This is the Forest RP
Perfect Being
Name: Jewel Flamethrower
Sex: Female
Age: 37
Race: Demon/angel
Personality: She has a spilt personality, one good and one bad.
Good: Love to care about others and protet them from danger themselve. She can only protect.
Bad: Love to fight and see blood in front of her face, she doesn't take mercy on human or demons alike. She will hurt ally or foe, whatever she choose. The most powerful mind power, and love to torture souls.
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What she look like as normal (More angelic looking, she weak as a human I assure you)
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Her Demon side
Power: Good: Healing projection and barrier.
Bad: Mind power, fire element attacks.
Weapon: Good: Her cat and staff
Bad: Cat and sword
History: She was born from an angel and a demon, she was treated horribly from her own father, whipping her to shape to be the most powerful demoness. She was more human than demon, but when the torture continue, she finally snapped. Her personality change, transforming to her demon side, she killed her father and plan to kill her mother, when Good side was pleaing for her mother's life and left her alone, afraid of what she done. She walked into an alley, unknowning to her, was attacked, then a mysterious cat came out of nowhere attack the attacker, and protected her. They have became friends and travel together, as they know each other, the cat has two sides too. But opposite, the white is dark, and black is good. She got a staff that can change it shape judging by the owners aura and power. Her cat can use psyhical attacks but never magic spells.

High School

User name: Perfect Being
Name: Butterfly Solar
Age: 16
Dorm: 20
Magic or Alchemy or Abilities (if none leave blank): Healing, Fire arrow, and barrier
Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow and sword
Apperance: User Image
Sample of rping skills: ?
Likes and Dislikes: Likes smile and laughter
Dislikes fighting and pointless arguements

For xX-BlOoD-rOsE-Xx RPG
Screen Name: Perfect Being
Character Name: Ginger Blaze
Age: 16
Weight: 124lbs
Height: "5,2"
Gender: Female
Element(s): Fire
Weapons: Fire Metal Claws

Description: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
(That thing on her neck is a pendent)

Bio: She has unnatural powers, she only can contain and touch fire. She is like the blazing fire, she would be in pain if she touch water, melt ice. Everyone was scared of her, how she remain unharm by the flames that licked her fingers. Kids follow her example, being burned or died by overdosing of the fumes of flames. She would burn the villagers with flaming/burning coal, if they threaten her with buckets of water. One day, her powers were too powerful to contain. Fire burning a house one by one, when she regain conscience her village was burn to the ground. Live as a wander, living through seasons after seasons. She would find food in the wilderness, help people doing things. Receiving gifts in return of her service.

Her metal claws would gather fire in her claws, forming anything with flames. Attack mostly with her fire attacks. (Waste a lot of Chakra)

She is no ninja, but her powers are almost simliar to one.

Weakness: Water, lower cuts(palayze her)

Advances: Fire, Earth