Gaia Character Journal 5/22

hi its been a while

well AAS (advanced academy of sorcery) is over till next year. also i heard theres a prom...prommagedon coming up. i feel they should have had it during the school year. oh well i took a quiz on liams new little invention and it told me my personlity was a Pretentious Knife Master

also im going very formal/bad boy/ demon this year, like my tux?

this is a new scythe from the last one, instead of being a scythe of deaath, it is a scythe of shadows, also the horse is one of the 4 horse spirits that encompas my shadow and soul, when this one is exposed, my darkness control boosts

im not sure if i should visit the hell prom room for my darkness atribute, or the aquarium prom room for my water magic, oh well, i hope its good

see you next week for the prom