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~~Wigglytuff's Guild~~

[The guild members have all gone off to bed. Al and Adam are speaking with Elebi.]
Elebi: I guess I have the power to heal injury, whereas Chris has a more destructive power.
Al: Wow, that's awesome!
Adam: I still can't believe how easily we were knocked around by that Nightmare...
Elebi: Like I said, Darkness is no average evil... It's the most sinister, most powerful, and most central evil that exists.
Al: That is something to keep in mind... When I ever come face to face with trouble, I'll think that there is always greater trouble.
Elebi: There you go! Think of it that way!
Al: Elicia...?
Elebi:Yes Al?
Al: ...Thank you, really... You helped us out so much.
Elebi: Of course. The two of you have a bright future. You don't deserve to be pushed around by Naught. Tomorrow, we'll show those Nightmares not to mess with this world!
Al & Adam: Alright!
[The three of them agree happily. They decide to call it a night...]
Al: Hey, Elicia. If you have nowhere to go, why not spend the night here?
Elebi: You don't mind?
Al: Of course not!
Elebi: Well, okay! Thanks you two!
[With that settled, Elebi would be sleeping over at Wigglytuff's Guild...]
~~Treasure Town~~{Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD/T/S.}
[Lucario, Equinox, Shadow, and Cream have found a place to sleep for the night, however they will be keeping a vigilant eye on the town.]
Lucario: Hmm...
Cream: What's wrong, Lucario?
Lucario: I am wondering if Skyelord has found out anything about the Nightmares...
Shadow: I suppose we will have to receive the news from Skyelord himself.
Lucario: Indeed. We cannot take our leave of the town now...
Equinox: We could send one to search for him, could we not?
Lucario: Very true, and I would, however... if only I knew of his whereabouts...
Cream: Something tells me he's getting close.
Equinox: What makes you say that?
Cream: Look! [Points in the direction she is staring at, which is at the Crossroads.]
[Everyone looks. They spot a gleam approaching... Soon enough, two figures become detailed enough to the point of recognizance.]
Equinox: Has he returned?
Shadow: Apparently so...
Lucario: Now, who would this unfamiliar face be?
[Skyelord and Jirachi are nearing everyone else.]
Skyelord: Hey everyone. Nice to see you're all still up.
Cream: Nice to see you unharmed!
Skyelord: Naturally! I'd like you all to meet Jirachi here. She's exactly the Pokemon I was hoping to find.
Lucario: Might she be...
Equinox: This girl is an Eclipse.
Jirachi: [Gasps.] Pray tell, are you an Eclipse as well?
Equinox: Correct. [Gestures with names.] Shadow, Cream, and I are from a world known as Mobius, and I am an Eclipse.
Jirachi: Truthfully!? How wonderful, my lust for answers came with the utmost reason...
Shadow: I venture you experienced a strong, celestial feeling that motivated you to seek the source?
Jirachi: I couldn't word it any better.
Lucario: Excellent. Skyelord has guided who we need to Treasure Town.
Skyelord: I am awesome, aren't I?
Cream: Yep!
Lucario: My name is Lucario. I know who you seek. At present, she is absent, tending to the wounds of others.
Jirachi: It's quite alright. I am joyous to know she resides nearby. This ever present feeling remains powerful within my being.
Equinox: At the time being, we are keeping a sharp lookout for any suspicious activity hosted by Darkness.
Jirachi: I will join you, but sadly, I require rest from my lengthy journey.
Skyelord: You can rest up here. We'll watch out for you.
Jirachi: Thank you, truthfully!
[The group continues in conversation. They begin speaking of a plan in case the Nightmares decide to make an unwelcome appearance.]
[Night passes...]
-The next day.-
~~Wigglytuff's Guild~~{Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD/T/S.}
Loudred: [Enters Team Kross's room.] UP AND AT 'EM! IT'S MORNING! [Leaves.]
[The morning call was devastatingly loud to the three, especially to Elebi, who was not used this...]
Al: Ugh... Good morning Adam... and Elicia! [Shakes it off, waking up entirely. The fact that Elicia was with them had broke him free of drowsiness.]
Adam: 'Morning. [He, too, shares the thought.]
Elebi: Mmf... Wh-...What a burst... of...
Al: [Laughing.] Yep, that's how we roll around here!
Elebi: 'Guess I'd better get used to this new stuff... [She sits up and stretches her arms.] Ooh! And this new form.
[About three minutes later, they leave the room and join the briefing that Chatot and Wigglytuff assemble regularly. Everyone recites the guild oath, at least everyone but Elicia.]
Chatot: Very good, everyone! ...Now I must deliver some news to you... Bad news...
Loudred: WHAT is it?
Chatot: We have received word that far northeast from here... In an area known as Treeshroud Forest... Time has stopped.
Everyone: [Shocked.] WHAT!?
[Murmurs of agitation and confusion.]
Elebi: (Time has stopped...? Carbuncle?)
Carbuncle: (I believe it has to do with this world's source of power... the Time Gears... If it is not, well, it is Darkness.)
[Chatot explains to them about a Time Gear being stolen.]
Elebi: (Time Gears...) [Thinks back to Grovyle.] (Oh, that's right! That Grovyle guy said some things about what he was doing, but even then, he was a bit modest... He didn't want me to mention anything about him... Hmm... What should I do?)
Sunflora: It's unthinkable!
Chatot: That's correct. The unthinkable has happened.
[Everyone turns back to Chatot.]
Chatot: We are awaiting further word from officer Magnezone. For now, we will have to continue with our regular guild duties.
Elebi: (Maybe It's best if I don't say anything.)
Chatot: Now everyone, off to work!
Everyone: HOORAY!!
[The guild members disperse into their casual duties.]
Chatot: [Catches Al and Adam.] Ah, you two! Let me give you your assignment for today.
[The two approach Chatot.]
Chatot: Look up jobs on the Job Bulletin Board and Outlaw Notice Board. That will do for today.
[Al and Adam turn to each other and nod.]
Chatot: Well, if you understand, hop to it!
Al: Right away!! [Before he takes off, he remembers Elebi.] Oh, wait... Chatot...
Chatot: Yes?
Al: What about Elicia?
[They turn to Elebi. She waves innocently.]
Chatot: Ah, don't worry about that! I will see to it!
Al: Ok. By Elicia! Let's go Adam.
[The two leave for the upper room.]
Chatot: Elicia?
[She approaches.]
Elebi: Mm-hmm?
Chatot: Your friends are waiting for you outside in town. They have located the second Eclipse and brought her here.
Elebi: Oh, that must have been the strange presence...
Chatot: I would assume so!
Wigglytuff: Chris had what was called the Connection with the Eclipses~! I wonder what it's like for you, too~!
Elebi: It's powerful! It feels inspiring... By the way, have we had any activity with the Nightmares, aside from yesterday's incident?
Wigglytuff: Nope. Eveything is nice and peaceful here~! I can't say the same for Treeshroud Forest...
Chatot: Elicia, forgive me for meddling, but might you know of anyone who would do such a thing to the Time Gears?
Elebi: (Erm...) Um... No, not really...
Chatot: Oh... I see. Maybe it really is a Pokemon from this world then...
Elebi: I can look into this if you like.
Chatot: Oh, heavens no!
Wigglytuff: We couldn't bombard you with missions like that!
Chatot: Yes, yes! You have your priorities to tend to, as we have ours!
Elebi:{/i] (But, when two are one... When Naught can do anything to this world, it's everyone's problem.) Okay. Thanks for letting me stay overnight.
Wigglytuff: Of course, of course~! Anytime~!
Chatot: Stay safe out there!
Elebi: I will, thanks!
[Elebi leaves the guild...]
~~Treasure Town~~{PMD: EoD/T/S}
[Elebi makes her way through Treasure Town, attracting fair greetings from the citizens. Finally, her senses lead her to the group. They were camping out under a group of trees off the main path.]
Elebi: [Greeting the group.] Hey everyone!
Lucario: Good morning, Elicia.
Equinox: You slept well, I presume?
Elebi: Yep! I feel great!
Shadow: That's good. We've heard some bad news around here...
Elebi: Oh, I think I know...
Jirachi: El-Elicia...?
Elebi: [Gasps.] You're... You're the Eclipse!
[They scurry up to each other. Equinox joins in.]
Jirachi: To meet one such as yourself, I am in awe, truthfully!
Elebi: The Connection is so extreme! I feel so correct and whole!
Equinox: We are united, and our power is amplified!
Jirachi: Pray tell, is this feeling the power coursing through me...?
Equinox: Indeed, it is!
Elebi: Now the Nightmares won't stand a chance!
Lucario: Everyone...
[Everyone turns to Lucario.]
Lucario: I would like to announce something that may further our success in this search... As you all know, Skyelord has gone to investigate any apprehensiveness nearby, but I assume he is merely searching for the cause of the new case... The missing Time Gear.
[Shadow, Cream, and Elebi glance at one another.]
Lucario: Equinox... The Alpha Nightmare was banished, correct?
Equinox: That is right. I joined with Adam and Al to defeat it.
Lucario: At that moment, the cruel minions' appearances were put on hold...
Equinox: That must mean the issue lies elsewhere...
Lucario: Yes, and where might that be? ...My best assumption is Mobius...
Cream: Oh no...
Shadow: I get it... We're still Pokemon, yet I heard from you that Mewtwo and Eggman were defeated. That alone should've broken this spell...
Lucario: Precisely correct, Shadow. The spell was not broken, therefore if there is nothing left upon this world aside from its own issues, then we must venture back to Mobius.
[Suddenly, Skyelord returns with a hurried expression.]
Skyelord: Guys, guys, GUYS!!
[Everyone quickly turns to Skyelord.]
Skyelord: I found something that you'll all need to see to believe!! Hurry!! We need to go, now!
[Everyone nods. The large group rushes to the Crossroads of Treasure Town. There, they run into Team Kross.]
Al: Huh? Oh!
Adam: Hey everyone!
Lucario: Adam. Al... It is nice to see you two are well.
Skyelord: I found something I need to show everyone! We need to really haul it, guys!
Shadow: Well then, let's.
Elebi: Good luck with everything, you two. [Winks to them.]
Al: Thanks! You, too! Bye!
[They part...]
[The group reaches a strange terrain just south of the Drenched Bluff... It is some sort of slippery, icy matter that is diamond-hard. It seems to form into a massive cave...]
Lucario: This... was not here...
Skyelord: I know!! I was looking around for any signs of Darkness, and well here you go! I found it!
Shadow: But what exactly is this?
Equinox: This is ice... black ice.
Jirachi: Pray tell, an entire cave of black ice?
Lucario: If that's the case, there must be ice and dark-type Pokemon in there...
Elebi: You guys... I'm getting a strange feeling... Someone powerful is in there waiting for us... This might be a trap.
Skyelord: If it is, I'll bring us all to safety!
Shadow: Let's just take it slowly.
[They decide it is necessary to enter the cave of black ice.]
~~Aphotic Ices~~{Sync 2.}
[The cave is far smaller than anyone anticipated. It is merely a downward slope leading into an abyss. They delve deeper... The slope becomes steeper and steeper, until finally...]
Cream: Hm--[Falls and slides down.] Whaaaa!!!
Shadow: Cre--! Agh, erm--[Trips. He, too, slides down the slope.]
Equinox: No point in this then! [She spreads her legs, one in front, one in back. Equinox slides as if she were riding a snowboard.]
[Elebi and Jirachi are in flight at the moment. Lucario and Skyelord follow behind everyone else. ]
Elebi & Jiarchi: [Turn to eachother and shrug. They drop to the cold ground.] Wheeeee!!!
[A few second later, everyone ends up dog piled on top of each other. They have arrived at the bottom of the Aphotic Ices. It is shaped like an arena... and there is no way back up.]
[Everyone remains still. It is now pitch black.]
Cream: Umm... I'm scared...
Lucario: It is too dark to see at all...
Jirachi: Don't fret! I have the answer to our problems! [Using a special exclusive ability, she brightens the aura surrounding her. Everything is much clearer now... The room is round, and in the center, a creature stands. But it is not a Pokemon nor a Mobian, nor a human or anything else anyone besides Skyelord has seen before already...]
Skyelord: ...I knew something was fishy... [He stands.] You...
[The creature smirks and chuckles.]
[Everyone stands to get a good look.]
Equinox: What is this... Is this some sort of young lion?
[The creature is the dark colored lion Safan from Chris's nightmare. It is Daniel.]
Daniel: Whassup, dimwits? Heh-heh...
To Be Continued...

Daniel was originally named "Danny" in Sync 1. He was cool, too!
He's one of the four Shades also, so he's SPECIAL!
Anyways, 'catch you guys later another time or something.