It's a virtual prom on gaia where you go inside a room, walk, sit, chat, whatever.. Okay.. stare

Problem is, it's making a big deal about getting a date with strangers(virtually) and also making you buy a dress(or tuxedo), a pair of heels(or shoes.. or clogs...), a handbag, a corsage, and a hairstyle.. and should I mention boxer shorts and lady underwear?

The good thing though, they gave you 40 gaia cash (which made me wish I saved 25 gaia cash.. gonk ).. and... the almost-no-answer-to-every-question quiz.. that wasted my time, but at least there are some laughs at some choices there.. (I got Naive Dandy Fop.... I didn't know what to answer in those questions... -_-)

If you want to know when the prom is, it's on the 28th of May to 3rd of June. rolleyes (It says so right here: )

And yes, I am dressed up. I'm not looking for a date, I just want to go to the prom either alone or with friends.