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Ghostflower Soren
~~Ancient City [S]~~

[The three young leims are leading Celebi into their home, the Ancient City. There, Celebi will find the Emanation known as Ku-ai.]
[They reach the city. It is hidden well within the ghostly jungle and practically underground, actually making the city seem like an illusion. At birds-eye view, it is a canopy of trees with one distinction: A massive pillar that reaches up to the gray sky. The rest of the Ancient City's design is under the jungle, and it is positively unique and tribal.]
Illusion Ambusher: Here we are, the Ancient City... I think we should stay with you. A lot of people here wouldn't accept you, trust me.
Celebi: In that case, could you lead the way?
Illusion Ambusher: To Wingspear Pillar?
Celebi: If that's where Ku-ai is.
Illusion Ambusher: Sure. Stay close.
[Without hesitating, they start for Wingspear Pillar, which is the heart of the Ancient City, where the commander of the Illusions lives. {Chieftess Ectie.} Celebi seems to be attracting much attention from the other Creminine in the city.]
Celebi: (This Wingspear place...) [Looks up at Wingspear Pillar, higher than two miles over the Illusive Horizon.] (It's enormous... Nothing to the Ancient Growths, but this was built...)
Illusion Ambusher: Impressed?
Celebi: Yeah... It's quite a sight you got there.
Illusion Ambusher: Isn't it? It's been around forever, ever since the Creminine began... It has symbolized the heights that the Creminine has reached upon the Starfall Hemisphere. It also holds a precious artifact that radiates the power of our planet.
Celebi: (The Illusion Soul Sphere...) I see... So, Ku-ai lives there?
Illusion Ambusher: Most of the elite forces do, so... Yeah, Ku-ai lives there, as well as our Chieftess, so be careful what you do, say, and... how you act!
Celebi: Don't worry. I got it covered.
[They reach a mouth of a cave, which is guarded by two elite Creminine {males}. Their tribal-style attire gives a false impression because their weapons are highly advanced: Pikes with a high-tech machine emitting a greenish glow in the shape of a pike blade. A form of neutralizer weaponry.]
Illusion Guardians: [Both.] Halt! [They cross spears, blocking the entrance. One of them speaks.] Ambushers, you bring an outsider... What are the reasons for this?
Illusion Ambusher: He wishes to speak with Ku-ai...
Illusion Guardian: Is that so? You! [To Celebi.] Explain yourself!
Celebi: I mean not to trespass or cause trouble. True, I am an outsider, but I seek merely assistance. And for that, I require the audience with one such as Ku-ai; an Emanation.
Illusion Guardian: Hmm... Your words, they sound sincere. Your look, it seems pure...
Celebi: [Nods.] I promise not to cause any disruptions in your society.
Creminine Guardian: ...[Observes Celebi one last time...] Very well! You may enter, honest virtue.
Illusion Ambusher: [Turns to her friends.] You two should return to our ambush point. I'll guide Celebi from here.
Illusion Ambusher: Okay, Eonnes. We'll cover for you! {Eonnes is the leim with Celebi. Minor character.}
Eonnes: Thank you.
[The two head back...]
Eonnes: Well? Come on, Celebi.
Celebi: Right.
[They head into the cave, which ultimately leads to the bottom of Wingspear Pillar.]
~~Wingspear Pillar [S]~~{Sync 2.}
[Upon entrance, the area is a cave designed with banners and symbols encrypted into the cave walls. After walking a short distance, as well as attracting a bit more attention from greater Creminine, walls become marble and designed with neon light streaks of teal, giving a futuristic feel.]
Eonnes: So, now we're in S-2 of Wingspear Pillar.
Celebi: [He turns around entirely, scanning the area.] Wow... Even cooler on the inside.
Eonnes: Glad you like it. C'mon.
Celebi: Okay.
[They continue on... until stopped by two more greater guards, but not for what they think.]
Illusion Elite Guard: Hold on there. [Holds out an arm.]
Eonnes: Hmm? What is it?
Illusion Elite Guard: That kid with you... He looks familiar...
Eonnes: He's not from here.
Illusion Elite Guard: Hmm... maybe it's me, but...
Eonnes: ...Hey. Do you know him?
Celebi: Uhh, no? I don't think so.
Illusion Elite Guard: I guess it is me. You may pass...
[The two pass through, nearing S-3... However, there are a large number of sections...]
Celebi: Hey, Eonnes...
Eonnes: What is it?
Celebi: Which section is Ku-ai on? Not to be impatient or anything.
Eonnes: He would normally be on S-8. It's not far at all. There are over 70 sections.
Celebi: Dear lord... Is there some sort of elevator?
Eonnes: Yes, there is. It is a vertical road starting on S-4. We'll be there soon.
[A couple minutes later, they reach S-4, which is a large vertical corridor that leads only upward. The entire area seems like a futuristic spaceship silo.]
Celebi: [Staring up.] Oh, a fly zone... Okay that's fine by me.
Eonnes: S-8 is right over [Points to the location.] there. [She takes flight.] Follow me.
Celebi: [Takes flight as well. The two of them fly to a ledge entitled "S-8" on a banner near the doorway. They enter... The room leads to a small lobby with four doors. The area gives a hotel-ish, future-y feel now...]
Eonnes: Yep, he's here. [Points at the outer rim of one of the doors, which is lit up with the rest of the neon. it signifies that Ku-ai is in the room.]
[They walk up to the door. Eonnes knocks gently.]
Eonnes: Hey, Ku-ai! It's Eonnes!
Young, Firm Voice{Dark}: I'm here.
Eonnes: You've got a visitor, and it's prrreeeety important, or so he puts it.
Young, Firm Voice: I do, do I? [A beeping noise. The teal light flickers.] It's open. Come on in.
[Eonnes pushes a small green button to the side of the door, and it opens. The room is a bit different than the others, with mainly a camouflage color scheme. Otherwise, it is like a bedroom, despite some weapons and supplies.]
[In the far corner workbench, a Sorenian boy is working on something, supposedly a type of weapon holster. He is not a Creminine, rather a Mascluine who, just like Kutzu, had an incident of abnormal-neutralization, and simply joined the army. He is a raccoon chao with light gray and dark gray fur. His hair is a bit spiky and very dark gray hair. Since he does not have antennas, he manipulates two long strands of his hair to stick up like so. Right now, he is wearing a black T-shirt with baggy pants.]
--K U - A I [S]--
{This Ku-Ai is much different than the original.}
Celebi: (So this is an Emanation... I don't feel anything like I would feel for an Eclipse ... I'm not feeling connection... I'm feeling hatred...)
Ku-ai[S]: Yeah... [Sighs.] Sorry, I haven't felt like myself today [Spins around in his desk chair] for some reason... [Notices Celebi.] ...
Celebi: Hello.
Ku-ai: Oh... And who are you?
Celebi: My name is Celebi.
Ku-ai: Celebi... Celebi!?!? [Jumps from the chair and backs up against a wall.] Wh-wh-whoa!! What are you doing here!?!? I thought you were gone for good!
Celebi: ...Wait--what?
Eonnes: ...Celebi... I thought the name sounded a bit familiar. Wasn't that the enemy of Light and Darkness who disappeared years ago? ...[Turns to Celebi.] Ahhh!!! It is!! [She rushes to Ku-ai's side.]
Ku-ai[S]: You forgot!? Are you kidding!?
Celebi: (Athena... There's something you didn't tell me...)
Athena: (...Hm... I know... But I would much rather not inform you of how the story unfolds for a second time...)
Celebi: (Huh? Second time?) ... Hold on, what's this all about...?
Ku-ai[S]: What, has everyone forgotten everything!?
Celebi: (What could he be talking about? Maybe...) Are you mistaking me with someone else, maybe?
Ku-ai[S]: You do look a little different, but you're still Celebi... [Looks to his desk at the side. He grabs a neutralizer of about shotgun size and aims it at Celebi.] I won't let you have the chance to do anything... You can't fool me again!
Celebi: [Swings his arms up.] Wait!! Don't shoot... Please! (This hatred is building... But why do I have it?) Just listen!!
Ku-ai[S]: Listen to you...? Right... What kind of idiot--I won't let you try anything, I swear it. Eonnes, call for backup...
[Eonnes, using the strange wristwatch, presses a couple buttons... A loud alarm is set off within the Wingspear Pillar.]
Ku-ai[S]: Now you're done...
Celebi: ...Grr... Why won't you hear me out!?
Ku-ai[S]: The last time that happened, our whole planet was endangered. Yeah, I'm really going to give that another go...
Celebi: Hm... I wouldn't do anything such as that... (Naught... would I...?)
Ku-ai[S]: You really just get worse at lying, don't you?
[Illusion Guards, armed, appear behind Celebi, ready to battle. Some have ranged weaponry, some have the beam pikes from earlier.]
Celebi: [Turns his head.] Agh!! What's--[Turns back to Ku-ai.] just what are you Emanations...? Why are you suddenly so willing to get rid of me, when you were so welcoming...?
Ku-ai[S]: Stop playing dumb, it's not working... For years, we were thinking we were finally rid of you, but you suddenly show up in our world trying to trick us again like it hasn't happened before... Grrrr, Celebi... I really hate you...
Celebi: [Steps back a bit...] (Hate me...? What's all this hate here for...?)
[There is silence between them...]
Celebi: ...I can't... I can't allow you to hinder me from my friends! Safiri, Kutzu... hang on, I'm coming!!
Ku-ai[S]: Friends? Kutzu?
Celebi: [Leaps into the air. Few Illusions fire, stunned at the statement. Ku-ai doesn't even act.] (Athena, now!! Get me outta here!) [As soon as the thought is made, he makes contact with Ku-ai, and the two of them vanish in the very same blue sphere...]
Illusion Guard: What--Ku-ai!?
Eonnes: Ku...ai? Where'd he...?
~~Fairytale Fields [S]~~{Sync 2.}
[Ku-ai and Celebi reappear in the sphere. They are knocked back by each others force upon appearance. They recover quickly...]
Ku-ai[S]: [Glances at his surroundings. He is at Fairytale Fields, only here, the area is much more phantasmal. The skies are white with streaks of black, the air tints everything to a purplish color. The millions of flowers are ghostlike, with colors like dark purple, black, white, and gray.] The Fairies' turf, huh? [Turns to Celebi.]
Celebi: (This isn't what I had in mind... Is this Fairytale Fields...?) ... [Watching Ku-ai.]
Ku-ai[S]: Why did you bring me here...?
Celebi: Because... I need your help... Both of the Emanations...
Ku-ai[S]: [Scoffs.] Tch, sure! I reeaaally am convinced now! What do you plan on doing with me? Torture? Just fun? What!?
Celebi: [Shakes his head.]...What is your problem...?
Ku-ai[S]: My problem!? What's yours!? EVERYONE thought you were finally taken care of... we were all so relieved. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, you kidnap me with a dozen lies for no reason... Don't even try me with all of your "tricks". Everyone knows and detests you enough... You say you have friends? Another lie, I can tell.
Celebi: ...Why...? Why do you hate me so much...? I just came to this world by accident... I needed some help to get back home, and I get one of the freakiest "welcomes" I've ever had.
Ku-ai[S]: ...
Celebi: ...[Quietly.]I knew Athena wasn't telling me something... (But... now the hatred's dying down.)
Ku-ai[S]: ...You're really trying to convince me, aren't you?
Celebi: Convince? For what?
Ku-ai[S]: [Sighs...] What is your deal...? I've never seen you like this, Celebi...
[At this moment, Fairy Guards appear in the scene, armed and ready to ward off Celebi and Ku-ai, who are now surrounded, and forced to go back-to-back...]
{These fairies are purple rather than pink. They have a more shadowy look to them.}
Fairy Guard: [Aims her weapon at the two.] Gotcha. You're not going anywhere now--...C...Cel...ebi...--?
To Be Continued...

Why is Celebi so infamous?
Crazy past... Crazy times...