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Into Days News xd
I'm closing my shop cos
+I want to enter a contest
+I want to change my shop
+I need too give out my freebies
+and I need too finish up some work
and I cant do none of that if I keep on adding on
sorry to the ppl that was about to order
but didn't read this
however if you have a Tomo's Basket or a Peravian Set
PM me I will add you and draw whatever you want
because I like really want them gonk

+I have made my shop more easier to read
+also I'll like to take this time to say I'm not drawing guys anymore sadly
well not by them self anyway
why? cos its hard to think of a pose
but I can do couples friends etc just cant
draw thing by their self ^^;
+ummm in May I wont be taking any request I see an art contest with my name on it
so the shop will be on a HIATUS that means its close but not at the same time XD
+and also I'll like to say its something really wrong with my right hand
OMG it ******** hurtz like hell so yes order is going to be hella sloooow DX

new shop and yes I'm keeping it no more moving
plz do what you like
like talk, bump, and my fav buying my lovely art ^^