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All work and no play...no way!
The sun. I had almost forgotten how the world seemed to glow underneath its watch. Nearly stumbling out of the front doors of Aekea Academy, my eyes would have squinted in the brightness if I had any eyes at all. Instead my screen flickered slightly as my systems worked in overtime to adjust the light I was taking in. Nevertheless, the habit of shielding my face was a hard one to break. Even in the slight smog of the industrial town, my metallic skin reflected the rays as they too experienced the weather. To my surprise, my body warmed in the air's humidity and heat just like I remembered my normal Gaian body doing instead of the lack of response I had expected. Smiling to myself (smiling was an emotion now, not an expression) I adjusted my bags and headed my Login, Retro dutifully at my side.

I had undergone many a procedure in my time at Aekea Academy, more than half of them done by mechanics and robot builders in the making. I had been more than happy to donate my already damaged body to the great upcoming minds of Aekea, to see what they could do to make me as efficient as both an Aekean and a cyborg as possible. So far I had no complaints. My skin, once sun kissed and rich in color was now alabaster and synthetic, hard as steel but smooth as silk and just as mobile as any normal limb. Transparent solar panels absorbed the heat around me and stored itself for when I could use it, whether it be for powering my electric Login or recharging my computer's battery. My static panel now had a frame for protection and even came with an infrared eye I could turn on or off with just a thought. There were dozens of more things I had done to my body, but I kept my clunky metal leg as a physical memory. And I hadn't let them touch Retrostacja; he was just as mechanically errored as before, if not more.

Throwing my bags into the back, Retro jumped into the passenger seat in unison to me slipping behind the wheel. Unplugging the thin wires from my abdomen, I inserted them into what seemed to be the car's lighter. Instead the vehicle spurred to life and I started the relatively short trip home. On the way I found herself stopping by The Faktori to show off my upgrades. All three brothers were more than excited to see me after months of living inside the Academy, and were pleasantly surprised to see how much I had changed. Ribateau's attitude towards me changed almost instantly; he could see I was starting to see things his way. During my time away, I had truly begun to learn the history of the robots and my opinions on Gaia were now more dark than I could have ever thought. While I was in, I started an underground group of robots, cyborgs and androids known as The Mechanical Children. As of now they were only a group of Gaians with similar parts and pasts, but I knew.....I knew one day it would be the rebellion of the robots that Ribateau had been waiting for. And I wanted to be standing by his side as we took our freedom back, with force.

That small dark thought diminished once I left and attempted to go visit my best friend Gerakabatta. But, with surprise, I found that my friend no longer lived at her home. It was dark and empty when I peered inside and to my dismay, I saw no indication as to where my friend had gone. Was it just another omen as to where our relationship could go? I never thought I could fight against my peace making friend, always working with her towards a better tomorrow, but...when was that going to be?

My return home was met with a large pile of bills, a larger amount of excitement from Kluteau and Melodeau, and enough piles of dust to outweigh both previous categories. Hanging my Aekean flag back outside her loft window, I let the light of the mid-day sun pour into my dreary home. It wasn't moments before I was throwing my tokens and tickets into my bag along with a change of clothes and a few thousand gold. "Retro!" I called to my rowdy Roro, catching him in the middle of chasing a few dust bunnies across the floor. My voice had a slight rasp to it, nearly identical to television fuzz but on a much lower scale, but otherwise I sounded just like I always did; sultry, smoky and strong. "We're going to Isle de Gambino. I'm feeling the need to defy the odds and bring home a shitload of tickets. And some sun-bathing wouldn't be so bad either. You up for it?"

The gear-clanking bark of excitement was all I needed for confirmation. Quickly sending Gera an e-mail through my cellphone, letting her know where I now was and inviting her and her boyfriend to share the sun, I just as quickly made my way down to my Login and plugged in their destination: Isle de Gambino.

PQ and Retrostacja
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