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HI ^_^
double rant time ^^
hmm v 8 huh well lets see

well first off you can never tell what v8 actually is they say its veggies but veggies have never been that nasty in all off the food ive ever eaten i, mean it looks like a tomato had a period in a can or its artery's exploded all over the place , i mean dose v8 even know what it self is cause i dont think we should be drinking somthing that has no clue what it is and every can is differant somtimes it taste watery other times it taste like somone put there hand in the blender and gave us there finger chunks wahmbulance wahmbulance ewwwwwwwwww , its like that nasyer version of fruit cake and only period drinking foot lickers ever drink the stuff so girls if your guy likes v8 juice run like hell and never look back they are freaks and will lick your smelly feet like carnival freaks its not natural and not right

next rant is supossed to be about my friend palo's awsomeness i wish all his friends could read this cause i decided to rag on him cause i dont do nice rants (lol sorry palo you asked for it ill do a good rant / bad rant ) please do not be offended if i seem rasist im not i hate everyone equally ^^ and plus he will get me back ..or his god will

ehh hmmmm blaugh palo is a normal otaku asian boy he has pro's and he has cons

pro: he never gives up what he wants witch is good for his gf , but that also means he might love a pic or key chain and never let you near it and attack you if you touch it like a whiny b***h

palo can download any music and video you want , sadlly that means he sits at his computer all day drooling on the key board because he has no other life
he also has a over bite buck teeth rabbit jaw whatever you like to call it , witch makes him look like a asian famer boy with cover alls and if i rember right asian's have never worn coveralls you show me an asian that where's a straw hat and coveralls and you shall be my new f'ing god because they were suits i'm serious they will tease there hair a foot of there god dam head and cross dress but they never where coveralls , unless they only do it at there secret acult meetings and hail the farm god or somthing but yah show me a f'ing asain with coveralls people or i may have to tackle a inicent otaku asian boy and put him in some with a straw hat and he will be terrified of girls for the rest of his sad little life , back to palo

he has wide screen eyes that make him look like he's cross eyed all the time , pro: wide screen is the best screen ever most times

pro / con : hes smart and hes pretty skinny making him a outcast in most otaku society i wonder how somone who sits at his computer all day gets to be so skinny and strong did he perfect the whole in you do it in your mind it will come really thing did he >.< gonk <.<........ >.>
did he scream well he is asian i would'nt put it past him , now the fact that he gose to a military type school is preety cool he learns how to be poilet and develop terets like everyone else in the military ^^ , and he may have a messed up type of hummor like his god is the blood god yah i think he may sacrifes his gf one day and bath in her blood like a carni freak O.O and then i would have to kill his god , but apart from him thinking its fun to kill little children hes funny , sadly he isbut he is a very cool guy and ......what am i saying he jumped over a crane in a car with his *god * he's a freak and who dose that O.O who

but yah thats the best i can come up with today i will add more when i think of it ^^ blaugh heart i love yah cathy and dont take offense to this palo cause your *cough* cool *cough *

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Community Member

Tue May 19, 2009 @ 01:40am

lol thats so funny porr palo. do one on anime! and remember no nice rants twisted

Community Member

Fri May 22, 2009 @ 04:05am

i dont think its fun to kill lil kids and and for the record i am cool*cough*

User Comments: [2]
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