So today, I had fencing class, like always. But, for the beginners, there were only four people there, and personally, I'd wish it would stay that way. And at 8:30 to 9:30 is something called 'open bouting' where you can basically fence anyone you want for an hour. Pretty cool right? So, at this open bouting, there were three yellow stripes and two green stripes. The other two were coaches and stuff. ((( For anyone who doesn't know, in my fencing facility, there are levels and level ups. It goes from un-certified fencer, yellow stripe, green stripe, blue stripe, brown stripe, black 1, black 2, black 3. Basically, when you're at green, you know your awesome. ))) So, first, I fenced my best friend Wyatt. He kicks my butt any day but today. Maybe it was because I had my "alter ego" on. Her name is Erin. So I beat him, 5 to 4. THEN I fenced a green, who was impossible. Lost by one, but it's OK. Then I fenced the other green who was going to nationals. Lost by one. Then I fenced the impossible green, and beat him by one. Twice. AND I'M ONLY A YELLOW! Then I fenced Wyatt again, and tied. I LOVE FENCING!