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this is where i make up good storys .. to entertain people. If you enjoy this story, spread the joy and tell you friends. ~ To start reading from part 1.... Pick a story and find the word archive click it.~. I'm sure you know what to do next.
um... What part is this? I lost count.
I was the first one at the table, with my fork and knife in hand. I bang the bottoms of the eating utencils yelling, "give me me food! I demand food!" The boys pull out chairs, all the while giving me a weird look.

Breaking my chanting, Ryou said,"calm down lina. Geez."
"don't tell me to calm down! I haven't eating in days, because of you guys!"
"no one said you had to participate. And plus we were helping you!"
"well I didn't exactly have a choice now did I ?"
"w--" before he could continue to argue back I threw the fork at his neck.
"do you have anything else to say...?" my glare was as sharp as a dagger.
"No ma'am.....". I raise the knife in the air. " I can't hear you!"
"N-no ma'am!!" (mwha! I finally got him scared! It was always the other way around!) i can feel two.... Blue eyes staring at me. I slowly turn my head to Riku and say, "you got something to say? Buddy o pal of mine..."

My brother gave me sharp eye contact. "don't try that with me." The tone he used.... It sent shivers down my spine.
"uh, y-yes. Yes .sir I'm sorry." He leaned back in his chair with a dark expression, a big black tuff of hair in his face. "I'll show you who's boss around here." he said. (whoa! Perssonality change between Ryou and Riku). I cower in my seat.

"so, who's making dinner tonight?" Riku said. I guess he was in a bad mood or somthing. I hope he doesn't get in a bad mood often. Naomi floats in and goes to the cabnet. She pulls out bowls and plates, and the sliver utencils. Then places them on the table in front of us. // So, what cha making?// she didn't say anything that answered my question.

Then ryou said,"I didnt know she could cook." She puts water in a kettle pot thing. Starring into space, she went into the pantry again and got the noodles. It was covered in plastic wrap. But.. She was having trouble pulling it off. Next, she wrestled it to the ground! It made Ryou burst out into laughter. I guess the thought of some one trying to pull plastic off of a box was funny.

She made all these grunting and growling noises. After all the growling, she finally got it off. Then naomi raised her fists in the air, victorious of the previous match. She poured the noodles in the pot and glided to the fridge where she got the juice and poured it into cups.

The noodles were done and in our bowls. And by the time they picked up their forks, I was already on 3rds. sweatdrop from the corner of my eyes I could have sworn that I seen juice pouring motion 5 times from naomi.."you guys better hurry before lina eats it all. I'm not going to make more if she does so...." all fell silent, and a couple jaws dropped open.

Right after she went back to her zombie speak. "Oh, no! Don't you go back to that! I just heard you speak normal!" They screamed in unison. "aaa?" she gave them aquedtionable moan. Naomi fixed herself some noodles and poured it into her mouth. Moments later she spit it out all over the table. Then she gulped down the juice and spat that out too.
She fell to the ground clutching her stomach. "it's soo, BITTER!!!!!!! I'm DIEINGG! ARGGG!!!!!" she yelled. I couldn't help but to laugh. // Thats not very nice.// the dieing girl sat up. Still clutching her stomach. Then stood up(she was finally on the ground) she stood up in front of me. then my laughs were muffle by kiss, placed gentally on the lips. I was embarresed and shocked. I didn't try to get too into the kiss. And The only thing the boys did was stare with excitment. Kinda creepy if you ask me. She stopped.

// well that's better.// she giggled. But.... This was not..... I spoke up saying "i...I'm gonna go to bed." while I was yawning I stretched out my arms. I gave Ryou a good night kiss and went on. I took my shower and put on my pajamas. And turned in for the night.

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commentCommented on: Sun May 31, 2009 @ 02:36am
wow it's so long momo i didn't even read it eek eek exclaim exclaim stressed

commentCommented on: Tue Jun 02, 2009 @ 01:12am
yea its so loong i didnt read it
try putting pictures or smaller paragraphs to keep the average person's attention
we ppl the americans of today have too much entertainment now a days

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