She sat on the top stair of the main stair case. She knew she had to be working, but she couldn't pass up the suple splender of the reception room.

She loved the holidays more then anyother time of year. The decorations and the snow just left her heart feeling warm, after a year filled with heartbreak and confusion.

The room was filled with a soft christmas carol as she glance about the difference the room made when decororated... The tree lights twinkled through the ornaments and ribbions, the green that hung on the staircase railings smelled so sweet, the fire place blazed enhancing the warming feeling in the air.

She couldn't wait till her own house was decorated.

She also couldn't belive this was one of her last days at the Inn. She sighed as she stood and made her way down the stairs into the kiction. The Inn had felt more like home to her then any other place in the world. And in a matter of days it will be gone, along with her job. It didn't even last a full year.

Once in the kiction she picked up the lists for the name drawing the employies always had, looking to see what she'd get for her name.

She still had to write out her wish list... bah, it was the only thing she hated about Chirstmas... telling people what she wanted... She could never think of anything, well anything they could get her at least. But she made up her mind and touched the pencil to the paper.

Sarah's Wish List
Surprise me!