So, today, I went to my sister's graduation. It took 3 hours just to drive there and had to sit in the hot sun. The graduation itself was outside, thank goodness. We sat on the bleachers next to my bro in-law. I really liked this one guy's speech that he made. It was about he used to be "old" when he was younger. It was a really good speech, cause he made it humorous and made it so we can relate. The boring part was the announcing of graduates. It was only good when my sister went up, but it got boring after that. Good thing that the clouds rolled over and provided shade. It rained slightly and the clouds eventually went away so it was sunny again. I really wanted it to rain. Afterwards, there were cookies and stuff that's at normal graduations, yadayadayada. Then, we went to this restaurant called Perkins. The food was good and I ended up getting stuffed. xD
Then we went to some fruit farm store thingy and then we went home. I was playing Megaman ZX Advent. 8D
I was gone all day.