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I fell to my hands and knees and cried. But the tears were not tears of sorrow.
More like tears of anger. I bang my fists on the ground, so hard that I was now drawing blood. My heart was racing. My mind was numb. And I was... Going to kill her. That be-atch! (lol)

// So lina, how does this affect you? // she said, kicking and poking at the dead bodies on the roof top. "what the hell do you think?" I said, staring at my blood. // just take some time to think.// My face turned pale. It was white and cold. Like a ghost's face. Then I came to realize something. I hadn't eatten in days!!

// NO! Not about food! Are you really that dumb?! //

"hey! I'm not dumb!"

// -sighs- did you not hear the words that came out of my mouth?!?!?! // she screamed in my flippen head!

"No I wasn't paying attention."

// your hopless! I'm going to have to help you the whole way... Do you think, that they could be that easily over powered, by me?! It's just an illusion, lina! I said 'practice' did I not?! It was a test to see if you payed attention to me, and the boys!
Ilusion FAIL!// she paused. Then coninued.

// It all goes to show that you can't always trust your eyes, and can't be so ...... What's that word? Can't think of it. How bout I get back to you on that? //

I quickly wipe away the tears, hoping she didn't see my hystarical act. But I just wiped blood on my eye lids. "Ready to go back to.... Your ... Boy friend and husband?"

I blushed deeply at the words boyfriend and husband for some reason. "he's .... He's not my boyfriend!! He's my best friend. Jeez. I couldn't help but to blush. " well, who kisses their so called brother right in front of their husband? And he's ok with that?! I say he's blinded by love. Literally."

"naomi, what, ohhh. Yeah... Well you see.... I ... Those times don't count!"
"yeah sure they don't. I want you to meet someone. Hes devilish, hot, and perverted. His hair slants a certain way in his eyes and hes so awesome! Anyways, get ready in 3,2,1!"

In one snap of her fingers, the dead bloody bodies were now alive and clean.
All the red thick stuff had all disapeared. Or so it seemed. " ok, now that the 'fun' is over, it's time for some real practice." naomi told me to say. " Yo, boys, pull out your sword!"

Riku pulled out a sword but Ryou pulled out a gun. And it was huge,like a friken flame thrower! "this is my sword." Ryou said, looking all serious. "gah! Uh, don't you think it's a... Alittle big? And your going over board?! How do you even get that thing in your pocket?!" I cocked my head to the side in confusion.

"I have my ways...." he said. O_O that's kinda creepy if you think about it. I mean, how else would you fit that thing in there?
//elana, do it.// naomi ordered me. I obeyed and sumoned my weapon. The outfit came out too.

//your gonna practice sword fighting. You'll probably never have a fair fight so you should get used to it, become good at fighting with the odds stacked against you and get over it.//
//alright,// she continued. //lesson number 1. Dont let your guard down.: If you show fear, you die. Drop you guard, you die. Give up, and guess what, you dead! You got it? Lesson number 2. Observe your opponet and the battle ground before rush into the fight. Do that and you can't lose. Plus you can make a plan,Which is why you negotiate..//

She sat cross legged in midair while sipping on some tea. "your friend here doesn't say much does she?" riku said. I reply with a shrug of the shoulders, and a nod. She heard and replied with a raspy moan. "aaaaaa." As if she couldn't talk! I mentally ask her why she's talking like a zombie. // eh.. Don't worry about all that. Now fix you fighting stance. Your an easy target that way.//

She floats over to me and fixes my hands the way she wanted them. // now, swing at Riku. Don't forget to get a good grip on your sword. A swordsman like that will knock it right out of your hands.// I swing at him but he easily blocks it. // Too slow. I'll have teach you the moon dance in your magic lesson.//

I don't have a clue what that is. So I jump back from Riku and go back to my stance. while listening to naomi. I heard riku angryily mumbling about not having a good challenge. "are you new at this?" his expession gave an sly/annoyed look.

// alright, now run to him and swing at the left side. Jump back and go back to him and jump up, and swing down then swing eight times left and right.//
I wasn't exactly sure what to do. But " I'll see what I can do." I sprinted towards him and practicaly threw my weapon at him. Yet again he blocked it .. As easy as hitting a dead fly. I push 1/4 of my strength. But no matter ,what I couldn't knock him off of balance. I he leans forward and pushes his skinny sword upward , resulting in my going skyward to my teacher. I slid up to her floating feet. She levatates me up and thrusts me forward. Lightly placeing me on my feet. Then I jump in the air and try to slam my sharp metal down on my 'brother'. He just moves away. I hop up and and slash several times. But never gave him a scratch or made him exsausted. I was tempted to throw it down. // hey, slash more and see what happens.//
Reluctently I go and slash at him left and right. He finally trips on a rock and falls down.
I see this as a oppertunity and nearly stabbed him in the neck but he rolls over quick enough to dodge it. //alright that's enough for now. You suck because you don't have anything in your stomach.// she claps her hands useing zombie speak to tell us it's over. I threw up my sword and ran down the staires.