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The Thoughts of Mira-chan Um . . . it's a journal, what do you think? Just my thoughts, stuff that's been going on, you know, things that are in a journal.

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Crap! I have posted in a while!
JESUS TAPPING DANCING CHRIST ON CRUTCHES! I haven't updated in forever...so I shall now!! BWAHAHAHAH! even though none of you will really understand any of it!

Hello all!!

First off let me say......they can pass a law saying you must say "Happy Holidays" and call it a "Holiday Tree" or go straight to jail, do not pass go, and do not collect $200 and I will say MERRY FRIGGIN CHRISTMAS! to everyone I see. Because that's what I think it should be. Hah.

Anyway, on to the real topic. Today we had no school, which was really cool! So when I got up Tarzan was coming on, so I watched that because I love that movie, then my dad and I watched Fantastic 4 which was a really good movie. I enjoyed it muchly! Then my dad had to run some errands, so I watched Cold Creek Manor, which was a disturbing movie, but very good, did some dishes, vaccumed downstairs, and then watched an even more messed up and disturbing movie called Infection. It was a Japanese horror made last year, so that explains why it was so freaky and scary.

It was made by the producers of The Ring, The Ring 2, and The Grudge. It was about some freaky disease thing killing the doctors and nurses....here, read the synopsis and be happy.

The first in a trilogy of Japanese horror films, Masayuki Ochiai's (PARASITE EVE) INFECTION takes place in a dark, isolated hospital, where one nurse's mistake has led to dire consequences for a patient. The night crew decides to cover up the incident, hiding the evidence deep in the bowels of the institution. Soon the hospital is visited by another person dying of some exceedingly unnatural symptoms; that death triggers a bizarre infection that only seems to affect those involved in the initial crime. As the infection spreads, so does the terror, as the staff is dying off one by one and no one knows what to do. With excellent special effects and an intricate, twist-laden plotline, this is a chiller in the vein of THE RING and THE GRUDGE.

From rottentomatoes.com

Sounds fun yes?

ANyway, after all those movies me and my parents went out and cleaned Blausers, so we have a free weekend and after we cleaned, I brought my money with me and we did my shopping. So far I have Tim, Jason, Brad, Cecilia, Stephi (M) Part of Steph (w)'s and Heather's gifts. I'm taking Erica to see Narnia for her present and I still need to get Caitlyn, Josh, and my mom and dad's presents. Won't be too hard though, I know what I'm after.

After we went shopping we stopped and got pastime subs (LOOOVE!) from The Pub, where my mom and I played a vicious game of air hockey...my mom won. - - the score: 5 to 2 OO! and I got a little pig hand puppet, not sure what to name him yet, but he only cost me 75 cents and as I said it, "He's my Christmas present to me for getting most of my shopping done and still having $20 left," $40 if I include the 20 my mom gave me for helping so much when we where cleaning Blausers.


ninja ninja pirate pirate I shall rob you.

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