Looking back this year, it was the only time I spent with you. It was cool and all, were still friends arn't we. I mean we can still talk together cause you know I'll be here.

I wonder though. If I havn't told you that I liked you. What would happen. Well I know, were only friends, and thats it. Cause thats how you stated it.

I also remember playing Zomg with you during some part. Those days were fun too. I remember seeing tears in your eyes that class when Mr. Ramoni announced where we would go in the future. I kinda felt bad too, cause you were a great friend to me and there was nothing I could do but watch.

Now seeing its almost the end. I dont like you anymore, but I still consider you a friend. A real Great friend.

Goodbye O' shining Star.

Because this is the part when we get detatched from each other.
Were still friends though.
And if you forgot, I still have that song that I have written for you about roses.

Anyways, its time for me to get of the stage. And say this one last time

Goodbye, My friend.