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Extra Stuff Well, this is just where I dump extra stuff that I think either would clog up my profile or I just want to keep it off to the side. Most of this isn't really important, and most of it is just rambling and random crap that I just decided to type down

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Fanfiction Avis.
these are avis. to my fanfics.! they are the main OC that I made for each story...though I am missing some...

Keyana(aka. Ryan)- She is a normal girl, or really a girl who found out a story she once wrote would be the story she would live. She goes on an adventure with her friends to find her wings and same the universe. She weilds a diamon keyblade called Tiger's Eye.
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Diaey- She is the twin sister of Keyana and also a helper with her sister quest. She likes to be alone and cares a lot about her sister. She has wolf powers.
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Desiree-She is the last of the good dark angels, and the dead Princess's of Dark Angels daughter, which makes her also the Princess Desiree, Queen of the Dark Angels. She has red highlights in her black hair(gaia doesn't have red highlights). In angel mode, she weilds a black sword and silver bow.
RegularUser Image AngelUser Image

Lee-The oldest sister out of the four quads. She is the second mother to the girls, since their mother had died at the hands of the shadow. She act bossy sometimes but is fun loving and sometimes laid back. Her and her younger sister Ray don't get along to well. her She wields a single katana, and her specail ability is the fact that she can raise shields made of engry, then turn it against the enemy.
User Image

Ray-The second child of her mother, and the 'hot-head' of the group. She has a fiece temper, but is able to control it at times. She does have a deep caring side, but rarely shows it to anyone. She weilds kunai most of the time. Her specail ability with her power is that she can create strong weapons of engry (literally weapons made of engry) and animals of engry to fight (animals made of engry).
User Image

Dani- The thrid child in the bunch, and the smartest one of them all. She is very intellangent and often dressed to the looks of someone of high class. She does have a funner side and loves to have some fun. She wields a bo staff with two scythes, one on each end of the staff. Her ability is of that of a mind-reader, and she can use her powers to move objects, with or without her mind.
User Image

Mei- The youngest of the group of girls. She is the bubblest and friendliest of all her sisters. She makes friends really well, and gets along with just about everyone. She loves to have fun. her weapon is a chain with a curved dagger on each end, and her ability is to heal anyone.
User Image

Desiree- She is the sister, not biological, of Remy, aka. Gambit. Gambit and the other X-Men come to her house in the middle of a bayou to ask her for some help. She is eighteen at the present time of the story; with long, full-lenght, black hair; black-colored eyes; and she is a mutant. Her powers include the following abilities: Able to see other's nightmares, able to re-create their worst fears, able to see their deaths, and able to create illusions.
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