I'm not going to be on MSN Massanger at all this week. I'm taking a break from it, cause hardly anyone talks to me anyways.

I've been focusing all my time on The Sims latly. I saw a show on MTV about it and I'm hooked again.

A lot has happened in the life of the Sims, the kids are all grown up now. Billy-sim has moved out and is starting a sucessful career as a Criminal, John-sim moved out of his house and not long after Sarah-sim moved in with him, they are now married and have a baby on the way, Katie-sim still lives at home with Jody-sim until she can find her true love. At John-sim left his parents behind with his two little brothers Brook-sim and Tyler-sim. However, all is not well in Quincy, a kitchen fire at the Deklein house sent Tyler-sim to an early grave, the whole family is devastaded, he was only a kid.

Well I decorated my room today, I didn't really feel like decorating this year so I did a really half hearted job at it. I only put up my tree, with half the decorations on it, I set out all my christmas stuff and decorated my bed... I didn't put up any of blinky lights around my room, I didn't want to deal with them this year.

Well, I'm off to play more Sims.