~~Castle Blossom~~

-The new alliance of Masculine and Feminine are developing a plan to counter Lea and Pryme...-
[In the royal chamber.]
Slianna: May I ask how many Soul Spheres Lea and Pryme have?
Mark: They took ours a bit ago... But I really don't remember the two of 'em having any others.
Susie: That means we can infer that they have one, the Dragon Soul Sphere.
Mark: Ugh... [Shakes his head.] To be the first...
Kutzu: Don't worry Mark, we'll get it back, along with your army!
Mark: ...[Sighs.] Well... alright.
Lavender: And we wouldn't want to endanger this army as well... What should we do?
Susie: Hmm... I suppose I should've seen this coming... We must abandon Castle Blossom.
Kutzu: Huh?! B-but Princess Susie! Like... we can't defend our own home?!
Susie: Kutzu, you heard what had happened to the Masculine's home... With one neutralization after another, a corrupted army began to form... We cannot allow that to happen here.
Lavender: She's right. Lea can and will get much more powerful in time... We have to act fast.
Mark: Our alliance barely manages to outnumber Lea's, so we should confront her while the odds are against her.
Susie: I concur... Though it pains me to part with my castle, it is for the better, so that I may see home once again... I will call forth the Feminine for a full advance across the Starfall Plains... We will be heading to the Illusive Horizon.
Mark: The Creminine? You have joined with them before, right?
Susie: Yes, on more than one occasion. We will explain to them the situation...
Lavender: Sounds like a good idea.
Mark: In that case, I agree.
Susie: We will be advancing in large battalions which I will assign.
Mark: I'll lead the squadron I have brought here.
Susie: Understood. Everyone. Report to the main foyer and hold tight. I will call Helena to assist me with assigning divisions...
Everyone Else: Understood.
[Mark and Susie leave the room to organize the armies. Everyone else does soon after.]
Safiri: Celebi...?
Celebi: [Holding the Soul Sphere.] Yeah Safiri?
Safiri: What do you think happened to Aren?
Celebi: If what Lea said was true, he's been neutralized... But he'll pull through. He's strong.
Lavender: I heard that Aren was sent to Safa to investigate the distortion in the Eclipses... Was he really defeated by Lea?
Celebi: I take it Lea and Pryme double-teamed him...
Lavender: Poor Aren... I hope he's okay.
Kutzu: Like, where else is the distortion being sensed?
Lavender: We're unsure. It's too vague... We only know that Naught is up to something... Fortunately, what's going on here might be that something we're looking for...
[There is silence between them... Safiri and Kutzu give suspicious looks to each other, then to Celebi, who is nervously hiding the secret.]
[They reach the foyer.]
Lavender: Hey, is something wrong? I haven't heard a peep out of any of you for a bit.
Kutzu: Oh! Nope, it's nothing! We're just wondering about Lea~!
Safiri: Yeah, and I was wondering if I'd ever change back into a girl...
Lavender: We'll solve all of those problems! ...You know, it's strange seeing you two in the same world.
Lavender: That reminds me... [Turns to Celebi.] You said you knew about Chris?
Celebi: (Oh... crud.) Uh, yep!
Lavender: Do you know where he is?
Celebi: Umm... To be honest, not anymore...
Lavender: Oh, that's okay. When did you see him last?
Celebi: ...Here.
Lavender: Really? So he must be all over the place...
Celebi: [Gulps.] (I'm not good at this...) Actually, he told me that he would be leaving for... Safa.
Lavender: That's strange... Why would he be on Safa right now? Is something happening there too?
Safiri: Maybe he's... um... Trying to prevent time from stopping!
Lavender: ...I heard about the Ancient Growth incident, that could be true... Wait!! I remember now! Lord Hideaki told us about Chris... He was unsure where Chris was at the moment, but he'd felt that Naught was focusing The Pokemon World and Mobius...
Safiri & Kutzu: Huh...?
Lavender: ...This means that Chris must've been on those two worlds at some point in time... So this has to do with his return... Naught knows he's here...
[Rillia and Slianna exchange nervous glances.]
Celebi: ...H-he never told me about those two worlds.
Lavender: Don't worry, Celebi. Chris is like that. He can be a little... bemused.
Celebi: (Elicia always calls me that...) I noticed that...
[The atmosphere as changed... Everyone is now keeping a secret...]
[Moments pass. Eventually, most of the army enters the room... Susie, Mark, and Helena stand on the second floor...]
Susie: My fellow Fairies!!
Mark: And remaining Dragons!!
Susie & Mark: Hear us!!
[The room is silent...]
Susie: No longer can we wait and watch as our world becomes a playground to Lea, the real culprit behind this!
Mark: She's taken everything from the Masculine! Our home, my army,... our Soul Sphere...
[Everyone who didn't already know this gasps...]
Susie: Fortunately, a powerful friend of ours is holding the Fairy Soul Sphere! ...She comes to us from a world far beyond ours...
[Everyone who is standing near Celebi turns to her. Those who turn recognize the Soul Sphere, and immediately show signs of assurance that they are safe.]
Susie: And others, who come to us from various worlds... This includes Lavender, the Phaze Guardian!
[Those who are near Lavender greet and thank her warmly for assisting.]
Mark: ...But we're not safe... Not yet...
Susie: Mark is correct... Until we can join forces with the Illusions, we cannot consider ourselves safe.
Mark: Exactly... Lea's forces may be growing as we speak.
Susie: So, it's prior that we create the ultimate alliance to send Lea packing!
Mark: Today, we save our planet!!
[Another cheer.]
[A mere thirty minutes later, the entire army is standing outside Castle Blossom. The battalions that Princess Susie mentioned earlier have taken shape within the massive army. A multitude of Orders, and a few special groups, such as the Order of the Avenger Dragons{Remaining Masculine forces}, the Order of the Paradise Flower{Susie, Helena, and most of the elite Fairies}, and lastly, the Order of the Lunar, which contains Celebi, Kutzu, Safiri, Slianna, Rilia, and Lavender.]
~~Starfall Plains~~{Ethereal Cross, Kutzu's Troubles, Sync 2.}
[The army advances across the great Starfall Plains with ease. These plains are famous for constant meteor showers. It is said that the Blessed Garden rose to the sky from here.]
Celebi: [Holding the Soul Sphere. It is humming softly. She is now wearing Fairy battle attire.] (A little strange to be wearing these clothes... I feel like my sister.) This is a bit nerve-wrecking... But exciting at the same time.
Kutzu: [In battle attire as well, however is is more unique.] Oh my gosh, isn't it? I totally don't know how this will turn out... But I'm, like, so excited we get to join with the Creminine again!
Safiri: I heard you saying that Celebi looked like a Creminine. What are they like?
Kutzu: Oh, they're, like, the most instinctive out of the Four Genders of Soren. We haven't had many conflicts with them in the past, and actually... The Fairies have joined the Illusions so many times, that the rarity of a conflict is extreme!
Rilia: So, they're friendly?
Kutzu: Totally! Plus, the Creminine and Feminine share the same goal: to bring peace to the Starfall Hemisphere... But to do that, we have to save the world, of course! [Giggles.]
Lavender: So, are you normally with any Order?
Kutzu: I'm usually with the Order of the Paradise Flower, which is Princess Susie's force. But, like, I couldn't pass up a chance to fight alongside this team!
[The Orders march on into the horizon...]
[Now comes the point which certain Orders must temporarily disband from the army, all as a part of Susie's and Mark's strategy. This includes the Order of the Lunar. They regroup, and head for a range of mountains in the distance, while the other groups head for large lakes and forests.]
Kutzu: Is everyone here?
Everyone: Present!
Kutzu: Awesome! Let's get going then.
[The Order begins toward what is known as the Star Hymn Range... Something is troubling Celebi.]
Celebi: [Walking very slowly.] (What's this eerie feeling I'm getting? It's like... someone's there... someone's waiting for me... But where, and why?)
Safiri: Celebi?
[Everyone has stopped, including Celebi herself. She is far behind the group...]
Kutzu: Are you okay?
Celebi: Huh...? Oh! I'm fine, sorry. Just a lot on my mind. [Catches up to the group.]
Lavender: ...Hmmm... [Suspicious of Celebi.]
[Eventually, the Order of the Lunar reaches the first destination: Mt. Melody, the highest peak of the Starfall Hemisphere.]
~~Mt. Melody~~{Sync 2.}

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