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My Little Dirty Journal

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Chapter 5: Christmas
Katara walked and rubbed her arms as she walked through the snowdowned Leaf Village. She had never experinced such sheer coldness ever scince she left the south pole. She plowed steadily in the snow pushing agaisnt the sharp snowflakes. She rubbed her arms yet again while holding onto a small gift. It had been a two months scince Shikamaru and herself have been involved in a relationship but things did not go past kissing cheek action. The christmas party was at the Nara residence and of course all was invivted.
She came to the door. Her shakey knocked on the door with a small amount of force. Yoshino came to her saviour and let her out of the snow storm. Katara isntantly felt the warmth over her body and the smell of pine.
"Katara my dear please hang your coat and take of your shoes, then you can talk to Shikamaru" Yoshino chirped before returning to her sacred temple kitchen. Katara hung up her white wool coat and took of her heeled sandals and leg warms and put them in a neat pair. She held on to the box she was going to give Shika. She enterd the kitchen tov assist housewife Yoshino.
"Yoshino do oyu think I am good enough?" Katara quickly asked. Yoshino gave her a quesitoning look.
"Of coruse you are dear" Yoshino smiled. "If he doe snot think that then it is his lose he is in the room next door with the rest of the Nara's everyone else shall be arrving soon". Katara, hoping to give her gift to her dearest, however walked in on all similair looking men of all ages playing Shogi. Shika shot her a glance from across the room along with Shikaku. Eeveryone's head eveuntailly turned towards the young bueaty. Katara gulped.
"Well who is this little lady?" A young Nara questioned who was about the same age.
"Whoa, She is a hottie!" Another proclaimed. Kata had no second thoughts as she ran out the room and slammed the door shut. For some unknown reaosn all the Nara's besides Shikaku, Shika and Yoshino left he house. In return their common Konoha friends turned up.
Everyone was sitting in the large dinning room digging into a large feast all by Yoshino herself. Shika seemed to have left the table mysteriously.
"Um, Yoshino may I please ask where your bathroom is?"
"Up stairs to your left" Yoshino winked. Katara walked up stairs. Being a natural accident prone she stumbeld into somthing which was no bathroom. There was a a few clothes on the floor. and a bed by the window. Someone breathing heavily was on the bed. Only in boxers. Her dear Shikamaru. Not only that. In his boxers. Was a bulge. In his sleep! Katara was paralisyed with shock. She suddenly let out a shocking scream which woke up Shika. She ran back stairs with great speed and rejoind Ino's and Sakura's arm wrestle. Minuites later a fully dressed Shikamaru had sat next to Katara. Eeveryone, expcaily Chouji, wer eenjoying them selves. Even Katara and Shika was to. However Katara was on edge. First of all Shikaku kept giving her a some sort of 'hurry up and marry my son' look. Also Shikamaru's hand had not removed form her leg the whole time. Everyoen started exchanging gives. Sakura bought Naruto a notebook as he gave her a new medical kit. Lee gave Sakura a poem and Ino gave her a cherry blossom clip as she gave Ino a violet reverasable clips. Katara was nto fussed by gifts but Shika had nto even lanced at her. she sighed until she felt arms aorund her waist.
"Merry Christmas honey" Shikamaru handed her a small thin package. She opened the case to find a very sparkling blue sapphire necklace. Katara gasped at such thought. She hugged Shikamaru real tight.
"I do not think my gift can compare but here" She gave Shikamaru a small package. When oppend it appeared to be a portapol Shogi set. Shikamaru looked up to mislletoe above their heads. Katara also noticed and blushed. Shikamaru wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her gently on the lips.

Katara Christmas Look.

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