You know, people don't give Chain of Memories enough credit nor attention. I hated it at first because the system drove me insane, but after I got used to it the game really warmed up on me. Plus using cards requires you do a little bit of thinking in your battles, which can make it interesting. Though no, fighting the same boss 20 times isn't, though only three of them really gave me that much trouble.

Goddamnit Larxene, how were you the toughest of the Organization?

I was so disappointed in Marluxia.

... I felt really bad for Replica Riku by the end, I mean it.

It's a pretty long game though, huh. Even though I'm done with Sora, I'm just about done with Riku I think. Damn Riku is strong; all the bosses were so easy with him. ******** Gimpy though, you have to fight him more then anyone else in the Organization. Thank god Riku did a good job at kicking his a**. I still love Axel for exploding his worthless a**, too.

Somehow I became a fan of Marluxia x Namine along the way. Such a wrong pairing, but oh so goooood for being utterly twisted. Geez @ my fetishes. I have such a thing for like... how do I describe it? Women being treated like objects? Well, not precisely like that. More like ... hatred turned to love, or reluctant desire, so that when the girl is forced into an awkward passionate position that she has no choice but to succumb to, she discovers to her horror that she enjoys it. Yet she also has no choice but to be an obedient little slave, yes? I really think I just enjoy abuse. |: ...

Oh, and that pairing has plenty of that. Desperate desire, hesistant acceptance, imprisionment, but the dove falls in love with her Master eventually. Craving, more craving. Aggressive initiative.

... =D

Anywaaaaays, that aside. I'm bored. Which is why I'm updating, because I don't have much else to talk about besides that my costume for Namine is coming along relatively well. I painted my sandals the other day.

Can't wait for Anime North can't wait can't waaaait!

-spins in a circle-

Wau... I miss when my roleplay partners used to come on in the morning... Dammit you guys. ;__; I guess business is rampant, however.

I'm tired.