinox: At present...
Jirachi: [Waves.] He-he, hi...
Elebi: And there is a Starsign Avenger. [Points to Skyelord.]
Skyelord: She's right! I'm all that and much, much more.
Elebi: Let's not forget Lucario and Uhalo, who I hear played a big part in the previous troubles here on Mobius. We have a team powerful enough to take down those two, with the addition of Daniel.
Knuckles: Daniel? That little lion thing that ran across Green Hill like Sonic after a spicy chili dog?
Elebi: Yep, that's him. But like Equinox said before, our numbers are pretty ridiculous. So! I suggest that we keep a small group in the lab here.
Amy: That sounds like a good idea! Tails has all sorts of gizmos that will help out!
Cream: Plus, we should watch over him.
Amy: True, we should. He's asleep in his bed right now.
Lucario: If Daniel is included, we will need a separate force to be on the lookout for him. He runs. He runs fast. I am very uncertain if even he is aware of the events unfolding here...
Uhalo: And that means that he may not join up with the other baddies?
Lucario: Yes. Precisely.
Equinox: I know who would be willing to help... [Chuckles.]
Shadow: Who do you have in mind?
Equinox: Let's just say... they're "acquaintances" of mine.
Shadow: Could we contact them on Tails' computer?
Equinox: Good idea. Let's head inside... however, some of you should remain out here in case of any Nightmare signs.
Skyelord: I'll stay! After all, it's a hero's duty to protect others is the utmost need!
Amy: Ugh...
Jirachi: I'll stay, too.
Equinox: Very well. Thank you Jirachi.
[All except Jirachi and Skyelord head inside the lab.]
[The place has been cleaned ever since the ravaging that Mewtwo delivered. Tails, still in the form of a Shinx, is resting silently on a small bed in the back corner of the laboratory, which opposes the side with the large computer. Instantly, Amy and Cream rush to the bed that Tails is laying in. That leaves Elebi, Lucario, Uhalo, Shadow, Equinox, and Knuckles to figure out how to activate the terminal.]
Shadow: That's... embarrassing.
Knuckles: Huh? What is it?
Shadow: I know how to activate it, but... I have no thumbs at the moment...
Knuckles: I hear you. I'm gonna have stop going by "Knuckles" for a short time and go with...
Amy: [Overhearing the conversation.] Heh-heh, Forepaws?
Knuckles: Sure...
Equinox: It's alright. I know how to activate it. Furthermore, I know how to contact who we need...
[Equinox activates the massive computer. Waiting a short time, she then types in a series of separately spaced coordinates. A word in particular that catches the eyes of Lucario is "Sphere".]
[Within moments, Derrick appears on screen. The background shows the unchanged Hreine and Surge... They are shocked to see who has contacted them.]
Derrick: Eq-Equinox!? [Notices the others on his screen, which are Uhalo, Lucario, and Elebi. Shadow and Knuckles are not.] What is the meaning of this, Equinox...?
Equinox: I have urgent news, Team Sphere... Have no worries, I will not cause trouble for Stream or Sengoku...
Stream: [In the background.] I'VE BEEN A GOOD BOY!!
Sengoku: [In the background.] Me too!
Surge: [On screen.] What's the news?
Equinox: I'm sure you are all aware of Dr. Eggman and Mewtwo running amok, correct?
Derrick: Indeed, we are aware. They have not located our hideout... yet...
Equinox: I, as you know, abruptly leaped into a different world previously. Luckily, I found who I was seeking, and many more to counteract this crisis...
Derrick: Oh really? Is it possible you have found someone similar to Chris? Because it appears we are picking up an extremely paranormal life force coming from Central City.
Lucario: Derrick, in our previous journey, Chris had two powerful allies. One of them, I knew as a close friend. The other was famous here... We have come across, or perhaps they found us, others that very well possess an equal amount of power. I'd like you to meet Elicia. [Gestures toward Elicia.]
Elebi: Hi! I take it you mean my bemused brother when you say Chris, hm?
Derrick, Hreine, & Surge: Your brother!?!?
Stream: [In the background.] Brother?
Elebi: Yep. We've also come across the two Eclipses and a Starsign Avenger from the Phaze Order.
Surge: Starsign Avenger?
Hreine: We came across someone who called herself the Capricorn Avenger... As for Eclipses, we got nothing.
Derrick Tell us, who did you find?
Elebi: Well, a girl named Jirachi is the other Eclipse from the world of Pokemon. She's outside. Aaannd the other Eclipse from here? Well...
Equinox: [Chuckles.] Guess who, Sphere?
Derrick, Hreine, & Surge: Equinox!? You're...
Surge: You're an Eclipse!?!
Stream: [In the background.] WHAT!?!?
Equinox: Yes... Now, Team Sphere. We require your assistance, and perhaps the help of that Capricorn Avenger.
Derrick: Under the circumstances, we will agree to assist you.
Equinox: Excellent. What we will need from you is...
[Moments of discussion later.]
Elebi: Thanks for understanding, Derrick!
Derrick: Of course. That Mewtwo is a menace, as well as the Dr.. This must not go unattended to.
Hreine: We'll see you all soon.
Surge: Until then. [Salutes with two fingers, gesturing "see ya".]
[The screen shuts off.]
Lucario: Hmm, convenient, yet... If Knuckles is not upon Angel Island, does that not mean that the Master Emerald is in peril?
Knuckles: It does, and so are the Chaos Emeralds... It was a losing battle the first time, and look what it did to us.
Equinox: With Sphere's Capricorn-2, we will be able to reach Angel Island, and make sure the Master Emerald has remained undisturbed.
Elebi: (Carbuncle? What exactly are these emeralds everyone's talking about?)
Carbuncle: (They are the power sources of Mobius, just as the Time Gears are for the Pokemon World. The Master Emerald is the greater of the many Chaos Emeralds.)
Elebi: (Oh... Cool.) So, who will stay here and keep in touch with the advancing group?
Amy: Cream and I will stay. We'll keep and eye on Tails and you guys.
Cream: Yep! If Tails wakes up, we'll let you know right away!
Uhalo: Thanks, Amy and Cream!
Amy: Of cou--[Gasp.] You... You remembered...! S-Sonic!
Uhalo: I still don't know who this S-Sonic person is, but he reeeally must resemble me!
Skyelord: [From outside.] What are you doing here!?
Elebi: Uh-oh, sounds like trouble.
Lucario: Let's go.
Equinox: Right.
[Lucario, Elebi, and Equinox leave the lab.]
[Outside, Jirachi and Skyelord are unharmed. There is another new face with them however. She appears to be a Mobian lynx. She has white fur with strands of blue running down her arms and legs. She is wearing a blue long-jacket with white colored designs, along with white denims. She looks completely modernized... Her hair is light brown, in a ponytail. Her eyes are blue like the strands in her fur. She is wearing white and blue rain shoes.]
--G A L E D O X Y--
Galedoxy: [Turns to Elebi. Her voice is calm.] Oh. Hello there. So, Skyelord. You've made some new friends?
Skyelord: A few? Try a bunch, and they, combined with me, are MORE than enough for the trouble at hand!
Galedoxy: Oh, really?
Lucario: Are you perhaps the Starsign Avenger Team Sphere was speaking?
Galedoxy: Yes, I was. You know them?
Equinox: We asked them for their help, and they agreed.
Galedoxy:{/i] Perfect. The more for this mess, the merrier. This must be organized, and it must be organized now.
Skyelord: Grr... AS if I needed help...
Galedoxy: Shaymin, this involves a very powerful, organized enemy. Even the Phaze Guardians are out there looking fro the source.
Skyelord: Galedoxy!! Don't call me that in front of everyone!
Galedoxy: Hmm? What ever do you mean? There is no shame in Shaymin.
Skyelord: [Mumbles under his breath.] Fine, if Lord Zodiac says so...
~~Angel Island~~{Sonic Series, Ethereal Cross, Sync 2.}
[Dr. Eggman, Mewtwo, and Daniel are gathered around the damaged Master Emerald... It is unknown what they are trying to do...]
Daniel: Thanks for the lift Dr.. Without that, this wouldn't be possible. Those dimwits'll never get us!
Dr. Eggman: Ho-ho-ho! Daniel, I was simply amazed to know another Shade was in our presence!
Mewtwo: Now, Lord Naught will be proud. Now that we have redeemed ourselves.
Daniel: So, what did you guys find out about this giant rock?
Mewtwo: Watch this... [Raises his arm to the Master Emerald. Something from his body causes the emerald to gleam violently. At the same time, spacial ripples begin to form just above their heads... He brings his arm away. Everything settles.]
Dr. Eggman: We have yet to understand this phenomenon.
Daniel: Huh... Maybe it's a world thing. Mewtwo came from the Pokemon World, right?
Mewtwo: Possibly... I wish to see to this further...
Daniel: Don't spend too much time up here, 'm pret-ty su-ure those dimwits are as dim witted as I make 'em sound...
Dr. Eggman: It will not be so easy this time! They lack the power to defeat Darkness a second time!
Daniel: Yeeaaah, see here's the thing... Apparently, out of NOwhere, Chris had a sister... And she found some more Eclipses... and about a thousand Light-heads...
Mewtwo: You knew this all along, yet refused to tell us?
Daniel: I thought it would just crush your hopes... I mean you two got battered the first time.
Dr. Eggman: Thank you for that assuring comment... Ginsengaar was "battered" also...
Daniel: I'm just sayin'! ...Hey, where'd Gin go anyway? Wasn't he with you?
Mewtwo: Hm, that is a good question...
[The trio turns slowly to the Master Emerald... Mewtwo brings his arm close to the Master Emerald... It gleams, the sky ripples... He decides to make contact... Suddenly, everything turns chaotic. The three of them begin to fade from being.]
Daniel: Wh-whoa!! What the hell is goin' on!?
Mewtwo: I suppose this is what became of Ginsengaar!!
Dr. Eggman: Agh!!
[They disappear completely...]

End of 1
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