her mom began

"once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named, Sanaki.
Her parents were king and queen, and she was the princess."

Sunaki laid in her bed listening.

" Sanaki was always picked on. No on ever really liked her. She never talked much she only talked to her cousin, Kitsuna. She always thought that everybody she knew hated her. But not everyone. There was one boy, named Ryoichi who secretly had a crush on her. she never knew about him, until one day when one of the boys started to hit her. That was when her knight and shining armor was there to protect her. She was surprised to see that he would protect her. Ryoichi came and stop the boy from hitting Sanaki. When the boy ran away, she looked a Ryoichi when he turned around. He blushed in embarrassment. 'Thank you' she said, then she smiled. Ryoichi than ran away from he still blushing.
Sanaki just looked at him and laughed. Mostly everyone around her thought she was crazy, and just ignored it.
When Sanaki got older she went to school. She became more beautiful. Ryoichi became to look at her more. She was at the top of the class. She doesn't get bullied anymore. Most of the girls in her class became jealous of her. Boys started look at her features. Ryoichi would glare at them if the looked at 'His Sanaki'
Boys would tease hime by flirting with her. One day he became so irritated at the boys that Ryoichi went up to Sanaki when it was their free period. 'Sanaki, i have someting to tell you' he knelt down, and began to blush. Everyone in the room became quiet. Sanaki looked around when things turned quiet. 'I- i- i, I Ryoichi, love you Sanaki.' He said really quickly. Sanaki began to blush harder, until her face became beet red. Everyone was gasping, and started questioning wat she was going to say. 'I-i-i-, Sanaki also, have loved you. Ever since you protected me and became my knight and shining armor.' Everyone gasped and fainted."

Her mother stopped at that sentence when she notices that her daughter was asleep. She smiled, hoping what she read to her daughter would happen to her loving, caring, sweet daughter. She knew that she would have to let her daughter go to a man that she would love. She knew that her daughter would have to be more careful with people.