The green bushes rustled, quietly. A young maiden elf walked into the opening with a small bundle in her arms. The maiden elf and her baby daughter in her arms strolled towards a comfortable spot near the placid pond. Primrose sat down to take a little rest in the shade of the forest, The Forest of Secrets.
" Wah," cried the tiny baby. Primrose gently patted Caltha on the head, calming her down.
" Shhh. It's okay, my little darling," said the kind mother, soothingly. She quietly stroked Caltha on the cheek, where her pink heart-shaped birthmark was, while she talked to herself, and somewhat to Caltha.
" My little darling, you're really small right now, but you'll grow tall, strong, and slender soon enough," she smiled down at the delicate baby she was holding in her arms.

" Mama," said baby Caltha, sweetly. Primrose smiled and started singing for Caltha. The soothing lullaby lulled Caltha into the land of dreams, but Primrose's melodious voice didn't just tire her daughter. It awoke a presence, too... A new presence... A presence of darkness and hatred...


Far away from the Forest of Secrets, in the darkest corners of the night, in a dark, empty cave, a strange figure started to take form.
A woman's body, a soul of a thousand evil demons, and the hatred and evil that doubles the vast population of the people on earth. This evil demon started to shpe and come alive. The maiden's pale skin glowed against the pitch darkness, but her raven-black hair blended into the shadows of the cave. She had eyes that made a glare that can slice through you like a thousand knives, and her delicate lips were as dark as the shadows shrouding her. She had wondrous ears on the side of her head, just like an elf's. But the most awe-striking feature of this strange maiden was the shining, blue, heart-shaped birthmark on her left cheek, just like Caltha's...
The mysterious, young maiden suddenly raised her slender arms towards the heavens above and slowly, dark violet, velvety robes wrapped themselves around her. The set of sorceress's robes bellowed towards the ground, trailing behind her. The sleeves went past her elegant hands, and charms and bracelets appeared on the woman's wrists. And on her pale neck, a golden chain with a golden medallion appeared. Inscribed on it was the blue symbol that was on her cheek, and the mysterious sorceress was complete.
She lowered her arms back to her sides and said the word, 'arowquoin,' in a low, raspy whisper. Out of nowhere, an arrow appeared in front of the maiden.
" Aurorias," whispered the young maiden. The arrow she summoned started to radiate with a dark aura of power.
" Aa lendus, folumiss caltha jeelon. Go forth, find and kill dear Caltha," chanted Lucana. With a gesture of her hand, the arrow went piercing through the air and towards baby Caltha...


Young Caltha slept soundly in her mother's arms. Primrose smiled and rose from the ground. She turned her back to the calm pond and started to walk out of the Forest of Secrets. Suddenly, Primrose heard a slight whining sound from behind her. She quickly turned around and saw an arrow with a black aura around it fly towards Caltha and her. As it came up to them, Primrose dodged it with inhuman speed, but it quickly whipped itself around and went right through Primrose's back and into her heart.
She dropped the bundle in her arms and started to gasp for air, but couldn't. She fell to the ground with a silent thump and lied there dead.

" Huh?" sounded out baby Caltha. She crawled out of her blanket and towards her sleeping mother, or so she thought. She gently poked Primrose on the cheek and accidentally rolled her head over.
" Wahhhh!" Caltha shrilly cried. Her beautiful, compassionate mother was now dead. How would she live? How would she get out of the Forest of Secrets? Who will take care of her, now? All these questions fustrated Caltha, which made her wail even more. What will happen to Caltha, now?