Heyaz. *Casual Greeting.*
This is actually the first time Elicia has run into a Darkness character... Ever. o.O
~~Aphotic Ices~~

[The group stands speechless in front of a young lion Safan who calls himself Daniel.]
Daniel: Look at you all! Clueless! Wow, this is rich! ...
Lucario: And you would be...?
Daniel: One of your worst "Nightmares" ...
Equinox: You fiend. You reside with Darkness...
Jirachi: You reek of evil...
Daniel: Please, you're too kind... Listen up, dimwits and dimwettes. You'd better stay out of the Overlord's business, or we'll rip this world to shreds. That means all of YOU! Get it now? Huh? Huh? BUTT OUT!
Skyelord: Oh yeah!? You think this is meddling!? We're doing what heroes do, and that's putting evil in its place!
Daniel: Oh, you're putting US among YOU? Thanks, tough guy!
Skyelord: [Scoffs.] Do you even know who I am?
Daniel: Uh, duh... You were the one with the enormous mouth...How could I forget tha--"I'LL BE THE FIRST TO BEAT DARKN--" Sheesh...
[Safan Nightmares appear all around Daniel, excluding the front. They're eyes are light blue... Ice Nightmares.]
[Everyone spreads out and prepares for battle.]
Daniel: Oh, what? You think you can take me on?
Cream: We know we can!!
Skyelord: I'll take you down for good, Daniel!
Elebi: (No... Carbuncle... This may be too much...)
Carbuncle: (Your opponent is one of the four most elite minions of Naught... The Shades. Be very careful... He is not to be taken lightly.)
Elebi: [Gulps.]
Lucario: ...[Looks around at his allies.] We do not have any capable of ice attacks...
Daniel: Ooh, then this'll be quick...
Equinox: This is troublesome...
Jirachi: Pray tell, what to do...?
[As Daniel and the Nightmares advance, the group begins to back into each other again, realizing their disadvantage.]
Elebi: (...Grr... No! I can fight!) [Leaps in front of everyone. She prepares herself.]
Daniel: Oh, look who thinks she's all tough 'n stuff. Sure... Hey girl, outta the face! [He stomps onto the icy black ground, causing a tremor for a couple seconds. After the quick quake, a pillar of black ice punches Elebi from beneath, hurling her to the roof of the arena. She barely evades icicles.]
Elebi: Oof! [She falls to the ground.]
Jirachi & Equinox: Elicia!! [Both rush to her aide.]
Daniel: Hm?
[Elebi rises as if nothing had happened. She readies herself again.]
Elebi: (Whoa... I'm not hurt at all...)
Carbuncle: (Your constructive ability suppresses the damage you receive to a certain extent. If it is minor, it may also nullify pain.)
Elebi: (Then... that was minor? Wow...) I won't back down!
Equinox: Nor shall I. [Prepares herself.]
Jirachi: And neither will I!! [Prepares for battle as well.]
Daniel: Hmm... This is all too familiar...
Elebi: Let's go!! [She springs forward in a burst of light as she had done previously against Nightmares. It is so sudden that Daniel acted helpless. He becomes a projectile, heading for the roof of the cave. His impact is powerful enough to cause a few icicles to drop. They fall upon half of the Nightmares. Those who are struck are destroyed.]
Jirachi: [She twirls a full spin, gaining momentum and power for a move known as Swift. She blasts it directly at Daniel.]
Equinox: Chaos Element!! [She raises an arm, bonding her life energy with the icicles remaining above. Grasping them with this energy, she brings her arm downward, commanding the ice to fall. This maneuver crushes the remnants of the Nightmare group.]
[Equinox, Jirachi, and Elebi regroup in a stylish stance, prepared for anything else at that point.]
Cream: Whoa...
Shadow: Impressive...
Lucario: Indeed... I knew very well they possessed power...
Skyelord: Right-o. [He leaps into the air and hovers to the group of three.] Careful girls, this could get ugly.
Elebi: What's next?
Skyelord: Daniel's a hothead and a die hard. A pretty lethal combination.
[No one can spot Daniel... Out of the darkness, an array of black icicles flies directly at the four.]
Skyelord: [Dashes in front.] Hut!! [A dome of transparent blue energy forms quickly around the four, warding off the oncoming icicles.] {This move is exclusive to his position as a Starsign Avenger.}
[After the series of small icicles, a massive thorn of black ice flies toward the shield. Skyelord strengthens the blue dome, eventually causing the large crystal of ice to shatter into hundreds of tiny fragments that remain suspended in midair... Skyelord drops the shield after moments...]
Equinox: What is this?
Daniel: [Sprints from the darkness.] Ha-ha-ha!! [He leaps into the air, passing through the suspended ice fragments. As he does this, the fragments follow his motion.] Back up!! [He drops to the icy ground, slamming it with immense force. The fragments rain down upon the defenseless in front and behind. On impact, the crystals explode into tinier crystals, which become incredibly hazardous projectiles.]
Lucario: Look out!!! [Leaps backward and summons a wall of aura. Shadow and Cream take cover behind it.]
[Shards strike Skyelord, as well as the other three. They cry in pain with each icicle that hits.]
Daniel: Dimwits, take this!! [Quickly approaches Skyelord and spins 180, following it up with a horse-kick with his hindpaws. The move strikes Skyelord. Empowering the move with additional force of nature, a massive diagonal thorn of black ice erupts from the ground and mimics Daniel's motion, striking the three behind Skyelord.]
[Everyone is sent flying back. Additively, the smaller icicles hanging above are forced downward by the attack delivered previously. A few strike the group.]
Daniel: Ha! You really thought you had me beaten!? Bunch'a dimwits!
[Everyone is groaning in pain from the cruel punishment that Daniel delivered with his chain of attacks... all but Elebi, who stands firm completely unscathed.] What's with you...? I saw you get hit pretty hard, but there's not a scratch or bump or bruise...
Elebi: You underestimated me, you ruffian.
Daniel: Oh really? Well, how 'bout this?! [Stomps on the ground once more. Instead of an offensive blow, more Safan Nightmares appear beside and behind Daniel. They're eyes are noticeably white.]
Elebi: Huh...? Ergh... No! I won't quiver! I... I have to fight! [She closes her eyes... The air around her becomes luminous...]
{Similar to her brother, Elebi's Constructive abilities are beginning to manifest. The ability, Convert Affliction, is activating. And damage that she or anyone else nearby has received recently converts into pleasure and power.}
[This ability envelops everyone but Daniel and the Nightmares in a clear light. Within that light, their pain transforms into power.]
Skyelord: Whoa...
Shadow: This light...
Lucario: The injuries we have received are healing... They're changing.
Elebi: [The light vanishes.] Now everyone!! Let's go!!
Daniel: ...Crap.
[Everyone charges into battle, rampaging the Nightmares.]
Daniel: Agh!!! This is unfair, I am OUTTA here!! [Calls for a portal without thinking.]
Equinox: Everyone!! After him!!
[The large group charges into the dark swirling vortex... Soon after, silence enshrouds the Aphotic Ices...]

Moving on!!
~~Green Hill~~

[It is morning at Green Hill, but tension has been stirred. Sonic and Knuckles, still recognized as Uhalo and Vulpix, are faced by two average Nightmares. One has red eyes, and another has white. Amy, having been transformed very recently into Roselia, watches from a safe distance.]
Knuckles: [With Uhalo at his back facing the other.] This is ridiculous, why'd I have to be changed into this little thing!?
Uhalo: You have a power within you! Try to uncover that power, and unleash it! Now's the time!
Knuckles: How the heck am I gonna do that!? ...Erg... Whatever you say! Come on... [Tenses up, straining for any source of power. He opens his mouth and releases a blast of fire. This burns entirely through the Nightmare.] Got it!!
Uhalo: Good going! Hiya!! [Sends a small beam of mental energy at the Nightmare. {Psybeam} After this, he unleashes the same mover Jiarchi had used on Daniel {Swift} upon it, which is enough to defeat the Nightmare. It perishes from the brunt of the previous attack...]
[The two let down their guard...]
Knuckles: We did it... 'Guess I didn't know I had it in me.
Uhalo: Way to go! You conjured your ability!
[Amy runs up to them.]
Amy: Yay!! Good job you two! That was close...
Knuckles: I don't think it's time to celebrate just yet...
Amy: Huh?
[At that moment, the dark portal appears. Instantaneously, Daniel emerges and dashes at full speed through Green Hill. It seems almost impossible to catch up to him. Uhalo and Knuckles watch, speechless. A couple moments after Daniel had appeared, Elebi and the others do. The portal vanishes behind them.]
Elebi: Where is he? ...Shoot, I don't see him.
Jirachi: Pray tell, he's fast when it comes to retreating. Truthfully!
Lucario: What a mess... Hm? [Scans the area...] This is Green Hill... We have returned to Mobius...?
Equinox, Shadow, & Cream: What!?
Cream: We're home!?
Shadow: That was... quick.
Knuckles: Okay, umm... [Approaches the group, followed by Uhalo.] 'You mind explaining what this is all about?
Lucario: Ah, yes. I think I remember seeing you aboard the Capricorn-2...
Knuckles: You know about that? I was passed out...
Uhalo & Amy: Lucario!!
Shadow: So you've met? May I ask, what are Pokemon doing on our world...?
Lucario: It seems Amy has been transformed as well...
Amy: Yeah... That big bully Mewtwo did this to me. Ever since him and Eggman returned, it's been horrible...
Lucario: What!?!?
Cream: Am--Amy!? That's you!?
Amy: Oh my gosh!! Cream!! [They run up to each other.]
Jirachi: I don't understand... Pokemon reside here too?
Equinox: Not necessarily. Someone named Mewtwo has used a power I have yet to know of to turn other into Pokemon.
Elebi: Mewtwo...? Lucario mentioned that name...
Shadow: [Approaches Uhalo and Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Hmm... I don't know why, but you seem kinda familiar.
Shadow: I could say the same thing...
Uhalo: You know him, Knuckles?
Knuckles: I think.
Shadow: Knuckles? I didn't expect that... This is the Pokemon you have become?
Knuckles: That voice... You're Shadow, aren't you...?
[Shadow and Knuckles stare at each other, dumbfounded.]
Shadow & Knuckels: You have to be kidding...
Elebi: Girls...
Jirachi & Equinox: Hmm?
Elebi: Something terrible has happened here...

Suuuuuuper long... o.o;;;;;;