Went to Forks with my mom, brother and his gf this weekend. It was a five hour drive, lol. Stupid Hood Canal Bridge >.>
Anyway, I'm always amazed when we drive through my state, it's so beautiful. A lot of people here complain that this state sucks, but I think they either never get out of the house, or they just aren't seeing what I am.
Anyway, Forks was cute. Really tiny, quaint little town. Everyone honked and waved and smiled, lol. It was nice. We went on a little Twilight Tour, had a Jake Shake (yum) and saw La Push.
We also realized that Nextar navigation systems are retarded.
I would recommend making the trip if you live in Washington. Or if you don't, too. There were people from Europe there too, lol. It was nice. heart