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Surens Dark Corner
Rated M For Mature audiences only. Enter only if cussing doesn't affect you in the slightest.
User Image Destiny through Vengeance

It started one night without warning. Undead swarmed en mass towards a small unsuspecting village. It was wiped out, no one knew it was gone for a while. Messengers that went to the village never returned leaving those who hadn't been attacked wondering. Soon enough it happened again, the undead swarmed another town, the army growing stronger with each battle. Women, children, men, all rose from the dirt to fight the living.

Soon it got to the point that the king sent investigators out to ask what had happened to the outlying villages. All but one failed to return. The messenger bore a warning that the undead were marching, destroying village by village. He also brought back another message, the undead were being controlled. They could run, not shambling like normal necromantic undead. The king sent out forces to battle the undead, expeditionary, guardian forces for the towns. All fell. The undead now had weapons to fight with, spells to cast and powerful necromancers in their ranks. It came to the point that the King had no choice. He withdrew his army, fortifying his castle and leaving outlying villages to the wind...

Our story begins on a particular night, where the village Triumvate was being assaulted...

Reverin Yterin fled from the undead forces that had given chase. He had ran into a nearby forest, smoke filled the night sky overhead blocking any stars from being seen. It knocked his sense of direction out immediately, he was no longer able to find the North Star. He was already losing breath but fear propelled him faster. Sweat poured down his face, screams lighting up the night, only adding fuel to the fire. He had seen several others flee the village as well, but someone had made the foolish decision of suggesting that they split up.

In truth, it wouldn't help, the undead had their necromancers, watching all that attempted to escape, even Reverin was being watched at this very moment. He heard the horrible cries of the undead behind him, weapons ready to run him through, add him to their army. Those of especially good talent on the battlefield were re-raised stronger, more agile, given command over their undead brethren. Reverin wasn't going to let them have another soldier, least of all himself.

He nimbly dodged over bushes, branches and fallen logs with grace, free running had been a hobby of his. Eventually he saw his possible source of escape. The mines. It might be deep enough to conceal him from necromantic sight and enough like a labyrinth to help him lose the undead. He tossed a look over his shoulder and saw that his path had not deterred his pursuers at all, in fact, they seemed to be getting close. Another scream lit up the night, one of the others that had tried escaping had been caught... He took a deep breath, almost choking as he ran into the mine, following a random pattern until finally he came to a dead-end... He had nearly fallen into it, a large hole in the middle of the mines. This was it, he heard his pursuers coming up behind him.

Reverin looked for any weapons he could find, a pick-axe, a sharp rock, anything. Nothing, the rocks were brittle in this section of the mine and the gems had been picked clean. Workers weren't lazy and brought their tools home with them except... Yes! Reverin had spotted dynamite near one corner of the wall. The screams of the undead drew closer. But he wouldn't let them have him, no sir... He grabbed a nearby torch that helped light up the mines and set the fuse aflame. He looked towards his the hole, seeing his pursuers. He had one choice that might lead to his survival...

One of the undead got close, swinging it's blade down towards Reverin, but Reverin jumped backwards down the hole in the mine, darkness quickly consuming him as he plummeted down it's depths. The explosion occurred seconds after his drop, unfortunately for him this sent a particularly large rock plummeting towards him. The rock collided point blank with his head, knocking him into unconsciousness...


Reverin awoke, water splashing at his face, the hole seemed to drop into a large lake at the bottom of the mines. He took a deep breath, immediately starting to cough up some water that had worked it's way into his lungs. He began to take slow, deep breaths as he pulled himself up onto the shore of the lake. He looked up then, hearing a quiet muttering. He saw someone there, a man, an old one at that. His eyes darted left and right, his body curled up into a ball against the wall. Amazingly, in this part of the mine it was as bright as day, gems lit up the area, they were of many different colors and shapes, though most were bigger then a grown man. That was when he felt it, the tug at his very soul. Something in this cavern was calling too him, he began to hear voices in his head, muttering to him, though it was too quiet to hear.

He decided to ignore the old man, who seemed more preoccupied with jumping at whatever moved in the area, including Reverin. Instead, he moved towards the mysterious muttering. The deeper he moved into the caverns, the louder it became. It was then that he saw it, the source of the muttering. Floating above the altar he saw a blade, black from the hilt to the tip with a large purple gem embedded in the hilt. A part of him told him not to go closer, but it was soon blocked out by a voice in his head.

"What is your desire?"

Reverin seemed unsure of what to do, but soon the voice repeated itself. "I want... I want revenge, on whoever is wreaking this havoc and destruction in our kingdom. I want whoever is responsible for this, to pay with his own life." the muttering began to grow louder, but still no words could be discerned, until finally he heard it.

"Wield me vengeance-seeker. Your wish shall be granted..."

Reverin moved unsure towards the altar, though something inside him steeled him for what he was about to do. He stepped up onto the altar and grabbed the hilt of the blade. Nothing happened at first, but then the blade seemed to get a mind of it's own, slashing a hole through space open right in front of Reverin. Something flew out of the hole, knocking Reverin off the altar, the blade still clutched in his hand. What he had failed to read was the inscription on the altar...

'Destiny through vengeance sought... Corruption by power wrought.

((You will continue as the thing that flew out of the portal... Would prefer something that can actually kick a**? XD))

There's Only One Problem...

"December 20, 2012. Time was twelve hundred."

"My name is Gregory Sythen. It had been the night that changed the lives of everyone on earth. Suddenly it no longer mattered who had the most money, who was the sexiest woman or man alive, what happened to that one b***h on Desperate Housewives. It all started rather quickly, people started dropping like flies all around the place. There was no telling who was going to die next, there were no symptoms, no preventing it, anything. Christians proclaimed it was Jesus' second coming and the worthy were being brought to heaven. Those who knew better fortified whatever hole they could find, stocking them with food, water, ammunition and weapons. Others simply fled, going as far away from civilization as they could in an attempt to save themselves from the mass destruction."

"I was in Massachussets at the time. It was terrible. People killed each other to get food, water and personal pleasures. I had been trying to get me and my little brother out of the city at the time. His name was Trey. The first thing we did was attempt what everyone was going to do, go by car out of the city. In theory it was the fastest way out but roadblocks occurred, people died in their cars. Pretty soon there wasn't any way out except by foot. I took Trey and we started walking, carrying what we could in his school backpack. We were nearing the exit when it happened. We saw the people who had died just... rise up. Like they had never been dead in the first place. Trey, god bless him, his first instinct was to go see if they were alright. I held onto him though."

"I had to cover his eyes and told him to plug his ears as soon as I saw it happen. The dead weren't on our side anymore. They had become slow, lumbering creatures like zombies. The kind you'd see in that Dawn of The Dead movie. I picked him up and ran out of Massachussets. We eventually managed to find an empty vehicle at the end of the roadblock. I didn't bother to ask what had happened to the driver. We took the vehicle and drove as far away from the madness as possible..."

"It is now February 2nd, 0734, 2013. If you're listening to this right now. Chances are you're one of the only one's left. Trey is gone. I had to listen to him scream as the zombies tore him apart. It still haunts me to this very moment. Now listen, stay away from heavily populated areas, from government safe-houses. The zombies are attracted to them like flies. It's as if we give off some sort of beacon to them that draws them too us. The more of us that gather in a place, the stronger it is. My advice is to keep moving, alone. You'll be harder to track and harder to kill. Find safehouses, every nut and their mother had a stock of weapons, ammunition and food in their basement where I went. You've just gotta find it. Chances are, if it's abandoned, the owner isn't going to be able to use it anymore."

"If you're listening to this, know that I'm dead. Not by the zombies. I will shoot myself in the head point blank. It's the zombies only vulnerability. Sever the head, shoot the head. Do whatever you have to do to destroy that spinal cord to render them immobile. But, for the love of our Earth, survive. You are our last hope. I'm sorry I couldn't be here to help you. Good luck."

The tape cut out after that. The two men were in New York City at the time. Both were silent for a moment for the man who had gone through so much just to help his family. The one holding the tape placed it on the hood of the vehicle he had found it on and looked at his partner. "Yterin...." the man started to say, shaking his head. "We'll find her Reverin. Don't worry. She'll be fine." Yterin said as he patted his friend on the shoulder. Reverin said nothing. He just placed a hand on the pistol in the holster that was attached to his thigh and started walking slowly along with Yterin.

Both men seemed to be over the age of 18, with numerous weapons strapped to their bodies, ranging from knives to rifles. Reverin carried an old Mosin-nagant weapon with a bayonet attached, a M9 Beretta on his hip, as well as a combat knife strapped to his chest. Yterin on the other hand, carried a G36C rifle in his hands, a desert eagle in a holster on his thigh and ammo enough to survive a world war strapped around him. A fireaxe was slung across his back using a makeshift sling out of rope. Both men seemed to be tired and as the day wore on, the sun setting over the horizon of the city, they stopped for a moment to rest.

That was, until Reverin saw movement. "Sera?!" with a start, Reverin was on his feet. Without another thought or second, Reverin was running down the hallway that he had seen the little girl run down. Yterin barely had time to react before Reverin ran into a building with his pistol out. "Dammit! Reverin don't go off!" Yterin yelled out, rushing into the building after him. The abandoned apartment building was eerily quiet and dark. No lights remained on and the light switches were broken. Luckily, both men had come prepared. Reverin had attached a flashlight to his pistol which he flicked on. Yterin had one attached to his assault rifle which he also turned on. Light flooded the check-in room of the apartment building. But no one was around.

For his efforts, Reverin was awarded with a swift slap to the back of the head. "Don't do stupid s**t like that! You're going to get yourself killed!" Reverin took the hit, but didn't stop staring at a particular spot in the check-in area. He raised his flashlight to see a mostly clean leg sticking out from behind the counter. "Come out of there." Reverin said loud enough for whoever it was to hear. Not receiving a response he slowly moved around the counter to see a girl there. His heart leapt for a moment but it was quick to realize that it was not Sera. Whoever it was looked much older than Sera did. "Think she's infected?" Yterin asked as Reverin knelt down, keeping his pistol trained on the girl's head. Just in case she was and started moving. "... She's not bitten, breathing normally. No wounds on her at all. She's not infected." Reverin said finally. He reached down and picked the girl up gently around the waist.

He then set her up on the check-in counter after Yterin had cleared some of the debris off of it for her. "It's a wonder she's still alive." Yterin said as Reverin continued to check her for any wounds she might have. "Yeah... You'd think the dead would have found her by now." Reverin said as he looked around the lobby. In fact, there hadn't been many zombies in this area since they had entered. Just what was going on here? New York City was a high population area, it should be crawling with the damned things. "I've got an itch." Yterin suddenly announced, Reverin nodded and pulled out his pistol once more, covering the areas that Yterin couldn't. Whenever Yterin had an itch, it was a good idea to be on your guard as it usually indicated something was about to happen.

There was a moment of silence, then all hell broke loose. A door flew open on one side of the hall, then the other. The room soon became flooded with the dead. Bullets flew and dead dropped, other's took their place. "There's too many!" Yterin shouted. He began to move for the door and Reverin was about to do the same. But he made a grab for the girl instead.

That was when hell's mother broke loose, with a vengeance. The girl suddenly moved upwards into the air, as if she was a puppet. Reverin began stepping backwards, forgetting about the dead for a moment. The dead had stopped, as if the girl's awakening had forced it upon them. "Yterin..." Reverin started. "This isn't good." Yterin responded, Reverin looked behind them. The entrance was covered by the dead, hundreds of them. They were surrounded. Not only by them, but by the strange girl in front of them. The girl's eyes had remained shut for the moment, but suddenly they were opened. Her gaze drifted to Yterin before a grin appeared on her face.

Though her mouth never moved, words were head. I know you... It could have been heard for miles had anyone been around to hear it. "Yterin!" Reverin called out, Yterin turned slowly to face the girl, raising his weapon...

It was the last mistake he'd ever make. A sort of portal opened up beneath him, a swirling mass of darkness that grabbed him by the legs and pulled him downwards. "Yterin!" Reverin screamed, both looked each other in the eyes as Yterin began to fall into the hole. Reverin managed a frantic grab at Yterin, grabbing the fireaxe that was strapped to his back. He began to pull frantically, grabbing Yterin's hand with his free hand. With all his might he pulled, but it was not enough. Whatever dark force wanted him, would have him. The strap on the fireaxe snapped off and Reverin flew backwards, landing on the ground. He scrambled to his feet then. "YTERIN!!!!" he screamed, making a dive for the hole, but it shut before him.

He turned to the girl then, fury and hate burning in his heart. Reverin charged then, forgetting the fact that he had ranged weapons at his disposal and what had happened to Yterin when he even moved his weapon towards the girl. He swung the axe hard at the girls neck in an attempt to lop it off in one clean strike. But it would not happen, the axe stopped short of the girls neck. I'll see you later, Reverin. The voice said again. She raised her hand and he felt a pressure on his chest that would not be ignored. He became encased in a sphere of light and flew backwards out of the hotel into the crowd of zombies, knocking them aside as if they were bowling pins. It was all over when he blacked out suddenly.

When he awoke, he was no longer in New York City, but instead at the city limits of a city called 'Manhattan.' He still had all of his appropriate gear with him, the fireaxe clutched in his hand. It was dark outside, indicating it was late at night. He had awoken in the back of a delivery truck, the hatch closed. How he had gotten there he didn't know. But he heard rapid movement on the other side of the door, followed by gunshots. He felt his adrenaline pump and got to his feet, he lifted the hatch up and rushed outside into the sea of cars that lined the road. A short distance away he saw some girl making her way through the vehicles whilst shooting at the zombies. Even though she was doing a pretty good job, he could see that with her attention so fixated on the ones behind her, she hadn't noticed the few that had gathered in front of her.

He pulled the rifle off his back then and leveled it. He took three quick shots as fast as he could. All three found their mark and the zombies she had nearly ran into dropped too the ground. "Hey! Over here!" he called out, waving his hand frantically in an attempt to get her attention. He saw her look his way for a moment before returning her attention to the ones following her. With a growl, he leveled his rifle once more. No doubt the girl would just keep on running leaving him alone. He then paused for a moment, feeling a deep wave of sadness pass over him. Yterin would have never left him alone. Yterin was really gone...

He snapped out of it for long enough to start firing once more, attempting to give the girl cover as she ran.

Gag roleplay

Girls Trapped in a Forest, Guys Kill or Save them thread roleplay

It was a boring day in the thread. The whores and the cybering faggots were in short supply for flaming. Starters were being posted that no one ever responded too. Lurker's were lurking and there were only a few people actually roleplaying or talking in the thread.

One such talker was Suren-kun, man of many words, especially those that involved violence. It was another day, another fight for him. This time with some guy who thought he was from space and was dropping artillery shells on him. But Suren wouldn't have any of that nonsense.

He typed an epic post of dodging it while sending thousands of darkness soldiers after him and boy was it epic. It involved creatures of legend and weapons, who doesn't like that? But little did he know, today would be the day that changed his life forever. Today, a new person would join the thread, one that would change his violent ways forever...


"I will not bow"

He was hidden in the crowd of screaming fanatics. This kingdom's ruler was very popular with his people. They were all wealthy because of shady black market dealings he did. Though of course this was hidden from the public's eye. In their eye he was naught but a king ruler who defended them from the neighboring kingdom, a kingdom that didn't actually exist. Today, he would bring him down, during the crowning of the new ruler, his daughter.

The King had taught his daughter everything he had done, everything he had known. He knew she would follow in his footsteps. The crowd chanted his name as he grinned out towards them,d ressed in the finest robes of red and gold. He nodded to the nearby royal commentator who cleared his throat and said, in a loud booming voice: "Silence! King Keller wishes to speak!"

Instantly the crowd was silent. The King cleared his throat then, turned to smile at his lovely daughter then faced the crowd and began to speak. The crowd all bowed, except for one man, dressed in black with a blade sticking out of his robe, a mask concealed his face, one in the form of a fox. The King's eyes widened in surprise as the man leapt the short distance to the stage, closing the distance between the pair in a split second.

His revenge was not to happen though. The royal guards were instantly there at his defense. One knocked the hidden blade away with a swipe of his sword, the other punched the assassin in the face and grabbed his arm. The other guard did the same and held a blade to the assassin's throat. They turned the assassin to face the king, who was grinning now. "You thought we didn't know about your little plot didn't you? Such a fool." King Keller said, with a dismissing wave of his hand.

"I bring you prosperity! And you all send this man to kill me!" The king announced. The crowd was looking up now, muttering amongst themselves at the man who had attempted to kill the man who was in their minds, their savior. The assassin was still disoriented, his lip numb, unable to speak coherently. What came out was naught but a string of words that not even his closest friend would be able to decipher.

"He is not one of us my Lord!" a cry came from the crowd. "Not one of you? How am I to know this?" the king asked in retaliation, the assassin slumped in the guards grip, his head hanging low. "We would never hurt the king who has brought us nothing but happiness my lord! He must be from Herth! Our rival kingdom! They hate our prosperity and wish it for their own!" came the cry again, which was followed by the general sound of assent to the man's words.

The King nodded, rubbing his chin thoughtfully and grinned. "Then we shall unmask and behead the man here!" the king called out. His command was met with a chorus of applause and cheers from the crowd. It was too be a good day for the citizens of this country indeed. Their king would continue to deceive them and lie to them, not telling them the wealth they had was blood money...

The King reached forward and took the mask off of the assassin, another guard pulled the hood back. A young man stared defiantly back at the king then, the king looked surprised for a moment at the hatred shining in the boys eyes. He seemed uncertain of killing him for a moment. "Bow before your king!" the king demanded as the assassin managed to get one foot planted firmly on the ground. The guards tensed their grip as he stood up straight.

"No..." came the reply. The young man's blood red eyes flared for a moment...

((What happens next? Does the assassin get help from someone? Does the princess ask for him to be spared? o.o Who knows.))

((A celebration of Suren-kuns defeat of the Tigrex!

A Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Unite based rp))

The New Frontier

User Image"He's dead, there's no way he could have survived." one novice hunter said to another, his great sword lying against the table right next to him. Two other weapons sat there as well. "He should have listened to us... You heard what that expert hunter said. The Tigrex was so fierce that it made him give up hunting. What could make a man that tough lose his will to fight? He only wounded it no less!" Another novice hunter turned to his companion and nodded, his heavy bowgun rested against the same table his companions did. "... We should have gone with him."

"And what good would that have done?!" the first yelled, banging his fist down on the table causing all three drinks on the table to jump up and spill some of it's contents. "We would all be dead rather then just one of us! He's a fool! The promise of fame and glory got too his head!" The third, the owner of a rather large lance sighed and looked down. It seemed that the first hunter was the only one who didn't seem to outwardly express his regret at not going. At receiving no response, the first hunter sighed and set his head down on the table. At that very moment the trio heard joyous shouts in the streets outside the gathering hall and all three lifted their heads in unison.

"... It can't be."


"... How?"

The three grabbed their weapons and headed outside immediately. Shock and awe expressed on their faces as a large cart with a rather large, dead, Tigrex strapped too it was rolled by. Slowly making his way alongside it was Suren, dressed in his Rathian armor with his longsword strapped across his back. Trotting along behind him was a Felyne, in a green helmet and plate armor, a small hammer in it's right hand, a victor as well. A glance over at the trio told them what Suren was going to say. That they were cowards and he was no longer going to work with them.

Days later...

"Thank you Ma'am." Suren said as he picked up his new fitted Tigrex plate armor from the blacksmith. Who gave him a sort of salute with a smile as Suren picked it up. Suren, with some effort, returned the gesture. About thirty minutes later, Suren sat in the gathering hall with his Felyne companion was looking at the map the village chief had provided the pair. "Brian, I know we have conquered tough beasts together, but we might want to get at least one other partner to go with us on this one." Suren said, shaking his head and sighing as he eyed the map.

It was too the location known as "The Tower." At the top was rumored to be a legendary dragon. Lunastra, the dragon of sapphire flames. The guild wanted them to perform a reconnaissance mission, to the top to confirm these rumors. No novice hunter went to the tower and returned. So obviously the guild thought very highly of him. "There must be someone around here! Nyaa!" Brian, his felyne companion said, waving his hammer around like a toy. "No doubt, but not just anyone, someone with some skill would be preferred Brian. Go look will you?" he asked, giving the felyne a reassuring smile. For the moment, his terrifying helm sat on the table beside him, it got rather hot in the armor after all.

With a jump, the felyne "nyaa'd" his approval and jumped off the bench, in search of powerful hunters...

The Sons of Valyncia.

It was a dark day for mankind. New York had been overrun by men with powers, powers that were unique to each individual. Worse yet, no one could stop them. So in a desperate attempt to seal off what the United States government called a 'contamination.' The entire state of New York was blocked off from the rest of the world with helicopters, tanks and artillery shells. No one could no longer leave New York, even if they had nothing to do with it... So was the case of a father and his son, holed up in their apartment building. Father stared out over the city as it began to become overrun with crime, murder was happening in the streets. With a sigh he turned to his eight year old son and kneeled down to look him in the eyes.

"John... I have to go. I won't be coming back." he started to say but was cut off by a hug from his son, who didn't want to let go. With a sad sigh the father forced his son to let go of him and looked him in the eyes once more. "There's a chance we can stop this... To get you to your mother." he said slowly. John looked down and away from his father, tears forming in his eyes. His father stood up and left the room, leaving his son alone...

Ten years later...

"Get him!" a voice yelled as a man burst through a door onto the roof of a building. A blast of steaming hot water hit the wall just above his head as he dove to the side. It was John and he heard footsteps coming up the stairs after him. Jumping up and grabbing onto the ceiling of the stairs, he swung around and put his feet straight out. His feet slammed into the first man almost up the stairs and sent him tumbling back downstairs, taking the rest of his crew with him. It wasn't a long drop though and they were already getting back up. Letting go John began running again, his legs sore, his breath coming in short spurts as he reached the edge of the rooftop. With a grunt and a leap he leapt the gap from one building to another and landed in a roll, continuing his frantic sprint towards the next building as the henchmen from before continued to give chase.

John's father had failed. They had publicly executed him the next day. There was nothing John could have done to save him... Now John had only one hope. Figure out what his father had found that could lead to the destruction of the leading superpower in what was once known as New York. High Leader Treath was using his power to do something to plan an attack on the rest of the United States, but no one knew exactly what. Revenge would be sweet however...

But to do that he'd need help... He leapt from the building he was on, down a slight drop to the next one and a harder landing then the first. The henchmen had just landed on the second roof and were running to the third. John looked up and saw men get up from behind concealed positions and move closer too him...

The lead henchmen, a man named Ryuk ran towards the edge of the building and stopped, looking down. Down below was the man he had been ordered to chase, but this time there was a lot more men with trash bags over their heads.

And each one of them had a gun pointed at him. When the lead was let loose, each and every one of the remaining henchmen was killed before they could react. When the group below saw no movement, one of the men standing next to John lowered his trash bag hood, revealing a face that was far too young to be fighting a war. "John, did you find anything?" the little girl asked, reloading the old Mosin-nagant rifle she was carrying. Another stepped closer, leaving his trash bag hood up. "When will we start calling Valyncia New York again?" John shook his head and sighed as everyone started doing partner reloads, so even if they were attacked, someone would be able to fire back. "Don't worry." he said as he patted the girl on the shoulder. His rag-tag group of warriors was made up of orphans, orphans that were made because of the crime that ran unchecked throughout the streets.

"We're the Sons of Valyncia... We'll find a way."


March 20th, 2000...

A little boy was wandering in the garden outside of a large mansion, many large, beautiful plants adorned every hedge, bringing life to the garden. However even with the beautiful scenery, it was still a dark day. John Reten, age ten, had been kidnapped and returned, but with something more then he left with... The earth itself seemed to recognize the tragedy that would soon befall it, clouds overhead darkened in sorrow as the boy spotted who he was looking for. Messy brown hair seemed to bounce slightly as he walked over towards a girl, sitting by herself in the garden. She seemed to be older then him by at least five years. "Risa..." the boy said finally, having approached her from behind.

The girl ignored him, not even turning to look at him to acknowledge his very existence. The boy fidgeted lightly, clasping his hands together tight behind his back as he looked towards the ground, sadness in his eyes. "Risa..." he said again, a little louder this time in what he hoped would cause her to speak to him. Still no answer, the childs heart weighed heavy upon him as he looked up towards the object of his affection for so many years.

"I love you..." he whispered quietly. The reaction was immediate, the girl snapped towards him, anger and hatred shining in her eyes as she opened her mouth to yell at him. "You stupid freak!"

The boy flinched as if he had been slapped rather then yelled at. Tears shone in his eyes as he looked back down. "You're infected and we all know it! Russia has been in the dark for four years now and you have what they caught! You're going to kill us all you ******** freak!" the girl screamed at him, standing up to face him. The boy said nothing for a long moment, his body shaking with silent sobs as he let his arms hang loose at his sides. "I-I'm not infected." he managed to get out, which only caused the girl to groan in annoyance, rolling her eyes.

"I-I just want a hug... please?" the boy asked, looking hopeful for a brief moment. "You won't get infected... I promise." he said slowly. Not getting any response he took a step forward. His reward was nothing like he had hoped. Risa swung a metal pipe at his head, catching him by surprise. Before he knew it he had blacked out.

Many hours later...

Night had overtaken the land as John Reten awoke finally, pain throbbing in his skull and blood covering the ground beneath him. No one was around. He didn't want to get up, he didn't want to move, all he felt like doing was crying... So he did.

March 20, 2009...

The boy was nineteen now, a grown man with messy brown hair and adoring, loving, matching eyes. The clothes he wore were that of an elegant attire. Business suits and tuxedo's... though must were now covered in blood. Tonight he dragged the latest victim out of the garden, his parents had abandoned him, noticing the changes going on during his teenage years. He lived alone in the mansion of the town that nobody went too. Each day he felt the memory of the last time he saw the girl he loved replay in his head as creatures darted from shadow to shadow, never harming him, only watching him. The memory still brought tears to his eyes this day...

((Pm to continue, try to save him from the infection or kill him to ensure the nations survival? Your choice.))

Welcome to Purgatory

With a gasp he awoke, pain filling every inch of his body as he attempted to move up onto his feet. His legs threatened to give out once he got up onto one knee and paused for a moment to regain some of his strength. The pain was good, it told him he was at least still alive. But when he got up, what he saw wasn't the same place he had last been in, in fact, it was a graveyard. That was odd, he had been in a car crash just moments before he passed out. How did he get here?

With a cry of pain and agony he pushed himself to his feet using the help of a nearby gravestone. A fine mist has settled on the ground, obscuring most everything in the graveyard, but even then he could see the large dark figure moving towards him through the mist. It looked human, as if it had it's hands in pockets but the shoulders were much to large... as the figure got closer he could see why. An angel was approaching him.

He stumbled backwards, flat onto his a** once more before he started scooting backwards along the ground, agony filling his every movement. An explosion of pain in his chest caused him to shut his eyes for a brief moment and when he reopened them, the angel was in front of him, plain as day, dressed in white and looking down at him with blond hair that seemed to glow in the little light the graveyard seemed to offer. The angel reached out to touch him and all pain left the man, causing him to raise an eyebrow in question.

"Welcome John, we've been expecting you." the angel said to him. For a brief moment the question of how the angel knew his name popped into John's mind, but the answer was obvious shortly enough. "Where am I? Why am I here?"

"Why you're dead and in Purgatory Johnathan."

"Dead? But that pain..."

"This is Purgatory, not heaven. All pain you feel will be real, you can even die here again."

"What happens if I die?"

"You go to hell."

"Well how do I get to heaven?"

"By doing what I tell you..."

So the angel began his explanation. Purgatory had been overrun by hells minions, demons walked it freely and battled amongst each other. Their final goal was to overrun heaven, then take over the world. John was one of many warriors called from earth to fight a war that heaven could not. If they survived their task, they would be allowed into heaven, if they failed, they were sent to hell. John was the latest of many, who would be given the same task. To destroy each of the five generals of hell's army, each ruling over a different domain of hell. Eventually, leading up to Lucifer himself.

"So... where do I find them?" John asked, crossing his arms. He was already dead, he had little choice but to fight for a place in heaven. The angel handed him a sort of map then, with large circles over the areas of purgatory where the demon generals resided. Where exactly they were would be a task he would have to do himself. John sighed, then the sound of ground moving slowly behind him caused him to jump and look behind him. "With what weapons will I kill th-" when he turned back around, the angel had gone. He was alone, without a weapon, in a graveyard filled with god-knows-what.

This was beginning to seem impossible. That was when he heard the ground moving again, this time from all around him. He watched with horror as hands rose from the graves, armored in what seemed to be medievil armor. Just where the hell was he?! One look at the map told him where, he was in the land of Death, realm of the first demon general. Without a weapon.

"s**t." he looked as he realized that hands were rising from everywhere around him. He was surrounded.

((I'd prefer it if you were a demon that wanted to help him but if you want to be somethign else, go ahead. Try to kill him if that makes you feel better n.n; ))

The General, Battlefield, Adventure VS. The Forces of Chaos.

The sky itself darkened over the battlefield, the forces of Chaos and the forces of Order were ready to clash once more over supremacy. The general of the forces of order stood in front of his army, greatsword planted firmly in the ground in front of him, both hands on the hilt as he stared at the incoming waves of Chaos. Terrible creatures of deformed origin, most from the very pits of hell itself howled, baying for blood, but the general seemed strangely calm. The soldiers around were also unusually steady, having a trust in their general who had gave them so many victories before. The battle was taking place in a valley, surrounded by mountains too the east and west with only two entrances. At the exit of one valley was what was once a peaceful village, evacuated in the event of the forces of Order's inability to hold back the enemy.

The general's piercing brown eyes gazed didn't break, didn't blink, looking so coldly at the forces of Chaos it was if he was trying to individually choke each soldier he saw. He was dressed from neck to toe in silver armor, no helmet, he found it too hard to see with it on. His dark brown hair was cut to military regulation, short. The greatsword before him was known as "The Sword of Veran." Veran had been a skilled sorcerer in his age and had taken responsibilities as a battlemage during the first war with Chaos. The sword had been imbued and enchanted with most of Veran's abilities.

Drawing his blade out of the ground, the general held it in one hand, off to his side as he turned around to address his men, showing no fear by turning his back too the enemy. "Men! Today is a day meant for the Order! Look above you! The sky itself darkens in preparation for the blood that will be spilled today! You face horrors that would kill children, families, burn down innocent homes and do horrid things too the land that you call home! I implore of you as your leader to dig down inside of you and grasp onto the courage that I know each of you posesses! Fight and push back this evil so that our country will not become one that is home to these monstrosities! For the ORDER MEN!" with that yelled he raised his sword high into the air and his soldiers followed suit, banging spears against armor and cheering.

"TO ARMS MEN!" the general screamed, turning back around and pointing his weapon towards the forces of Chaos. The soldiers lowered the weapon, a cheer that could be heard throughout the valley sounded as the forces of Order charged.

The two forces collided in such a force that caused the ground to tremble in fear. The battle raged, neither side seeming to gain the upper hand. Heroes would appear out of the mist on both sides, champions of their respective regiment. Each would be immediately mauled and would take down several of their foes before being taken down themselves.

Eventually it would come down that the forces of Chaos began retreating, their spirit broken as they trampled the bodies of their fallen and wounded. Order charged after the retreating forces, cutting them down as they ran, unable and unwilling to defend themselves as they ran over a hill. Then a figure appeared at the top, in dark red armor, holding a black greatsword with runes inscribed in the blade. The forces of Order stopped their advance in awe of the giant figure. It was at least as tall as two men.

It pointed it's blade at the General, a duel. The general stepped through his soldiers who were stepping back in order to give the pair room to battle. The battle would be won to whoever won the duel. The pair stood apart from each other, the generals of the battlefield, each raised their own blade and tapped the sides against each other.

What happened next was a blur of motion, blade met blade several times as the duel began. Order's general's blade began to glow red and a particularly powerful blow knocked the Chaos general off balance. The split second was long enough for the Chaos general too lose his head. The body fell too the ground, minus it's head as the forces of Order cheered at their victory. But their general didn't seem so convinced. The body rose from the ground and grabbed it's head, tendrils of darkness linked the two together and the head was reattached.

The Order's general grunted and resumed his battle stance and the blows were exchanged again. This time however, Order lost. The general was knocked too the side, a bloody trail across his chest as he landed far away from his soldiers and stopped moving...

When he awoke again, he found his armor had been taken off as well as most his clothes. A bandage had been wrapped around his wound. Immediate concern for his army arose and he sat up, only too fall back down as pain flared up in his chest. Someone had saved him. He looked too his left and found his armor and weapons near his bedside. Someone had even cleaned the weapons for him.

He wondered about the fate of his army and the town, against that warrior who seemed invincible. He closed his eyes and lasped back into sleep...

Awakening again he heard the sound of someone moving around the house he was in, his hand instinctively went too the hilt of his greatsword, which he surprisingly found the strength too lift in his condition. He waited quietly for whoever would appear.

The War as Old As Time Itself, The One Girl to Make the Choice. Good VS Evil.

Two warriors collided on the battlefield, one bristling with dark energy, the other with light. The classic battle between light and darkness once more began, blows being traded between the weapons that each wielded. Longsword collided with greatsword and the darkness had the upper-hand for a brief moment. The lighter of the pair was sent flying backwards into another soldier by a backhand from the darkness. The light got too his feet, the soldier he had crashed into had died from the impact but he was relatively unharmed. The light warrior shouted something unintelligible and appeared in front of the darkness in a flash, swiftly striking with his right fist as an uppercut, sending the darkness high into the air. Light and Darkness collided in mid-air again, their movements nothing but blurs as the sound of their blades colliding was heard above all else on the battlefield.

The battle would have ended as a draw as many battles before had. Or with one being wounded and escaping, because darkness could not live without light and light created darkness. But divine intervention stopped their duel. One neither saw coming as a light descended from the sky, encasing both in separate orbs. Light was sent further south, Darkness was sent farther north and all soldiers on the battlefield disappeared, ready too appear at their master's bidding at any time.

The legend lived on for thousands of years, of the light warrior and the darkness warrior. That they could only be freed by one God himself deemed worthy of the choice. Would Darkness be allowed free reign over the world? Or would Light restore peace and prosperity?

Too many the story was nothing but fiction, but two groups remained behind, keeping the story alive and searching for the one that could lead too the destruction of the other group.

This is where our story begins.

With the old days of swords and magic long forgotten, new inventions have lead too new, innovative ways to kill. Guns reigned supreme. Blades were only seen as a second-hand weapon and were in fact, laughed upon at times.

It was a cold night, a bit colder then most. Snow covered buildings rooftops and sidewalks and streets, pelting passerby's as they hurried to their destinations. On this night, the chosen one, naught but a girl with only the knowledge of the legend to arm her for what was too come, received an amulet. She found it along the road and took it without knowing what it was. Perhaps she found it 'pretty', perhaps she wished to sell it.

But she wouldn't get the chance, for also on this night, two protectors were alerted. One of light and one of shadow. Good and evil would race too this girl, attempt to woo her too their side, release their hero. But ultimately it would be up too her...

Ghost winced, he felt the shiver go through his very soul. His comrades behind him of darkness origin exchanged looks amongst themselves at their leader's apparent discomfort. "She's walking down the street." was all he said. Earlier that night his group had been sent out too harass the light forces. That plan changed suddenly.

"We have to get too her before the light does, she's probably some goody-two-shoes and if they get too her first it's over." Ghost said as he turned too face his crew. He wore a long black trench coat with messy, long black hair, black boots and similarly colored cargo pants made him look a bit intimidating. Blue eyes flashed in the moonlight as he leapt on top of a nearby building, his crew following him in the darkness...

The light protector, Rain, fled from his pursuers. The rooftop battle was not unusual too him so he felt strangely at ease as bullet's flew around him. He carried a longsword in his left hand, the sheath strapped across his back, a pistol was clenched in his right hand, the holster on his left hip. The world around him was unaware that magic still existed too those who listened quietly and the thought amused him as he jumped from rooftop too rooftop, his pursuers gained on him.

In a heartbeat he did something rash and unexpected.

He leapt off the edge of the skyscraper he was on. The pursuers hesitated for a moment before they followed suit. Rain ran down the side of the building as his pursuers resumed their pursuit. Spinning around he squeezed off two bullets, both finding their marks in the bodies of two darkness bodies. The bodies plummeted past him as the last two darkness soldiers ran on, uninterested in the death of their comrades. They sped up, reaching either side of him and were dispatched easily by the use of Rain's longsword.

Rain landed on the bottom in an alley, a vortex formed around him sending various small objects flying and a dumpster moved slightly. The vortex disappeared as quickly as it came and Rain felt the same shiver that Ghost had felt. "s**t." he muttered as he ran out of the alley, sheathing his weapons at the same time and ran in the direction of the girl.

Card 66

Footsteps echoed down the hallway rapidly, someone was running. The brightly lit hallway seemed to lead the soldier on, deeper inside as he ran. A scream echoed from behind him, his partner no doubt. He had had no choice but too run as horrible as it sounds. The original mission had gone awry. Their spy operation had been found out, three had gone in and now he was the only one left. The only one who knew...

A large black wave of darkness slammed into the wall behind him as he turned the corner. It was fast. He breathed heavy as he ran faster, pushing himself to the very limits to outrun the vast black matter that raced behind him. He slammed into a door at the end of the hallway, forcing it open and shutting it behind him. His movements were quick as he locked the door and heard the resulting slam behind him. The door gave a screech for what felt like a lifetime before it finally held the matter back. The soldier gave a premature sigh of relief.

From behind him, tendrils of darkness grasped at his limbs, causing him to drop his only weapon, an assault rifle. It slowly dragged him towards a machine he had failed too notice in his hasty entrance. It was cylindrical with an opening in the front, wires attached to the side. The opening was big enough to let a human fit inside it's depths. He screamed, thrashed and did all he could to prevent being dragged inside the machine, but too no avail. He was dragged into the machine and it shut behind him. He slammed against the glass as gas filled the chamber, but it wouldn't give. The figure dropped too the ground, not rising.

Three day's later...

"Op 1 is down... 5.... 4... Jesus Suren this isn't going well! We have to pull out! Suren? SUREN!" The voice crackled over his radio as he reached up and silenced it by turning off the volume. His teammates were dropping like flies. No doubt he was soon to be swatted as well. But he was going to be the biggest, most annoying fly he could be before that happened. His brother was still here, still trying to find that girl, still trying to bring down the organization 'DNCorp.' He could feel it.

So many were dying. They knew something was wrong when the three spies transponders went out one by one and no one reported in for three days. The assault part of the squad was launched and here they were, caught in the same trap, Suren seperated from the rest of his team by a swirling black mass of god-knows-what. It had obviously taken off after his teammates instead of him.

A loud screech came over his radio and he silenced it by unplugging the battery while he ran. A loud crash sounded behind him and he paused in his run to turn around and look at the source. The black matter had followed him. The tip was raised slightly off the ground, pointed at him as he winced. With speed that surprised even him he ran down the hallway. The dark mass followed him, faster. He slammed into a door and shut it behind him. The lock followed quickly enough and the door bent slightly with the force of the black mass before it held completely, the dark mass apparently didn't want to come inside.

Hesitating for a moment, Suren backed up slowly. Hands clutching his assault rifle with white knuckles from fear. Slowly he turned around and saw a cylindrical machine, the inside was filled with gas. Raising an eyebrow he wandered over to what seemed to be a computer console. He set his assault rifle down there and scrolled through various commands. Finding none that appealed too him, he sighed, grabbed his rifle and turned around. He spun around and slammed the butt of his rifle into the control panel, shattering it along with his weapon, which was electrocuted into oblivion.

He heard a hissing sound then and turned to face the machine as it's door slid open. A figure fell out of the gas and remained motionless. He walked over, before realizing he had wandered too close and was breathing in the fumes of the chamber. He retreated quickly and covered his mouth with his sleeve, trying to prevent breathing in the gas, whatever it was. Seeing the figure there though, in the gas, steeled his resolve. Someone was in trouble.

He wandered forward, stopping his breathing for the moment before he picked the figure up, unable to make out much in the gas before he pulled it out of the gas and towards the control panel. The gas appeared to dissipate after a certain length and did not go far from the chamber. He set the figure down, who would have no recollection of how she had gotten there, the gas wiped memories clean and desires away.

Suren's eyes widened as he recognized the face. The girl his brother had been sent to retrieve, the girl that was the key to bringing down DNCorp was before him. He had found her by pure chance. Plugging his radio in he stood up, the screech had gone. He pressed on the 'talk' button and spoke. "Jeff, this is Suren. I've found the girl. Orders requested." he released the button and waited, but only static greeted him. He silenced the radio once more. He turned towards the girl who was now stirring and waited.

((Pm to rp and I didn't describe the girl much so she's a blank slate sorta. Can be any race, age, blah blah blah. Well not any race, she has to resemble a human. AkA: Two arms, two legs. Wings are acceptable as well as horns but the basic figure has to stay. That means no Naga, Harpy, blah blah blah... It just wouldn't work well.))

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