Burning City

Chapter 1
My Life

“Beep… Beep… Beep it’s now 10:00, Beep… Beep… Beep… Time to wake up Master Red” The high tech alarm clock said. There was a muffled yawn in the room, and sounds of bed sheets moving. Thomas Red pushed himself of the bed and sat on its side. He rubbed his eyes gently and stood up. At the age of fifteen Thomas was unlike any average teenager. He was born from a rich, extraordinarily rich family. There was a knock too the door.
“Master Red, are you awake?” a voice said from the other side of the door.
“Yes Gibbs” Thomas said.
“May I come in?” Gibbs asked.
“Very well”
The door handle moved and the door swung open. A middle aged man dressed in a butler’s standard uniform. Black suits with a white shirt no obvious style in clothing.
“Here are your clothes master Red; do you wish me to help you?”
“No it’s alright, I’ll do it myself”
“As you wish Master Red” with that Gibb left the room and the door shut. Unlike most other rich kids, Thomas wanted to be normal; he didn’t fit in into the whole rich society. In truth Thomas wasn’t born into a rich family. He was a normal person once, a normal family with a normal income. But his father passed away very suddenly, it was a tragic event. One that Thomas still today has not forgot even after ten years that memory haunts him. Shortly after the death of his father, his mother remarried to a wealthy business man.
Thomas quickly dressed into his uniform, surprisingly the uniform he wore belonged to a public school. Thomas had refused to go too one of those private schools were rich parents send there kid too thinking it was for there own ‘good’. Once he was done, he went down too the dinner table, or now was the breakfast. He saw his mother and father already seated and before he sat he said good morning to the both of them. There were a certain set standards he could not avoid in this house, manners were one of them. A plate of pancakes, toast and scrambled eggs were set on the table in front of him. Thomas picked the fork and knife and began cutting the pancakes into small bits. With the forked he gently stabs the small slice of pancake and bought it too his mouth taking slow and gentle chews.
Man this is going to take at least an hour he thought and let the smallest unnoticeable sigh out, or at least he thought was unnoticeable.
“It’s not good to sigh” a sound came form across the table; he looked up and saw his step father staring at him.
“Sorry Father” Thomas said. His father returned too eating breakfast. He saw a figure sat to the chair next to him. He turned his head a bit and saw his step sister.
“Rebecca, shouldn’t you say good morning to your mother, I shouldn’t have to remind you this” their father said.
”Sorry, Good Morning mom” Rebecca said.
“Honestly, your brother has more manners then you”
Rebecca was a bit of a rebellious person, polite and nice, but like him didn’t act rich. Rebecca was the only person out of his new family he really liked, she was three years older then him, and through they were born from different families. She treated him like everyone else, with the same kindness and love. After breakfast was finished, almost a full hours later, his father and mother left for work and all that was left in the house were the servants, Thomas and Rebecca.
”Come on hurry up, we’re going to be late slowpoke” Rebecca shouted. Thomas rushed down the stairs, his bag flying behind him.
“Sorry” Thomas said, taking a few seconds to regain his breath.
“Jeez you’re really out of shape, you have to get out more often instead of being cooped up in the house all the time” Rebecca said.
They both walked out the huge wooden doors and got into the limousine. The driver set course, firstly to Rebecca’s school, since it was the closest. It pulled up onto the huge buildings which was Rebecca’s school. From afar you would think the school was a small city or town. Of course it was a private school, and of course a place where rich adults send there children.
“Cya later” Rebecca said and left the car.
The car pulled away from the school and travelled down near the central of the city. His school was a public one, but a place where let’s say average income earners couldn’t afford to send their child there. Of course it wasn’t a school full of rich students, just those in between.
“Shall I drop you off at the entrance Master, or shall I drop you a few blocks away…. As usual” The driver said.
“As usual” Thomas said.
“As you wish” the driver said and pulled over on the street. As he exited, he attracted a few eyes. He didn’t blame them, why would a limousine drop off in the middle of the street, with this smilingly normal kid. School was as usual, it seemed more like a routine everyday. Nothing ever really changed, there was work, work, and work oh and more work. He had a few friends, but none of them knew of his other identity, too them he was just a normal kid, attending a normal school, living a normal life. When in fact it was the complete opposite, besides going too a normal school part. When school ended he went a usual, instead of being drive back like his parents wanted, he took the public bus. Of course his parents were not aware of this, but had managed to convince the driver otherwise. But before he even got the chance too exit a school, a man approached him. He wasn’t part of the school, he was much too old to be a student, and wasn’t wearing anything that symbolized him as a teacher.
“Kid, your name Thomas Red?” the man said.
“Yes” Thomas said, a bit hesitant.
“Good, kid I have a proposition for you. Care to hear me out?” the man said.
“What kind of proposition?” Thomas questioned him.
“I can’t tell you here, if you want, come to the roof of the school at exactly midnight, only then can I explain” the man said turned his back and left. By this stage Thomas was curious, and often curiosity got the best of him. Part of him said not to go, but another part did and almost always, the part that wanted to go, weighed more then the one wanting to stay. So he went home, on the bus as always, once he got home, Rebecca was already home, he said nothing to her. The less anyone knew about this, the less chances of him getting caught. Of course he was breaking rules; going out in the middle of the night would give his parents the craziest of thoughts. Criminal activity being on the top of the list, so when it came midnight, he had to be especially careful.