Q: Wow you been gone from Gaia why is that?
A: I was off playing war in Iraq you should join me next time.

Q: Hey Jemzz its me again just wanted to know if you wanted to hook up again?
A: Umm...you are? remind me your not the only girl i ******** remember.

Q: I heard you went over sea's what was it like? did you kill anyone?
A: all in all it was hell and yes i did.

Q:Are you still a bad a**?
A: Yup want me to prove it?

Q:So have you talked to Alyssa lately?
A: Yeah we hooked up again for a week and almost got married, once again she ran away from me saying im more of a brother now. but whatever she is a skank and i hope she dies of rotten crotch.

Q biggrin o you play wow?
A: Yup I do, Dragonblight Alliance Jemzz Give me a whisper if ya play i wouldnt mind hooking up with ya if it isnt Raid night smile

Q: Are you my daddy?
A: its possible but I doubt it. Next question!

Q: Are you still Aggressive to woman?
A: Nah, I don't really put down woman as much or use them.

Q: Whats your catch phrase?
A: I have a few...One is "Born to fight, Trained to kill, Ready to die, but never will" Then just recently i started using this one "Embrace the pain! Relish in the Agony!"

Q: Are you good with a sword and spear still?
A: nope, i still have the skill to use them but i been carrying a rifle so long i havent been able to train with my sword's and spear's much...dont even think i picked up my sword since i got back from Iraq.

Q: will you go out with me?
A: Maybe, Whats in it for me?

ok thats the BEST questions i could find that didnt have a thousand repeats of teh same s**t...you want me to answer something send me a PM and we will see if i do.