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Elana: "what?! You guys skipped the last part?!?! Go back and read b4 I slap the taste out your mouth!!!!"

Naomi:Elana calm down!

Riku: yeah calm down. I agree with naomi. But I also agree with you.

Elana: says the boy who's dead . WHO TOLD YOU TO COME ALIVE!?! Nobody so go lay on the ground and be dead.

Riku: ....... Don't make me kick you in the side again.

Elana: O_O .... Ok ok i sowwy. Wait why am i apologizing?! Like I'll fall for it again! You won't be able to catch me cuz I know what to do to make you stop. I did it b4 so I'll do it again!
(riku just looks down in embarresment or a smirk on his face.)

Riku: hopefully we can take it much ,much farther.

Elana: urg! Just shut up!

Riku: that's not very nice. Maybe I should just....

Ryou: well, we could always play the 'punishment game'

Naomi: punishment games sounds fun! I wanna play!

Elana : uh no. I'm sure you don't wanna play that. It's fun sometimes but if it's forceful.......

Naomi: oh ........ Ok I get it..... EWWWWa!!! Ryou what the hell is wrong with you!!?

Elana: now you see why I get like this!

Riku: well we had to teach you to behaave some how. So why not? it's fun for the boys.

Elana :yeah yeah whatever. Anyway go back and read the last part!

Ryou: I wonder which game to play. Actually, how bout we do you like you just did us in the last scene...... And take it much much much much, more farther.

Elana : ......... ..
// elana I can see your face is turning really red. Like fingernail polish.//


Just alittle fun with the cast. Well you know what to do.