Welcome to the very first Syncommentary, where characters from the talk about their roles in the Second Blast Legacy Sync. Hooray...
For now, I've got Epathy, Chris, and Elicia, the Three Lunhalos.
User ImageHello Epathy and Chris!

User ImageHey Elicia, or should I say Elebi.

User ImageI have been SO excited lately because of my first steps into Fantasy! It's so cool!

User ImageI bet it is. I'll get to join the fun soon, but for now, I'm back on Earth, working with the remains of Federation Awgo to investigate the apocalypse.

User ImageWhoa! That's crazy! How do suppose you're going to do that...?

User ImageTo be completely honest, I have no idea. Anyway, I haven't been heard of very much. My only significant point so far is when Mr. Emo over there found out that I knew Iphilas Muugen was telling the truth.

User ImageShut up. I'm not emo, I'm just misunderstood... I didn't get how you knew that we weren't real brothers.

User ImageHideaki told me in a vision... I may be the only one who knew, unless Rocese did.

User Image...Rocese... [Sniffle.] He had a tragic accident.

User Image...Oh... The Maelstrom is a killer... I'll avenge him!

User ImageRocese died? What the hell? Seriously?

User ImageIt was really horrible. I was there... Now I'm at the Pokemon World.


User ImageUgh, they should call you Celebemused. I'm your sister! I, too, posses otherworldly abilities! That's why Hideaki let me into Fantasy!

User ImageWhy didn't you tell me? I was there too...

User ImageUh, hello?! You are so impatient that you just left like that! Didn't even bother to double-check the place for Nightmares!

User ImageAh, sheesh... What a mess... I've had the most attention so far, but I really think you and Epathy deserve some more.

User ImageDude, you know you're the main character, right?

User ImageI never understood why.

User Image...Because you're a human... in a family... of furries... And you were the only person from our realm to be allowed into Fantasy during the Ethereal Cross.

User Image...No...The real reason is that the guy who is writing this crap has the same name that I do...

User Image...Wh...What?

User ImageAnd one of his teacher's TA's has my name, except with an "A"...

User ImageWhat in God's bathroom are you two talking about?

User ImageNothing! Never mind!

User ImageAnywayz, right now I'm at what they call Ghostflower Soren, which is the shadow counterpart to normal Soren. Safiri and Kutzu collided due to a chase... A chase after who? Lea and Pryme, to be exact. They caused this whole mess by stealing worldly power. AND now I'm in some random world with some random Ecli--er Emanation with some random Greek goddess.

User ImageCirce? Hera? Athena?

User ImageYeah, Athena. And about the Emanation? Well... He hates me.

User ImageHe hates you? Maybe he secretly admires you!

User ImageElicia?

User ImageYeppies?

User Image [Whispers.] I'm not gay.

User ImageWh--Chris!! I didn'--...Shut up!

User ImageWhile we're on this subject... If anyone like "that" admired you, Chris, who do you think it'd be?

User ImageIunno...[Shrugs.] ...I've seen Kutzu give me some looks.

User ImageThat shouldn't count...

User ImageHey, that's what Ep said, and Kutzu's a guy, soooo...

User ImageDo you like Kutzu?

User ImageHe's a pretty interesting person... Really sweet. Yeah, he and I are close friends, I suppose.

User ImageHow close? So close that you're... touching?

User Image'EY! 'Ey, 'ey, 'ey, 'ey... 'Ey! Take it easy!

User ImageHe-he-he!! Weeeeellllllll, how DO you feel about him!?

User ImageShut UP!! I like Kutzu as a friend, and that's it!! I think if I AM gonna fall in love with anyone, it should be someone of my SPECIES, thank you very much...

User ImageI don't think that'll be easy, because you have a long way to go!

User ImageThat's right, and I've already made my first steps into Darkness. 'Ey, 'ey, 'EY! Tune in soon--

User ImageTune! Soon! Tune Soon! TOO SOON!

User ImageUm... yes! Tune in too soon for the next commentary, but don't think it'll be us. It may be someone different... Someone like... Kutzu.

User ImageSHUT UP!