I actually stole this from TempyDentals journal and decided to post it on this account too, so if you feel like entertaining me, just answer the questions in a comment for this journal entry. It would be very interesting to read ♥

Am I
Sweet? -
Crazy? -
Lovable? -
Funny? -
Fuglyeh? -
Annoying? -
A good person? -
Hot? -

Would You
Miss me if i was gone?-
Listen to my problems?-
Hug me if i cried?-
Be a good friend?-
Kiss me if i asked you to?-
Kiss me if i asked you not to?-

If You Could
Give me a new name it would be? -
Hook me up with someone who would it be? -
Hook me up with a celebrity who would it be? -
Do one thing with me it would be? -
Drop me one piece of advice it would be? -
Make out with me, would you? -

Just A Few Questions
What do you like about me? -
What do you hate about me? -
What is my best quality? -

Some Things About You
Who are you? -
Do you have a crush on me? -
Are we good friends? -
Do we know each other in real life? -
Is my avatar hot? -
What's your favorite kind of music? -
Will you put this in your journal so I can answer these questions about you? -