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Friends and First Impressions
The party underneath the Cathedral was absolutely breathtaking. There were many things PQ noted in the back of her head for her own club, and they almost distracted her from her main goal. Her good friend Willamena, a classy Victorian aged vampiress, welcomed the cyborg with open arms. PQ had her suspicions that the woman had deep connections with her parents, but nevertheless the flawless woman was nearly a goddess in both appearance and attitude. Bringing the Aekean into a victorian themed lounging area, the vampiress sat down and offered a glass of water, which PQ took gratefully. Her head was starting to spin, and she could feel her cyborg upgrades almost start to...ache.

"You look absolutely....industrial," Willamena purred before sipping a rather obvious red liquid from her wine glass. When PQ went to return the comment, the vampiress waved it off with a very proper laugh behind a gloved hand. "We both know how I look, I've spent many years perfecting the fashion of my era." Resting the glass on the small table between them, Willamena leaned back. "Don't worry about spies dear, we have a very select guest list and you're the only Mechanical Child on it. You're head hurts no doubt, and I apologize. We scramble technology down here. Nothing comes out of here on tapes, cameras, nothing. A robot wouldn't last ten minutes down here, nor would an android. Lucky you is just human enough to get by. Not to mention we're about four stories beneath the ground. Now, shall we get down to business, Porter dear?"

The cyborg visibly flinched at the name, the static of her face shuddering in unison. Running her fingers around the rim of the glass, PQ nodded. "I came to ask for an alliance with the vampires, Willamena." A second or two later she continued. "Your race is one of few that understand how many of us feel. People say you aren't natural, and therefore you don't have the same rights. Of course, you've dealt with that issue centuries ago, but you've fought the battle that the Mechanical Children are on the precipice of. I want to see free robots all over Gaia. They have feelings, ideas....they love and hate just like any other Gaian. And I want people to see that. You have the funds, the connections and the same immortality as we do in order to help us." She paused, watching Willamena's face shift just slightly in a coy expression. "Don't get me wrong, I don't want violence. Gera has tried her best with passive peace. I want active rights.People think that if they don't see something, it doesn't exist. I want to put our fight for rights in the face of every Gaian. I don't want it to come to violence, but if that is what it will take to get attention....if things like protests and other means don't work..."

As she had been speaking, Willamena had lit up a cigarette and perched it on the tip of a long drag. After resting her lips on it for a few seconds, the vampiress smiled. "I know a few people who would be more than happy to donate to the cause. Personally I promise to go with you to the ends of Gaia, even if it comes to violence." Seeing PQ's hesitance. "If, dear, if." Taking a drag of her cigarette she smiled. "I've watched you grow, from inside your mother's womb to this young woman I see today. While I'm not your mother, I feel as proud as a mother should. You know I still wish you had chosen this lifestyle. You would have been a beautiful vampire." Sipping her drink, Willamena stood. "I'll talk to dear Louie about this alliance. You'll get a reply within the full moon." PQ stood and walked with the vampiress back towards the stairs. "While I'd love you to stay Porter dear, the next part of this party won't be to your taste, and a Mechanical Child is not to our tastes, either."

With a gentle kiss on PQ's cheek, the vampiress turned to walk away. "Willamena?" PQ called out to her friend, who turned to face the cyborg again. "Don't call me by that name, ever again."

PQ and Retrostacja
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