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Skyburn's Journal
Me, Myself, and I. Not to sound egotistical.
scream gonk scream gonk

My sister is soooo selfish and conceded. She acts like she is the most important person around: Whenever she needs something, she expects everyone else to just drop what they are doing and help her, even if what they are doing is needed immediatly and what she is doing isn't. Whether its our parents talking on the phone about important work or church stuff, or me talking to my friends online or on the phone, her needs come first.

If I glance at her because she's making a scene its "David! Stop looking at me!"

If I tell her "I don't know how to do this. I've done all I can. Your computer is just too screwed up." ...
her response is "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You make me so mad! I just want to kill you!" That last sentence is a variable. It could be "Your getting me so P.Oed!" (Though, she says it unabbreviated.)

Sister, if your reading this, yes, thats how it is.

She's like this at least twice a week too.

She fails to realize that:
1) Both our parents are heavily involved in church. Thats not a bad thing.
2) Our mom runs her own business. Our dad is key worker at Boeing. They provide us our necessities and wants. Unless she wants to live on her own at age 13, she needs to deal with it and Calm. Down..

She talks behind our parents backs, too. (Mainly our mom. Our dad (highly unobservant, poor tempered (only when something is going wrong, however, and poor sense of humor. Maybe my sis doesn't want to poke at qualities she has, multiplied by 10 when bestoyed to her, however.)

"She is such a b**ch!"
Yea. She's getting ready for church. That makes our mom a bad person.

"She gets me so p*ssed off!"
Yea. Shes talking. To her friends, no less. A lot of girls I know do that a lot. My sister is no exception. Hypocrite.

She's part of what gets the Christians ridiculed.

She lacks the "Fruit of the Spirit," which should be evident in every Christian. I'll underline the parts she doesn't have.
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindess, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
Wow, all nine parts.

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commentCommented on: Sun Mar 26, 2006 @ 12:41pm
so.. what exactly did she do to prevoke this? i'm just wondering.. acuz this seems pretty extreme for just a random mad at you thing.

and wasn't it you that said that you'll never understand women, this is on of those things, me being her friend kno this.. she's rele stressed out latley, like, REALY stressed out, and with reason, just normal stuff!

about the parent thing, we all sit around and talk about how bad our parents are, again she's not the only one.

i forgot whatelse to respond to that, and i don't feel like reading it again.. but let me tell you, she's totally normal, but ur a guy, and you don't exactly understand.

and kelsey is like, the most spiritual person i know, and i'm a pastors kid. I don't know whats up, but i personally thinks she does pretty well, in that aspect she's above average. Even if you feel that your faith is more developed than her, or that she's lacking anything... everyone has a different relationship with god, and you don't see her 24/7, like at school and stuff, she does amazing for what she's faced with.

all the stuff your talking about, is like so normal with us it's not even funny, i'm sorry you feel like she doesn't apriciate it when your trying to help her or something, but when your frustrated, do you realy feel like thanking your sibiling who wasn't able to help you?

just defending meh friend here...


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