the trip was kinda fun n boring at the same time i got ditched bi my friends alot cuz there other friends hated me so the 3rd nite is were i snaped i was not a good day i got called a boy n punched the photographer who said it it was a class trip btw so then my 300 dollar visa gift card screwed up on me n whn i got bak 2 the hotel i snapped with out realzing it at my room mates then i got drepressed n told them i was going 2 jump out the window so thn 1 of my room mates kept saying go ahead go ahead jump so thn i wimped out n thn we had a pillow fight n which my nose stated 2 bleed n the other girls had 2 black eyes so thn i blacked out n the next thing i no is im n the hotel room closet trying 2 hang myself but dont worry i was 2 tall 4 the closet so thn i fell 2 the floor n started 2 squzze it around my neck n i did that 4 3 mins n never passed out so thn i gave up n went 2 sleep on the couch that my room mates forsed me 2 sleep on