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Sigh...It's life.

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Yes, life sucks
So yesterday was the last day of school for me, yay! biggrin Our school follows the private school's schedule but the school isn't a private school. So I went to the movies with my friends yesterday and we watched Angels and Demons, it was such a scary movie since one of the cardinals who were the preferred ones, meaning that they were the ones most likely to become the pope after the pope died. HOWEVER, it turned out that the pope was poisoned by his adopted son since the pope wanted to help the scientists to prove that god existed scientifically however the adopted son guy named Carlemango was like NO, science should not have the power of creation since then, what's left for god?
But now that I'm thinking about if the pope wanted the scientists to prove God existed then what would that leave for science? Since basically if there was God then everything science says happens for a reason is a big, fat lie since then God would be the reason those things happened, him being the ruler of the universe and such. confused So just wanted to add my own thoughts to the pile.
Moving on to why this journal is called life sucks, which it very much does. Remember Ramen, the guy I was telling you about in the last journal? He didn't draw the comic but would not make any sense if he did since no one in their right mind would draw a comic of them asking a girl out and then LABELING the two stick figures. It was his douche friend, Janus. Which after a moment of quiet, self pity I promptly smacked him on his head. Which I hoped taught him the lesson not to do that, ever. Sigh but still it would of have been nice to have a boyfriend...
I probably should start focusing on my grades more since remember the french final I told you guys about? Apperently I COMPLETELY failed it since I got a C+ this quarter and that means my first two A's in the first two quarters brings up my yearly average to a B. Well that made me somewhat happy but still I want to just burn my report card the moment I get it.
Oh the movie right, I went with a few friends and guess what Ramen was there and I sat next to him unfortunately I quickly found out he still likes my best friend. Which really makes me feel my life is a manga, since look- girl likes guy, guy likes girl's best friend. But in the end the guy gets with the girl and that NEVER happens in real life. Well mostly never unless you're the hawtest girl to ever walked the face of this planet then it might.
However in the end, I don't get the guy and I'm still the one FAILING french...zOMG will make it all better won't it? emo
WON'T IT?!?!??!?!?
*sniff* crying

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