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Poetic Justice
Snow Flake
do like blinky lights, it just takes a lot to put them up, and I didn't want to deal with them.

Joe was sick today, actually he's been sick all week but it was worse today. He got the flu and his whole Octive System was conjested (and was causing my High D to come out as a loud squeak and my High E not come out at all). I had to send him to see Dr. McRae... but she fixed him up right so he doesn't have to go to the hospital. I'm going to make him a Get Well Soon card this weekend.

Today was a very depressed day, but it was still a good.

I was sad in Band because I was an idiot and forgot my S&E money and Joe wasn't working.

Computers was extremly boring as always, we have to make calanders using Adobe InDesign... However he never gave us any instruction on how to do it so I have absolutly no f*cking idea what I'm doing... I spent the whole class working on my cover, which looks really nice, I have a picture of the band stuff in the stands that I took Senior night, then along the sides I have other pictures that are faded, one of Katie, one of the windows in the family room, one of Katie, Grandma and Jim walking into Somerset, one of the food at P.F. Changs (a really nice Chinese restruant), one of Nate, one of the beer and cake from 311 day, one of me and Nichole at Senior Night, and one of me and Nichole at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto. It's great, and I don't care if its what he wants or not, I'm not changing it.

He gave no instructions on how the do the other pics either... I hate that class so much.

Tuesday me and Dalton came up with this idea to make more of the little chibi figures I did last year of Marik and Ryou, and sell them on Ebay to make money to fund SURVIVOR: THE MOVIE, So I've been making them, it takes me a whole class to make one.

Wednesday I made Shadii, yesterday I made Isis and today I made Seto.

I Seto started out as the best, but then I rushed towards the end cause I had a half an hour later and I was just starting on the body, and I did a lot of detail on him, I made his pointy sleaves, his anti-grav coat (which was very poor quality and hopefully doesnt break off) and even gave him a duel disk (hopefully that stays on too.)

When I finished I set him in the closet next to Isis (Shadii was in the Kilm) and they made a cute couple. I think I will make them for the cast for christmas, I could get them done and start working on the ones we're gonna sell before christmas break.

I think what I'm going to do is make one of everyone in Survivor, well Jeff and the Castaways at least cause no one is going to buy one of me or Mikari... I donno, maybe. Then we can sell them indiviually or something, we haven't worked out all the details yet cause dalton wasn't in Seminar yesterday. (AND HOW MANY LINES DO I HAVE!?)

After school I hung out in the Band room as always. and there I found out that Nicole is going to Snowball with Phil (as friends). So offically I am the only one of my band friends not going to Snowball... with the exception of Richelle who is coming over for "Snow Flake".

We're gonna hang out and watch movies and eat and TP Cameron's house (and hopefully not cry on my part T-T)

I just can't wait till this whole thing is over and I don't have to deal with it again until Prom...

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commentCommented on: Fri Dec 16, 2005 @ 12:14am
You updated your gAia bloggy! *pokies it* I didn't know it was still alive XD

commentCommented on: Mon Jan 01, 2007 @ 08:03pm
You Have Been Spotted By The Mule!

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