Welcome to the second Syncommentary, where characters talk about their roles and I've already said this before.
This one features Kenny, Safiri, and Kutzu. The First Eclipses ever.
User ImageHey there!! What's up everybody!?

User ImageHi!! This is, like, totally exciting!!

User ImageIsn't it, Kutzu!? This is awesome, we're the first ever Eclipses in Blast's history!

User ImageI know!! I can't believe how long it has BEEN!! I think back to the old times and I'm just like, "Oh. My. Gosh!!"

User ImageYo! 'Sup ladies?

User ImageHi, Kenny!

User ImageHey there, Ken! And, um... I'm a boy, Kenny.

User Image[Stares at Kutzu.] ...I should quit smoking...

User Image[Laughs.] Heheh, Kenny you were always the funniest Eclipse!

User ImageHa! You betcha. Ahh, I remember them good 'ol days, yep... Damn right... Those were the times. Amazin', really. All that's changed, huh?

User ImageIt really is awesome! We've all grown, and now we're in one of Blast's greatest stories yet, aside from the two others I'm hearing about.

User ImageOhh, I totally know! The one with Sacreda, and the other with Ekarras. I SO wonder what those stories are about!

User ImageI do, too. But hey, we're famous, so I ain't complainin'.

User ImageSo true. So true... Anyway, I'm really amazed to be on your planet, Kutzu. It's something else.

User ImageOh my gosh, isn't it? Soren is so pretty.

User ImageI love the flower fields around Castle Blossom. That's creative, and just plain awesome!!

User ImageTotally! Those fields are sacred to our land. They're such and important tradition to the Fairies. [Giggles.] Well! I hate to brag~! I SO want to see your world, Safiri! You too, Kenny!

User Image'Hope we all get the chance, but as of now, Chris looks like he's going through one hell of a time...

User ImageHe is. He was turned into this little green creature, and I have no clue what that's about. He forgot his own name and calls himself Celebi... Something strange is going on between him and Darkness, and I'm worried...

User ImageI'm worried too... I want the best for him. If he ever turned on us, I... I don't know what I would do, I...

User ImageHey, hey, c'mon! Cheer up Kutzu! Chris, or Celebi, is really strong and he can overcome this ordeal! It just takes time!

User ImageTrue-dat. That guy can dish out some crazy stuff. Take advantage of the time you have with him, he's on your worlds right now.

User ImageBut... That's just it, he disappeared up at a place called Mt. Melody.

User ImageYou know, Safiri... I was actually starting to feel his presence again. Could he have returned?

User ImageThat's a good point... He probably has. We're gonna need his help to take down those malevolent villains, Lea and Pryme.

User ImageTotally! The Soul Sphere is safe, and I hope the others are also.

User ImageI wish I could say the same about the Ancient Growths...

User ImageI'm so sorry that happened...

User ImageWhoo! Sounds like a handful. Can't wait 'til it's my turn to bring out them guns. Also sounds to me like "Derkness" is after worldly power sources. Seems soooo...

User ImageTypical?

User ImageBingo, Safiri... Bing-o... Hmm? ...'Ey, Kutz... What'cha doin' over there, little dude?

User Image [Sighs.] ...Huh!? Oh! I--uh... I was just thinking of... where Chr--Celebi is...

User Image Awfully contended sigh, Kutz... You miss Chris?

User ImageOf course I do! I totally hate it when--

User Image --You're not with him?

User ImageYeah!!-wait... Erm...

User Image[Smirks.] ...You two are... more than friends, eh?

User Image [Raises shoulders and holds arms behind himself.] Ummm... W-well...

User ImageHow cute is that? (WHOAAAA!!!)