Possible Future Fics:

Fading Light: (Title subject to change) L/Raito, B/Raito. When he was young, Raito witnessed something he wasn't meant to. After that night, his faith in the police was ruined, and he worked hard to take over his father's job. Twelve years later he obtains his goal, in time to catch a case that's recently come to Japan. The killer knows him; the killer wants to get rid of him. L wants to work with him. And Raito? Raito just wants to uphold justice.

Untitled: L/Raito. L didn't die when Rem wrote his name in the Death Note. Raito, infuriated, wants to know why. When he finds the answer, he will do anything in his power to finish the job. Even get close to the strange and mysterious L.

Foreign Insanity: (Title subject to change) Satoshi/Takeshi. Azumano Middle School has a surprise trip for its students: a three-week trip to Europe! They'll visit six countries in twenty-one days. Which means a long flight, hours on a bus, and many different hotel rooms. And whatever could go wrong, does go wrong. What's a poor reporter, and a police commander to do?

A/N: This little one is based off the trip to Europe I took last summer with the People to People Student Ambassador Program. Most of the things that happen in this fic, actually happened to us. A few things will change, but meh. They have to, don't they?

Rumors: Satoshi/Takeshi. Why did Takeshi have to run a kissing booth? And why did someone have to push Satoshi into him? Now, thanks to a certain idiot, the entire school thinks they're dating! Vengeful fangirls, a conniving Dark, and a murderous Krad. However will the two not boyfriends survive?

Beyond All Morals: Satoshi/Takeshi. Takeshi's desperate for Dark-related inside info. Satoshi's wound so tight from his job and his father he's about to snap. When Takeshi gives him a proposal, it's hard to turn down. So he doesn't. But can they come out of this in one piece?

A/N: Wow, lots of ideas for this series, no? I've got more for KH, but I like these more...Anyway, I'm going to use my DNAngel ideas to work on first person POV. And this idea is just to get better at three things: Seriousness/angst, lemons, and kinks. Mainly mixing all three. But it's also to give my readers something to enjoy (if any of you remember my first DNAngel fic...which was years ago).

Innocence Lost: Daisuke is a lonely boy who doesn't think he's worth anything. Enter Krad Hikari, his new teacher. He finally makes Daisuke feel wanted. But can Daisuke handle it?

A/N: Okay, this has been planned for about two years now, but it's slow going. This will not be one of those stories that glorifies student/teacher relationships. This one will take on the serious side of *****. It will not be a happy story by any means. I may not post it here, or I may. Not sure yet. But I know I WILL write it and when I do it will be the one I try my hardest on, simply because of subject matter.

Walk In Another's Shoes: Satoshi/Takeshi. Everyone knows how dangerous the Hikari artworks are. So what on earth posessed Takeshi to EAT one? Now he has a (female) spirit taking over his body, convinced Satoshi is her long lost love. Can Satoshi and Daisuke solve the problem before it gets too awkward?

A/N: This one...just randomly came to me. I saw a preview for an anime (Save Me, Lollipop) while reading a manga (Yurara) and took a small bit from each. And viola! I probably will write this one, since it sounds the most amusing to me.