this sunaki aki's legacy:

A girl name Sunaki was born.
Her mother was the Moon Queen Angel
and father was the Sun King Angel

she was the Heir of the throne.

she was the sunshine angel princess.

She was quite shy. She would never talk to anyone but her cousin Kimiko.
People would bully Sunaki because she wouldn't talk. No matter what she did to stop them it never helped.
she always wondered why they would bully her.
Her cousin would stick up for her, but Kimiko wasn't around they'd come back to pick on her.
People say she was spoiled, mean, ungrateful, a demons child.
she tried to ignore them. but they hurt her inside.
she cried everynight praying to God to ask them to stop.
Her parents told her that one day she would rule the kingdom.
she looked at them confuse.
Her parents knew that she was really young
so they put it in story form.