My eyes would shimmer like the Sun

My eyes would shimmer like the sun
A long time ago when I used to have fun
My friends and I would joke around
And at night I would sleep sound
But the sleep will just not come
As I think of someone from
A long time ago with whom I was in love
I was as gentle as a dove
But now as I close my eyes
I remember the deceit I remember the lies
And with all these tears I cry
Sometimes I just want to die
But I try to hold on because I know
My love will fall from the sky like snow
So as I think about him
Hanging on my very last whim
I look down to see the black
Of the talking behind my back
And I know I have to hold on
Before all the love in my heart is gone
So now that the day is done
I remember my eyes shimmering like the sun

By: haru_sohma_lvr