Life, death, murder its all we see. it surounds us, consumes us. misury, that are life just end mine now throw it away. this pain drives me insane. JUST SHOOT ME!!!!, NOW GET IT OVER WITH DONT TAKE YOUR TIME. the lost hope, lost dreams is there anything here for us in this world. why are we here. whats are perpus? evey, lust, greed, pride, rath, sloth, and glutny the 7 deadly sines can we even go a day without comemitting one. is this it? were born live then die what happens after? dp we really go to heven or hell and if not that then what? are we reborn or do are spirts just wonder this earth looking for some typ of peace. just kill me now so i can end all this pain and siffering and finaly see what the other side has in stroe for thows who pass on.